Can’t comment a lot since I just received my camera, but based on the reviews I’m expecting great performance. My only concern relates to the poor reviews I’ve seen regarding Sony’s customer service if there is a problem with the camera. From what I can tell, Sony has a great product, but lousy customer service if something goes wrong. I hope if I need Sony’s customer service in the future, it is better than than others have reported in reviews on various Internet sites.

Are you serious?

cannot believe the clarity At high ISO’s interior video with very poor light source 4K 30fps 60 shutter speed at f4 with ISO up to 10,000 with ZERO NOISE! Total game changer for my video biz! Pretty sad when your b-roll camera is better than your main rig! Way to go Sony!

Formidable camera

I’ve been a Canon shooter for a los time. I even shot a feature film with Canon. I made the switch to Sony and couldn’t be happier. The menu is easy to use, all my EF lenses attach to the Metabones adapter and work flawlessly. The internal 4K made it for me and the amazing low light performance.

Lowlight Powerhouse

I’ve had the A7S II for almost 2 weeks, and although I haven’t gotten to fully stress test it to the degree I likely will in time with work, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea. No camera is perfect, but this camera does a very good job at what it strives for. Obvious stuff out of the way, it’s pricey.

Maybe not if you’re looking at proper cinema cameras, but if you’re coming from the DSLR ecosystem this reaches the upper ranks. Another possible downside being that E mount is more difficult to transition out of (but easy to get into, with such a short flange focal distance), but I see that as just an inevitable inconvenience of life.

Now the good stuff, it’s honestly incredibly liberating knowing you can step outside in the middle of the night with an f/2.8, which isn’t even that fast of a lens, and be able to do handheld video with minimal street lighting and still get totally usable footage. Now make no mistake, when you really start pushing that ISO, you’re going to get some noise but I’ve come to rather enjoy the look after a very minimal denoising to take the edge off.

The biggest selling point for me is probably the phenomenal dynamic range. I guess most modern cameras in this range hold their own in this regard, but as someone who upgraded from a 7 year-old 5D Mii (from one low light champion to another), and mostly uses GH2s at work, this stood out quite a bit to me. Shooting in SLog3 is definitely cool too. At various moments I question whether I made the right choice going with the A7S instead of the A7R, what with the huge drop in a photo resolution. I do a decent amount of photography, although I made this purchase explicitly with video in mind.

From what I’ve seen the S is a video camera and R is a photo camera, to be horribly reductionist, but you can’t go wrong either way. Shooting photos at just over 4k is honestly more than most people need, and the increased performance at low light is a perfectly reasonable trade-off in my book.

Great Camera

Everything in this camera is great. The only thing I wish is that the colors were slightly more accurate (coming from Canon) but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed in post, just wish I could skip that step. However, the 4K is beautiful, stills are amazing, and lowlight is ridiculously good. The most perfect camera that currently exists at this price point.

I love my Sony cameras!

I bought this camera as an upgrade to my A7S. Cosmetically, I like this build better than the glossy previous version because the scratches are less noticeable. This one is also bigger and heavier which is better for most people because the A7S feels a bit too small and light for grip.

I wish the menu is a little easier to navigate around but nothing the firmware can change. This is my primary camera for my projects with wedding and I never have the overheating issue like most people complained about.

Sony A7s II is excellent

Purchased the a7s ii and have been loving it. The internal 4k is obviously a notable factor however the build quality and customization options were better than anticipated. Loving the image stabilization as well, keeps moving shots steadier than any camera I have used to date. I purchased one which noted minor damage to the packaging but the camera remained in tact and overall I am pleased.

I do find it mildly annoying that the packaging didnt come with any menus, warranties, or what have you inside; just the gear and that’s it. Its possible it mentions this on the advertisement but it would have been nice to have some walk through on the technical side of things. Nothing youtube can’t fix!

Canon shooter than canon give up this Sony gem

I switched to Canon after shooting Sony for almost 10 years. Today I have both the A7SII and the Canon 1DXII. Why both? Frankly, I think it’s PATHETIC that I can’t have stabilization for the Canon 35 1.4 shooting on the 1DXii.

But I can have three axis stabilization with that very same lens with the A7sII. Run and gun is so limited with the Canon lenses. With those lenses with F4.0 zooms you’re dead in so much low light. But you can take the 50mm 1.2 or 85mm 1.2, put it on the A7sII and voila, stabilization.

Also, Andrew Reid has developed his own S-log II pic. profile and beautiful LUTS, and a Cine II profile that has terrific color out of the camera—very much like Canon color—it put me back in the Sony business. I also shoot a LOT of talking head videos, and skin tone is critical. I used Reid’s out of the camera profile for one and the image and color looked really beautiful. As I said, I shot Sony for 10 years–and the color/image drove me nuts. When I switched to Canon I got the color I was looking for.

But Reid’s out of the cam pic profile, S-LOG II and LUT package put me back in the Sony business, and I’m really happy with the color now, after hating it for so many years. Here’s how I see it: if you can get the color you want then Sony offers so much more for a LOT less $$$. Will I give up Canon? No way.

But now, with the A7SII I have a low light monster with stabilization—and I can get fantastic run and gun results with those beautiful (and inexpensive) Rokinon 35, 24mm, etc. 1.5, and 85 1.5 cinema lenses—that don’t weigh a ton and have butter smooth click less aperture and focus ring that is much more controllable than any autofocus at a second’s notice. I’d be hard pressed to give up the Sony with all those benefits.

So, now that the color is acceptable to me in the Sony I feel I have the best of both worlds, and can pick the best tool for the job at any given time. Plus, that non-crop full frame look on the Sony is really, really awesome. Included here is a clip out of the camera with no adjustment or grading…using Reid’s out of the cam. pic profile, which I think gives you about 13 or 14 stops. Not too shabby.

I am excited to try out my new Sony Alpha a7S II!
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