Sigma 500mm f/4 tested on the Sony A9 – The impression comes from perfection


Sigma 500mm – Advantages and disadvantages. Should you buy? However, think about it because it can save you a small amount of money. This article will help you review the most accurately Sigma 500mm.

Patrick Murphy-Racey tested the Sigma 500mm f/4 on the Sony A9:

I took this lens to a football bowl game in December of 2017 and tried it with the Simga MC-11 adapter with the Sony A9. It worked really well, so well, in fact, that I think it is 90% of the experience of any FE lens. I’m really impressed.

Sigma 500mm f/4 on the Sony A9 review:

User Review Sigma 500mm

Review Sigma 500mm by Verdi

I use Sony. I like Sony. I don’t miss Canon at all. That said, has a “Sony Artisan” ever given a poor review to a Sony related setup ? How long would you remain a “Sony Artisan” if you gave such poor reviews. Please.

Review Sigma 500mm by goldilocks

Sony probably picks them carefully so that they know they have the “slimeballs” who won’t give a bad review.

But let’s say they have a “rebel” who doesn’t follow the Sony script. I think Sony would just not pick them as an Artisan next year. They wouldn’t make a big deal out of it because it could backfire.

The same way Apple mysteriously stops giving invites to reviewers who give Apple products a bad review. They don’t resort to direct revenge, because that could backfire, they get even when the next “invite” or “contact” needs to happen, and the people in these small cliques learn fast not to sidestep these companies.

I don’t get the point of this lens compared to the Sigma 100-600 f/5-f/6.3

The 100-600mm gives you flexibility from 100 to 600mm. It is one fifth the price! It is way lighter.

Ok, the 500mm f/4.0 is one stop faster (1 stop and 1/3 if you want to nitpick). But so what.

Primes are supposed to be cheaper than complex zooms, the last couple of years they have become more expensive, and often heavier than their zoom counterparts. What’s the point.

Review Sigma 500mm by Rick Vaughan

Man, I wish I could justify buying such a setup for wildlife with my a6300. I’m just an enthusiastic amateur who can’t believe I talked myself into the 100-400GM as it is. 🙂 With the 1.4x teleconverter, my max aperture is f8 and find myself staying home on cloudy days just because I know the ISO will be pushing the 2000 range when shooting at 1/1600s – 1/2000s and that’s too noisy for me.

Review Sigma 500mm by Wedding Photographer

at this price point (over $5000), the ones buying these supertele lenses should choose native lenses for optimal AF performance, Sigma is good but somehow their AF can’t be as good as native lenses.

Review Sigma 500mm by Linzdoctor

Hey Sony how about allowing Tamron and Sigma lens to work fully on A-mount cameras! Don’t keep us from using all of the focusing points on the A99m2! You worked so hard to allow Canon lens to work on your e-mounts so why not support A-mount since you actually own a part of Tamron so there really shouldn’t be any issues with the outer focusing points not being active with Tamron lens!

Review Sigma 500mm by John

I have this lens and camera. It works great, but it’s a little ridiculous to attach a $4200 “weather resistant” camera to a $6000 weatherproof lens with a $125 non-weather-anything adapter. I do have a nice baggie for it tho. The upcoming 7Diii may convince me to get a real weatherproof solution.


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