I recently upgraded to the Sony A7s from a canon 60D. I loved the 60D like a son and found it hard to part with it after all these years. Lately I’ve been getting more and more DOP work and it was time to upgrade.

The A7s is a powerhouse of a camera built into a small and compact body. Before I get into the video functions which I mostly use this camera for I also have to say that I love the way it feels for photography. After taking a picture using the viewfinder the frame holds so you don’t need to take your eye away to look at the LCD screen. Genius.

The video from this camera is stunning. I’ve slowly been figuring out how to properly expose Slog-2 which was a learning curve for me. My favorite part about this camera is that it is fully customizable. I read some complaints that the ISO can be changed by accident because its set to the wheel in the back. Not a problem you can change that. All around this camera is a great buy for any filmmaker.

My only advice is to pick up some extra batteries. They charge fast but if you going to be outside for a day of shooting your going to want to bring 3-4 batteries with you. Loose Films.

Great camera for video

This is a great camera for narrative work. It is incredibly versatile with its ability to switch between full frame and super35 sensor readout, E-mount can be adapted to pretty much everything, and the dynamic range is second only to an Alexa or Amira. It makes a great B cam for bigger budgeted projects and an amazing A cam for lower budgets.

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The rolling shutter is a bit more prevalent than I expected, but its easy to shoot around.The batteries are not the longest lifed, so I would recommend buying extras or an external battery.If you are going to shoot S-Log2 outside, high NDs are needed.

Sony A7S The everything Full Frame

I shoot landscapes, portraits, abandoned buildings and I shoot by day and now I shoot by night. A7s opened up a whole new way to be creative. Before I really had to plan my shoots, time of day, locations etc, now I drive and just shoot when ever I see something great.Everything the Sony has designed in this camera is great, does it need improvement? Yes it has it’s quirks, but so does Canon, Nikon and the rest.

But none of it are show stoppers. The 12MP sensor is more than enough unless you print huge building size posters. The shutter operates fast enough for most action shots, but I think wildlife photographers might have an issue. The lack of FE lens choice is a little stumbling block but that’s why you buy the adapter for your A mount lenses. Sony’s new lens line up is much anticipated in early 2015.Video from this camera is awesome, with low light features, you just can’t go wrong.

The only complaint is the record button, Sony could of found a better spot for that but it works and I don’t see issues other than getting used to its location. Battery life well every camera has this complaint, solution: Buy more batteries.Light weight, compact and easy to pack when traveling.Controls and menu, same as the A77 and A58 for the most part. Sony is good in that regard trying to keep everything relatively the same through out.

Almost perfect

I decided to try and give a full Sony lineup a shot. I got rid of my mark 2 and canon lenses and switched to the a7s and Sony lenses. I came to hate the Sony lenses so I got the metabones mark 4 smart adapter and bought canon lenses again and the results couldn’t be better!I haven’t had an issue filming with the adapter. It’s only when I try and use a flash for photo that the adapter stops working correctly.

But I just take it off and put it on and that fixes the problem. The flash is also a canon and not a Sony. I don’t know if that could have anything to do with the adapter messing up. But my main thing is video so I hardly mess with photo and the camera is perfect as you can get with this lower line of camera. The camera took a lot of getting used to but worth it. This would be a 5 star camera if there was a better option for lenses.

Almost the perfect camera…..almost

For MY NEEDS, this is almost… ALMOST the perfect camera. Anyone who has been considering this camera probably already knows what it can do and is familiar with it’s features. I know I was – until I purchased it. It’s an amazing camera however, there are some features this camera doesn’t have that other cameras have and vice versa. 1. I wish it would bracket 7 exposures instead of just 5 2.

I wish it would auto bracket with a 02:sec timer delay 3. I wish it would meter the exposure while moving the focus point. 4. A longer battery life? (no wonder they included 2) 5. I wish I could do a manual white balance while I was in a Custom mode setting 6. I wish it had the very cool articulating LCD like the Sony A77 or Panny GH4 (THAT I already knew) 7. I wish it had better seals and was waterproof instead of water resistant.

I’m sure I’m missing a few more points but I absolutely love the high ISO quality and gorgeous photos it produces. I won’t go on and on why I love this camera but the pros outweigh the cons. The only reason I purchase new cameras is to make my job easier. For now, this one is a keeper.

Great for video, good for stills

The best thing out there for low light, the Sony A7s is very good for video with a lot of pro-camcorders features like peaking, zebras and audio levels. Great Slog2 capability. Its 12mp is not amazing for stills, but there is a huge dynamic range and beautiful colors in the RAW files. Great camera overall!

Greatest cam I have ever owned

I am a film maker who was tired of having to a settle for a shallow depth of field while in low light situations. the Sony A7s solved this problem for me,You can shoot 4k video and shoot at ISO speeds up into the 50,000’s and still have great looking video. It is new so there are not many lenses (which are expense) but you can circumvent that by buying a lens adapter ring like I did so I can use my dads old F series Nikon lenses.


Sony A7S is a beautiful Camera
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