Canon EOS M3: a great design for the folk


The strong growth of the mirrorless lineup in recent years has shown that user interest, as well as compact and good cameras, can satisfy most of the needs.

Previously, the writer has been familiar and used a lot of Canon DSLR in the long run, from the small 500D and basic to the full frame price pleasant 6D. These cameras are good for my work, but their size and weight are not very suitable for travel.

That’s why I wanted to find a compact, unmoderated camera for my last trip. After a careful review of the options, I noticed that a Canon M-series would help me save a lot of money with Canon lenses. With a price tag of less than $ 15 million, I have two options, the EOS M3 and the M10, but I decided to choose the M3 because it has better control and options than the previous model.

And after nearly a month of use, the Canon EOS M3 has left me unforgettable.

Compact design, easy to use

The lightweight body is a great advantage when using the M3 on long trips

The first thing that made me decide on the M3 was the compact design. With a weight of 366 grams and a thickness of over 4cm, the M3 kit is small enough to fit into any bag or backpack that I carry, even with a small bag of women. You may think that the difference between the M3 and a basic DSLR, such as the 800D, is only about 300 grams is negligible. However, when moving often or walking for hours, you will see a few hundred grams is a slight decrease in meaning.

Because M3 can be used with any type of bag, you will also have more options when arranging your belongings, no need to shop for specialized and bulky gadgets.

Holding a small machine like the M3 on hand, the cadence more relieved. Obviously, when your body is free, your mind will fly and it will be easier to get closer to the photos you like.

Rugged and sturdier than some cheap DSLRs

M3 is a high-level mirrorless when launched, so naturally the machine is equipped with good materials such as magnesium alloy and steel, feeling very firmly held.

The number of rotary switches and controls on the M3 is sufficient for quick operation when familiar

About controls, M3 over M10 in bright offset (EV), adjustable when shooting in semi-automatic mode such as Av or Tv. The amount of buttons on the machine enough to work quite quickly when you are familiar, the option to assign rich function buttons.

The M3 can mount EF / EF-S mount lenses via the adapter, but it is best suited to compact lenses

The M3’s 3-inch touch screen rotates up to 180 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees. This screen repeatedly gives me a fancy angle from very low angles to the ground or overhead angles, and even selfie self shots easily. If you want to get a familiar shooting experience like a DSLR, the M3 allows you to attach an electronic viewfinder, but for me this feature is not that much of a necessity in most situations.

The swiveling screen makes it easy to get the perfect angle

“Self-Sufficiency” is easy thanks to the ability to overturn the screen 180 degrees up

Overall in terms of design and usability, the M3 meets most of today’s popular needs. The rugged, compact body of the controls is more affordable than the cheap EOS M10, even though it’s a bit lower than the most advanced mirrorless EOS M5 introduced by Canon last year.

Experience the use and quality of photos

Photographs from the M3 are soft, soft, light, just like the eye of Canon. Personally, I like neutral tones because they are easy to edit and if you want more specific colors, you only need to set up some color profiles.

With a wide range of brightness, M3 has the advantage of traveling, picnicking, going out, especially in the case of light is not ideal, the sky is too dim or sunny. In particular, the RAW image of the M3 obtained a lot of information, making it easy for me to “rescue” the photos did not like.

Another photo taken at night at ISO 1600, noise is still acceptable

When shooting, with 49 focus points, covered almost the entire frame, I rarely have to use the locking technique and frame translation. The sharpest point is one of the great advantages of the mirrorless camera like the M3. With the portraiture, I also often use the facial recognition and facial recognition on M3 because of the effect it brings.

Sometimes manual focus, if before the DSLR I will be very hard to determine whether the image or not, with M3, MF Peaking feature makes things simpler. As it stands, the screen will display red lines on the subject to alert, really quick and convenient.

The speed and accuracy of the M3’s focus is good. The camera is fast and effective when shooting static objects, slow motion in favorable light conditions. When the light is weak, M3 is more difficult but still in good condition.

The M3’s (15 – 45 mm f / 3.5-5.6) lenses are sharp enough to satisfy most basic needs. The point on the M3 is that you can take advantage of Canon’s rich lenses through the switch.

I have tried with 28mm f / 1.8 and 60mm f / 2.8 tubes, even 70-200 f4l. They all work perfectly on the M3, all features like autofocus, anti-shake are supported.

The fastest shutter speeds of up to 4 frames per second, with single focus and JPEG save. For me this speed is enough for street shooting, landscape shots when traveling. However, the focus of the camera can make it difficult to capture children when they constantly run, jump.

WiFi connectivity is a must have for modern cameras, and it’s good that the M3 also has this feature. When connected to a smartphone via WiFi, I can view and shoot with the phone, especially useful when I need to capture myself without anyone. I used to use smartphone image editing and upload to social networks, while ensuring better image quality than smartphones that do not take much time to post photos like “like”. The M3 also supports uploads to some popular social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter …

Can not help but mention the effect of this machine at work, specifically when I need to video. The compact camera, touch screen, touch-sensitive controls, manual settings, and mic slot are the advantages of using M3 to shoot movies. Full HD resolution of 30 fps can meet the video rating on the network.

According to Canon, M3 can capture 250 images in one charge. In fact, I have achieved more than that, capturing about 270 shots and saving RAW in one go.


With that said, I can say I am completely satisfied with what the Canon EOS M3 brings. With a current price of about 11.4 million dong for the body of the EF-M 15-45mm lens, the M3, despite being over two years old, is still one of the most considerable mirrorless options. Compact, easy to use, familiar, especially with women. Good image quality, fast performance, and convenient WiFi connectivity to meet the diverse needs of portraits, landscapes, streets, travel or work.

The special feature of the M3 compared to other mirrorless machines is the full support of Canon’s lenses when using the adapter adapter.


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