Im a video guy and I love using DSLR and Mirrorless cams when i travel so I don’t get excess attention when filming, I also shoot corporate/ interview. and events. I tend to shoot at night/ dark environments and have come from the world of Canon cameras.

The features and quality of image and color make canon seem like they havent done anything new in 10 years (spoiler: they really havent). What everyone says about the sensitivity in the dark is true! I still use Canon glass on mine with an adapter and record in 4k using an atomos assassin.

The menu can be a little tricky but what sold me on this instead of other 4k- video solutions is the modular nature of this. Can use it as a camera, a video recorder, a 4k rig etc. Which brings me to my main point. Sony Repair and customer service is the absolute worst I’ve ever experienced. Sony does NOT repair or service any of their cameras but has a third party called precision camera service their cameras.

I was filming one day and setting up my 4k rig with dtaps and somehow got a power spike through the assassin and it fried my assassin (which Atomos covered under warranty and have been nothing short of AMAZING) and also in the process friend my hdmi cord as well as the HDMI port on my sony Alpha A7S.

After finding out the my camera was technically no longer under warranty sony told me my only option for repair was a company called precision camera. After going to the website they had a diagnosis and repair fee of around 300. So that sucks but what were my other options? So I sent it off on January 9th .

They received it and told me that it needed a repair but the new price was 376! that was almost an extra hundred dollars to fix and I asked well what was it for and after some back and forth the said it was for shipping back to me etc and insurance.

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Sony Alpha A7S - review
Sony Alpha A7S – review

However on the website it says All of that was included in the original price. Whatever Fine- Im losing work time because I dont have my camera and agreed to the fee. another 10 days go by and I check the status of the repair. On the website it says its on hold during repair and I call them up. They say nope everything is fine it should be finished repaired today. I ask are you sure? I just want my camera back and am assured again that its being repaired and that the delay must have just been a website error.

About 2 hours later I receive another call saying the NEW repair price is just shy of $600 for repair! How is this possible? I got 3 different repair prices from them and my repair had been delayed. I’m told the part is very expensive and they need to replace the main board and i ask Why is the Price of repair listed for the a7s under 300 on the website.

Its been weeks and the price keeps increasing. I understand the price of parts may be high and if I had known that from the beginning I would have looked into other options but I felt like my camera was being held hostage and the repair price kept increasing. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and got a call from another manager over at precision camera.

Eventually i had the camera repaired for the quoted price. Total time was almost a full month from sent off to returned repair. This was my first experience with sony support and its going to be my last. The absolute hassle of dealing with multiple people in different parts of the country to get a repair like this was a terrible experience and has tarnished my view of sony and their quality of service. For as much as i love this camera and the things I can do with it- its no where near worth the hassle of repairing again.

Sony really needs to get its act together. I’ve never had issues anywhere near this with canon nikon or jvc. I’ve been really burned from this experience, and would not recommend any sony product in the future because of my experiences.

Sony Alpha A7S – Best camera Ive used- Worst service I’ve ever experienced
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