“I shot on Nikon for years before moving into Sony mirrorless. I currently own an a6000 and an a7ii and am very familiar with them. I was looking for something to shoot video with (specifically YouTube and interview videos) so I liked that this didnt have the 30 minute limit. I had no clue how many advances had been made since the a6000 was released. I try to avoid new camera info because it always leads to me getting excited and buying one.

The flip up screen is great and I love being able to monitor myself while recording. I know you can always add a monitor to other cameras (I even own one) but when I have a video idea I want to get it going as quickly. That means I usually forgo looking for the monitor and hoping Im in the shot correctly.

The videos have come out INCREDIBLE so far and Im beyond happy with the purchase. The only thing Im not excited for is re-configuring all of my custom buttons and menus but thats the case with any new camera and if thats my biggest issue then life is pretty good.

If you own an a6000 or are looking for a camera that does both video and photography really well then definitely give this a good, hard look.

Sony Alpha a6400 - reviews
Sony Alpha a6400 – reviews

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If youre sitting there with an a6300 or a6500 then the decision to upgrade (or is it sidegrade?) is a little trickier. Go to a camera store and test it out… if you love the a6300 then youll absolutely love this camera but if you have the a6300 then you most likely dont *need* this camera. If that makes any sense.”

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera

The Sony a6400 bridges the gap between the company’s hugely popular full-frame CSC, and APS-C line-ups. Boasting AF acquisition of 0.02 seconds (the world’s fastest), newly developed ‘Real-Time Eye AF’, and ‘Real-Time Tracking’. The a6400 can also shoot up to 11fps with AF/AE tracking, while a BIONZ X image processor, a tiltable LCD touch screen, and 4K video recording are also included.

Key Features

  • Lightning-quick AF acquisition of just 0.02 seconds plus 425 phase-detection and contrast-detection AF points for approximately 84% image coverage.
  • Advanced Real-time Eye AF.
  • New Real-time Tracking for object tracking.
  • 24.2MP APS-C Exmor™ CMOS image sensor and latest-generation BIONZ X™ image processor.
  • Ideal for bloggers thanks for a 180-degree tiltable touch LCD, allowing for self-recording.
  • Shoot at up to 11fps via a mechanical shutter, and 8fps silent shooting with continuous AF/AE tracking.
  • 4K video recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning.
  • Timelapse video using interval recording.

Super-fast performance

A new BIONZ X image processor powers the a6400’s impressive autofocus system. 425 phase-detection AF points and 425 contrast-detection AF points cover approximately 84% of the image area, working at a speed of 0.02 seconds.

AI-powered Real-Time Eye AF

Introducing advanced ‘Real-time Eye AF’. By employing artificial intelligence-based object recognition, the camera can detect and process eye data in real time. This gives the a6400 a point of reference for measuring autofocus. This system works in all autofocus modes, and is triggered automatically by half-pressing the shutter button. When in AF-C or AF-A mode, the preferred eye (left or right) of your subject can be selected as the focus point.

Real-time tracking

‘Real-time Tracking’ also makes its debut in the a6400. This mode utilises Sony’s latest algorithm including Artificial Intelligence based object recognition and processes colour, subject distance (depth), pattern (brightness) as spatial information to ensure that all subjects can be captured with excellent accuracy.

New levels of image quality

A 24.2MP sensor, working alongside the BIONZ X image processor can now reach new levels of performance, with a standard ISO range of up to ISO 32000 for both still and movie. This is also expandable up to ISO 102400 for still images, while noise reduction garners excellent results at medium and high sensitivities.

4K Movie Recording with Fast Hybrid Autofocus

Internal 4K recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning is also available. By collecting approximately 2.4x the amount of data required for UHD video, the a6400 oversamples to produce exceptional high-quality footage. This is also the first cropped sensor Sony mirrorless camera to feature a Hybrid Log-Gamma profile for Instant HDR workflows.

Users can create stunning timelapse videos using the internal Intervalometer, which can be set to capture each frame from anywhere between 1-60 seconds. The total number of shots can also be set between 1-9999. There’s also an option to control the AE tracking in this mode, with Low, Mid, and High sensitivities to be selected from, ensuring your entire video remains correctly exposed.

Reviews Sony A6400 Digital Camera

Impressive image quality in both photo and video

I am very pleased with this camera, I have been using an A6000, for several years and all of my lenses and accessories were compatible with the A6400, the resolution and image quality of its 4K videos are impressive, with stabilized lens , IBIS, is not really a must.
I would recommend this body for anybody with a A6000, and for new users moving to 4K.

Good upgrade

Ive been using the 6300 since it was introduced and loved it. The 6400 however is an excellent upgrade and well worth the asking price. The auto focus system is as advertised, quick, accurate and the tracking is excellent. Its hard not to be impressed with the facial and eye AF feature.

Im finding the image quality better, but I think its because Im able to get more images in focus than with the 6300.

The body is the same as the 6300, but the menu system is dramatically improved. I find it better organized between photo and video settings and the availability of the My Menu is a fantastic addition letting you have a separate menu of settings you use most often.

How, if Sony can develop a G Master quality lens specifically designed for ASP-C well really have something.


Sony A6400 Digital Camera – This camera is Awesome!
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