After shooting Canon DSLRs for over 15 years and investing a lot in Canon lenses, I decided to try the Sony alpha A7R iii after reading reviews that said it now had one of the best focus systems available and Sony was making very good lenses. I was hoping to get a smaller camera than my Canon and the Sony body is a little smaller than my 5d III Canon but some of the Sony zoom lenses are actually big.

The combination of fast 10fps with a 42MP is jaw dropping.Eye AF is now on whole new level and not only with Sony lenses but with Canon lenses also. The battery is larger and has a much greater capacity, so much less risk of running out of juice while touring and taking lots of photos.Still a good idea to get a spare battery. Simply Best Camera Ive ever owned!

All Youve Heard is True!

In the wake of universally enthusiastic reviews over the past couple of years, it will come as no surprise that I found this Sony camera to be everything I had heard and everything I had hoped for. All the positives that have been said regarding this camera are true (and probably understated!) The few complaints lodged against it are, for the most part, irrelevant. For example, some have complained that the Sony menu system is too complicated.

Actually, taking just a few moments of getting under the hood to understand the logic behind the system, will show that the menu is not only not overly complicated, it is fundamentally simple and elegant in light of the wide range of options this camera offers. Another quibble is the non-rotatable monitor screen; if you need that function, buy the Atomos Ninja V or Shinobi outboard monitor.

The ergonomics are different from ones DSLR (being somewhat smaller), but a short time with the well-thought-out form factor allows muscle memory to take over and youll appreciate the size. If this is the only factor holding you back, get the optional battery grip. Speaking of batteries, the Z battery is amazing in its capacity.

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Sony Alpha a7R III reviews 1
Sony Alpha a7R III reviews 1

All in all, this is as close to a perfect realization of a camera I can imagine at this current state of the art. Certainly, different photo shooters will have different needs, but this unit will cover all the bases from photo to video, sports to portraits, landscapes to macro, etc. Being able to use adapted lenses from other manufacturers is an added bonus.

The B&H price, availability, and included package items make this a true bargain. For a Sony shooter wanting to upgrade or for a photographer coming from another system, this is a camera that needs to be on your short list of models to be considered. Buy and enjoy . . . you wont regret it!

Outstanding mirrorless camera

Stunning image quality and high quality build. Very satisfied with it so far. Only wish it came with two UHS-II slots instead of just one and that the touchscreen had greater functionality. Overall, very happy with the purchase.

Best Camera Ive ever used

Ive owned over 60 DSLR. All of Nikon and Canon and Panasonics pro cameras going back to the D100. This blows away everything. The attention to detail the build, even the handle line is great.

I would love a more logical menus, but hey thats able to be learned. Save some shopping time, and buy one today!

No water protection for battery compartment

I saw a couple threads about water and the bottom of the body not being water tight so I took a close look at the battery cover. Towards the back of it there is a rectangular structure that serves no apparent purpose, and is connected to the cover by only a few small pieces of plastic.

The photo is my cover backlit by a flashlight. Where you can see light coming through is where water can get into the battery compartment.

Is everyones cover like this? Are the A73 and A9 the same? You can check by just holding up to a light.

This is a terrific camera!

The Sony a7Riii is just a terrific camera. It has so many ways to customize it that it can change almost instantly from a landscape camera, into a super high-speed sports/wildlife camera, a low-light camera, or a portrait camera, or a video camera, with just a touch of a button or two.

People like to complain about the Sony menu system, but I found that if you really take some time to study the system and practice and work with it, it is super fast and easy. Also, you can create your own favorites menu for the items you actually need. The RAW landscape files I create with it are almost too good, right out of the camera. They are so sharp, with super dynamic range and color, that I find that often I need to turn down saturation and clarity in Lightroom.

Otherwise people think that I have over Photoshopped them, even though they are just the untouched files. Portraits are dead-on sharp, with a push of the [customized] eye-detect button. I thought this might be too heavy for me to carry around with the 24-240 mm lens, but it is not.

Perfect Camera For Me

I’m a photo/video enthusiast. I have been using the a7R III on a daily basis for a month now, and here are my thoughts.

I shot with the Canon 5D2 for a while now, so I’m sure most full-frame cameras on the market today will be a huge upgrade. The main reasons I switched to the a7R III are the smaller size and the sensor technology.

The camera body is around 3/4 the size of a normal full-frame DSLR. The 24-70 2.8 GM makes the camera as long as a normal DSLR, but there is an option to switch to a smaller prime lens, which would accentuate the camera body’s size.

This camera’s picture quality is outstanding. Colors and sharpness are excellent. The high resolution comes in quite handy when I don’t have time to properly compose. For instance, when I’m on the freeway and see a scenic shot, I roll down the windows and blindly shoot the area (not recommended).

I can later crop it down to a full size image to find the perfect composition. I have heard that you can crop up to 6 full size images from one shot. That allows us to shoot very loosely and minimizes the chances of missing the “shot.”

The in-body stabilization now gets 5.5 stops. When I’m shooting travel videos, where tripods are not always convenient, the stabilization makes a noticeable difference.

The 24-70 2.8 GM pairs well with this camera. The reason why I chose the 24-70 f2.8 vs the 24-105 f4 is because I rather have the extra stops of aperture for shooting in low light and to get that extra bokeh result for artistic feels. If I need the extra focal length, I’ll probably pick up the 70-200 2.8 GM. Hope this helps!

Love this camera – Glad I switched to Sony from Canon

The images on my Sony a7R iii with Sony lenses are as sharp as my old Canon 5DS R with Canon lenses.

At the beginning I was worried about learning the Sony menu system, but It did not take as long as I thought. It only took a few days.

The 399 auto focus points work great! I love the Eye auto focus. It really works!

I am mainly a landscape and wildlife photographer and the 42 MP at 10 fps is exactly what I need. With Canon, I had to have two cameras, a 5DS R and 7DMK 2 to cover both these needs. The Sony fills both my needs in one camera.

I am really happy that I traded in all my Canon equipment for the Sony. The two photos attached are from the first trip with my new Sony a7R iii.

A7R III Just stunning!
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