Bought this to get back into photography. As an architect, I wanted something that could take highly detailed pictures of buildings to work with later, while not dragging me down all day, the A7III fulfilled these and more. I get the feelings from all the glowing reviews that I can branch out to portraits or astral or a number of different things and this camera will be more than sufficient.

Sony A7 III
Sony A7 III

I use with the Batis 25mm which is great for architecture and travel photography where you know your subject, so you can get nice and close! The photos attached are straight from the camera to phone app, abosilutly no touching up!

Great full frame camera

Great full frame camera with a decent range of lenses to choose from (more coming from third party brands such as Samyang and Sigma). Battery life has been improved DRAMATICALLY from the mark 2 series with their new FZ100 battery. Dual memory slots (finally), and am eye auto focus than can pinpoint the eye at f/1.4. Superb.

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Sony A7 III – Perfect tool with loads of room to grow
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