I originally bought the the Sony 24-230mm for my Sony A7R3 because Im not a big fan of changibg lenses often. I liked the 24-105mm better because it is sharper throughout around the edges. Also much less vignetting at the 24mm setting.

I would love a lens that gave me the IQ of the 24-105 in a wider zoom range with more telephoto and lighter weight but that is just not happening yet. I sent the 24-230 back to BH though I will miss the reach it had, but not the weight and barrel effect. Some of the downfalls of the 24-230 could be corrected later but as a proffesional I dont need to add more time to post processing.

So the Sony 24-105 is a keeper and I will probably test next the Sony FE 70-300mm to make up for the telephoto range. These two lenses together could make a nice pair.

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS – Excellent Zoom Lens!

Ive been shooting since I was a teenager and used many different cameras and lenses of pro quality. I always felt Canon L lenses were top notch and they are that, in fact.

Recently switched to Sony mirrorless for smaller form factor and weight, and I have always been a prime guy.

Ive tried several Sony and Zeuss lenses both prime and zoom. Specifically, the Zeiss 35 2.8 get great reviews, but I found CAs too high for that lens. Also Sony primes were ok, but they had CA and soft edge issues. I then went to the Zeiss 24-70. It controlled CAs pretty well but softness at 70mm and edges could not be corrected and at the price made it unacceptable.

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Sony FE 24-105mm f-4 G OSS reviews
Sony FE 24-105mm f-4 G OSS reviews

Enter the 24-105… Really good control of CAs and crazy sharp from 24 all the way to 105. Edge to edge sharpness excellent, especially stopped down. I have used the Canon 24-105L which is excellent, and this Sony is equal to or better. (At least my copy). Color is neutral and contrast is ok; not quite Zeiss like but, but excellent for a zoom.

Overall, I am very impressed with optical performance and it has OSS to boot! The image quality I see on my A7Rii is truly stunning. Many people do not believe the images came from a zoom!

If this zoom range works for you, I can seriously request this lens!

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS – Fantastic Lens

This is a fantastic lens, and I highly recommend this over the 24-70 f4 ZA OSS (which I also own), assuming you can afford the added expense. Not only does it have the extra zoom range, but the bokeh is much better too. Also, it does manual focusing much smoother Ive noticed. It is a little heavier (and longer), but with the added range, thats to be expected.

Perfect General Purpose Lens

This is really a great zoom range for general travel photography (and other specific purposes). Sure, youre not going to take tight wildlife shots at 105mm, and youre not going to get those super-wide architecture shots, but for everything else this is really the sweet spot for a only-carry-one-lens day out.

On top of the ideal range, this particular Sony lens is a fantastic performer. Great sharpness throughout the range, quick to focus, good speed at f/4 throughout the range, and all in a reasonably manageable package (not to big or heavy).

I couldnt be happier and wish I had purchased this earlier in my lens build-out…though it was hard to find for quite a while. Highly recommended.

Excellent choice!

When you want excellent results with minimal fuss, this is the one to mount onto your camera.

Mine was part of a B&H kit bundled with the a7RIII. About a year of use has only confirmed that this is an excellent combination. Its sharp, reasonably fast, and focuses quickly, quietly, and accurately.

This lens lives on my camera about 70% of the time, with the other 30% spread among a half-dozen others for special-purpose cases.

If youre just getting into the Sony system and need a versatile, high-quality lens, or if youd just rather not carry several lenses on an outing, this lens will keep up!

Source: Sony alpha rumors

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS – Nice lens and range
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