Action camera rating SJCam SJ4000 Air: turn 4K, soft price


SJCam SJ4000 Review – This product line has just released a new update called SJ4000 AIR with some improvements and 4K video recording capabilities. Today, will explore the SJ4000 AIR version of SJCam SJ4000.

Open box and design

On the product picture box as well as some highlights such as 2 inch LCD screen, video capture up to 4K, water resistance to 30 meters depth. Looking at the box, we also see the protective shell of transparent plastic, which allows the use of underwater cameras.

The back of the box has detailed parameters such as: 170 degree wide angle camera, with 16, 12, 8, 5, 2MP resolution; 30 fps video at 4k and 2.7k resolution, Full HD 60 fps. Video files are in MOV format H264, using Micro SD memory card, USB 2.0 port and Wi-Fi support.

In the box outside the SJ4000 AIR, we are offered a variety of accessories to connect with the tripod, the cushion, helmets, motorcycles, bicycles, flycam, … The manufacturer also bundled a cable to Charge or transfer data via micro USB.

The SJ4000 AIR action camera is housed in a sturdy waterproof housing. There are buttons on the body that allow us to operate normally from outside the device.

SJ4000 AIR has a rectangular design with the same design as the previous models of SJCam. The front of the SJ4000 AIR features a protruding camera, which uses a 16-megapixel Sony175 sensor and is equipped with Allwinner’s image processor. This camera has a 170 degree wide angle. The entire frame is plastic, sturdy, sturdy and the joints are tight. The sides are crossed to separate the buttons and help grip firmly.

At the top is the shutter button and a status LED when the power is turned on. This button is slightly convex for easy manipulation and good bounce. When the machine is turned on, the LED will light up for about 1 second and turn off automatically.

The right side is where the two navigation keys come up and down to select the menu features. The up key also has the function of turning on the WiFi connection. The two navigation keys with small holes are the loudspeaker that plays back the video and the sound when it is operated.

On the left is a USB port that includes a micro HDMI connector for outputting images to a large screen or TV, a micro USB slot for charging and connectivity to a computer, and an expandable memory card slot supporting up to 64GB microSD cards. . At the top there are 3 dots where the microphone is located.

At the bottom of the camera, there is a small camera battery holder 900mAh capacity, can remove this battery to replace when necessary. The camera also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery charger and allows charging and video recording.

When the screen is turned on, the screen of the machine with the green status message when turned on. At 2 inches in size, this is a large screen compared to an action camera. Although the resolution of the screen is not high enough to observe, frame orientation and rotation.

Practical experience

First, the user needs to download the application device to connect to the camera via the on-box link, then on the SJ4000 turn on Wi-Fi to connect the phone to the WiFi access point (the name and password are pre-recorded). in the SJ4000 AIR screen).

In addition to providing a larger live view display and playback controls on the phone, the application can also view photos, videos from memory cards and back up to phone memory. We can also customize the settings of the mode settings just as we are installing directly on the camera.

And in particular, the SJCam 4000 AIR also has the ability to record Slow Motion 1080P 60FPS and 720P 120FPS, which is not listed on the box. With this feature, we can film action movies quite interesting.

The SJ4000 Air’s camera has a wide viewing angle of up to 170 degrees so it can capture a lot of scenes and details when shooting.

In this upgrade, the SJ4000 Air can shoot Full HD 60fps video. If you want to shoot 2K video, the number of frames decreases to 30FPS. You should know high FPS, the video will be smooth, more real when we watch again.

The SJ4000 AIR can also take pictures normally. Maximum resolution is 16MP, but this is only an interpolation, not the actual resolution of the machine. It supports up to 20 seconds of exposure, timelapse shooting and continuous shooting.

Unfortunately, SJ4000 AIR does not have Vietnamese language. If you are used to using a trip camera or camera action, then custom installation is not difficult, but for the first time you use or do not know English to take a little time to learn. It should be said that the use is not too difficult because in each setting page there will be icons describing the function, such as the settings are rotated, there is a camera image, the camera section has a camera image.

The main function of the action camera is mainly video recording so do not expect much on the quality of the picture. The photos show that the quality of the photos is average. Photos are usually slightly darker than reality and the color and detail are not high. Still, the beauty of shooting from the SJ4000 AIR is the shooting angle. The wide-angle lens of this action camera can deliver scenic, architectural or casual shots for a fairly unusual viewing angle.

The SJ4000 AIR supports Full HD video recording at 60 frames per second. This is the most smooth mode to shoot. The quality of the video is high in detail and sharpness, but the color of the video is not blurry and the brightness is usually darker than the actual image. The biggest plus in video recording is the ability to withstand the vibration of the SJ4000 AIR. On the test track is fairly shocked but the standard focus is still not torn when moving, sound recording is relatively good.

In low light conditions and with complex light sources, the video quality of the SJ4000 Air is reduced and the detail and noise increase as the SJ4000 AIR camera pulses the ISO to improve its brightness.

In terms of battery life, the battery comes with a 900mAh battery, enough to spin continuously for 1h50 minutes from full charge to full battery. When the recording is complete after 30 seconds, the camera’s screen turns off automatically to save battery power. This is a good result for a device in the cheap segment.


Overall, for a price of 1.79 million we will have a camera action is beautiful, high-end, large screen and good battery life. Although the image quality of video is not impressive but in return, the ability to resist very well and wide angle lens can return the picture at interesting angles.


  • Capture video 4K 30 FPS, Full HD 60FPS, shoot Slow Motion 1080P 60FPS and 720P 120FPS.
  • Good vibration resistance
  • Pretty battery
  • There is Wi-Fi to connect to the application on the phone
  • Reasonable price, long term warranty


  • The quality of the video is not impressive, its color and brightness are a bit blurry
  • Vietnamese interface is not supported.

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