“Having used and owned A7 models and leneses already this MK3 model was an easy choice. I made the choice to not go with the A7RMK3 model and spend the extra money on adding lenses to my bag. This camera is the complete package that Sony users have been waiting for. It’s light and small, perfect for travel and days out. Image quailty is simply stunning! I still own and use Sony’s A7R and this is sharper and cleaner straight out of the camera! Pick good glass and you have a winner. The D810 that I was using before as my main camera has now gone and is to large and way to bulky. Mirrorless is the way forward for me. Look out for more amazing products moving forward”.

Sony A7 III Digital Camera
Sony A7 III Digital Camera

The original Sony A7 set the tone for the years ahead when it was released back in 2013. This third iteration brings further advancement for Sony’s popular CSC line-up. The Mark III features a newly developed back-illuminated 24.2MP full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor, and a redeveloped BIONZ X processing engine. 4K HDR video, and 15-stops of dynamic range also add to the appeal of this camera.

Key Features: Sony A7 Mark III Digital Camera Body

  • Newly developed back-illuminated 24.2MP full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor to capture even the finest detail in most conditions.
  • Approx. 15-stops of dynamic range to showcase subtle graduations from shadows to highlights.
  • Impressive ISO range of 100-51,200 which is expandable to 50-204,800, allowing for noise-free low-light capture
  • 14-bit RAW capture even in silent and continuous shooting modes
  • 5-axis 5-step in-body image stabilisation, making it possible for users to shoot handheld at lower shutter speeds, while also providing smoother video capture.
  • 4D Focus – The A7 Mark III Features a massive 693 phase-detection, and 425 contrast detection AF points
  • With implementation of focal-plane phase-detection technology, the camera’s autofocus system is approximately twice as fast as in previous models.
  • Like the flagship A9, the camera features enhanced AF tracking, allowing for precise focus results when shooting video, or in continuous/burst modes with moving subjects.
  • Utilise the touch screen to find focus in a shot thanks to the A7 Mark III’s Touch Focus and Touch Pad functions. Either tap on the rear screen to find your focus, or intuitively drag the focus frame across the shot while using the viewfinder.
  • Shoot in a continuous burst at up to 10 frames per second with AF/AE tracking, or up to 8 frames per second burst shooting when in Live View mode.
  • Capture stunning 4K High Dynamic Range video (without pixel binning) and make the most of the new Hybrid Log Gamma profile for extra flexibility in post-production.
  • Unlike the previous A7 model, the Mark III uses the high-capacity NP-FZ100 battery, allowing users to shoot up to 710 images on one charge.


Camera grip arrived and ergonomics are now much improved. I am also in the process of customising the menus to suit my style of photography, so I have removed both items from the deficits column. It only remains to say that after a recent outing to shoot some landscape I am absolutely gob smacked at this cameras ability to capture the scene as it appears through the lens. Wysiwyg definitely applies to this product, and I am happy to be spending way less time in front of a computer screen and more time behind the camera.

Migrated from Nikon to Sony, no regrets

I moved recently from Nikon to Sony as I was frankly fed up with Nikon and their indifference to their users needs and wants. So I gave Sony a try, and I am just blown away by the quality of the photos coming out of this camera, the focus accuracy, speed and the feature set. I am well impressed with this camera and with Sony glass, and do not regret my switch from Nikon. My only caveats are that (a). Having come from Nikon and comfortable with their menu system and how they have implemented it, I am still struggling with the unfamiliar Sony layout which I think could be better organised. (b). The slightly better ergonomics of the Nikon camera I have come from. However, I am sticking with it, and will learn the new menu system, and as for the ergonomics I have a grip on order which will improve that no end. No way back to Nikon having sold all my gear, and I wouldn’t go back now anyway even if I could.

Bye bye Canon, Hello Sony

After many years with Canon, and wishing for better features from their cameras that just never came, the Sony A7III was the straw that broke the camel’s back and got me to switch. The camera is unbelievable for the money, packed full of features and the kitchen sink, the eye AF along is a game changer for me but then add the smaller form factor and video features as well is a bonus.

Once I got used to the menus, I loved it

This is my first Sony, having been a Nikon user since the Jurassic era. But now I’m increasingly doing video, I needed to upgrade from the barely adequate Nikon D600 I was using. First impressions were that the camera felt very good to use, I loved the positioning of the buttons – once I’d got around the ‘finger memory’ of using my Nikons. The position of the record button is just right, and the exposure compensation knob is perfect, I love it – really good to use for small adjustments on the fly. The menu system took a bit of getting used to, and I know I’ve still got a way to go before customising the camera just how I’d like it. But now I’ve used it on a few filming jobs, I love it. The focusing is beautiful, especially compared to my D600, or in fact any other camera I’ve tried. I really feel that my filming can flow. Already – and I’ve only owned it just over a month – I feel I can concentrate on being creative, and not wrestling with the tech. This is the best tech upgrade I’ve done since going full frame with my stills cameras. I’m seriously thinking of selling all my Nikon gear to buy a second Sony body, and a whole set of lenses. Yes, I’m that impressed.

I was a hardcore Nikon user for years, loved everything about Nikon and hated everything else. Then Sony A7 III came around and after very long time (couple of months) spended reading all possible reviews, decided to switch the ship. And I tell you what…switching from Nikon D810 to Sony is like switching from mobile phone from 90’s to the lattest smartphone. Image quality, features, ergomonic etc.etc.. Just WAU and OMG…don’t take my word for it..try it yourself and you’ll see what am I writting about.


Sony A7 III Digital Camera – Amazing Full Frame Camera
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