The Sony a7iii is a great camera. The battery life has significantly improved, focusing options are extensive and sharpness of images (especially with the Sony Zeiss 55mm Sonnar T) is excellent. Colour capture and dynamic range in raw are impressive. High iso images generally control noise well. The evf however is poor. It gives you an idea of what your image is but far from being a true representation.

Sony A 7 III Review
Sony A 7 III Review

Coupled with the disappointing resolution (reviewing astrophotography pictures was a nightmare) of the back screen the camera does not allow you to realise just how good the images are until you see them in post editing. Overall I would say this is the best travel/walk around camera I’ve ever owned for image quality and functions but at the price the evf and back screen should be better. As a side note Wex continue to impress me as a highly professional outfit meeting customer needs.

Low Resolution Back Screen
Poor EVF
Focusing Options
Great Picture Quality
Image Sharpness
Best for

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Sony A7 III – Best Travel Camera
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