On strong persuasion, wife ordered my present, an Sony alpha A6000 with the 16-50 mm and 55-210 mm kit lenses, enough in advance for me to practice for holiday pictures. In upgrading from a good point & shoot, I was looking for better low light results, an external flash connection and an electronic viewfinder that would permit tracking and framing sports action in bright sunlight.

My indoor natural light pix following Christmas dinner were great, requiring minimum post processing. Haven’t bought the big external flash yet, but there’s a broad choice available. Using the electronic finder on a sunny morning with the 55-210 mm mounted, I was able to successfully follow crows flitting in the trees with good auto focusing and exposure. The A6000 offers a spectrum of adjustments and programs to tweak results.

You’ll see a lot of reviews critical of the offered kit lenses. Yes, I’ve used better glass, but these are perfectly fine for general home and travel photography. The range of the 16-50 and 55-210 cover most needs. If you have a specific purpose requiring super acuity, note the body alone is available. Then you can select from lots of E mount optics, usually at greater cost than the bundled kits. In addition to Sony, Sigma and others offer good choices.

Do check with B&H though to make sure your choice will mate with the A6000’s auto focus and optical stabilization if you need it. A final observation: A number of retailers offer the body and kit lenses in bundles with cheap filters, lens tissues, shaky tripods, etc. Alternatively, in late 2016, B&H was offering a $50 E gift card for A6000s bought with a Sony kit lens to help pay for decent accessories.

Love the small size

I love the small size of this camera. I used it a lot in many my trips with 18-105mm f4 lens and have no complaint. It comes with the APS-C size sensor to ensure good image quality. High recommend.


Got this camera as a preset for a compete beginner. For the features included in the camera, the price is spot on. It is ultra portable, especially with the 16-50 lens, has a tilting screen, EVF, wifi, etc. I won’t bore you with the details. After playing around with it, I fell in love with the Sony platform of mirrorless cameras. My main body is a Canon 5dm3. This body feels like a toy in weight and size, but that’s what I love about it. I plan on switching to Sony in the near future.

Great camera. The images are clear and crisp

I wanted to upgrade my camera to use some of the better technologies. The AF on this camera is great. The images are clearer because of the increased density and the video is better than my current video recorder so I’m pretty happy.

I’m a happy camper

hike a lot in the Colorado mountains and I wanted to be able to take higher quality pictures than my iPhone will do. Years ago I had a Leica M2, which I loved, until it was stolen. I intended to buy a full frame DSLR, but I was totally turned off but the size and weights of these things and separately by the obvious featuritis afflicting I think all of them. I just wanted very high quality photos of the Colorado mountains and the wildflowers.

The a6000 seems to fit that bill entirely, especially when paired with the Sony/Zeiss f4 16-70mm zoom lens. Also, doesn’t seem like I’d benefit form the a6300 or a6500 for what I’m doing.

Digital zoom

I have two Sony Alpha cameras a 5100 with a digital zoom lever integrated with the shutter button and the on off switch assembly. Works great. I frequently use digital zoom when my 55-210 will lens is the maximum optical setting. For example taking a photo of eagles on top of a cell tower were both digital and optical zoom is used to the max. Much to my disappointment actually consternation there is no digital zoom lever on my Alpha 6000.

According to the documentation I have found on the Internet, there are menu settings that will enable the digital zoom. I have not as yet tried those settings. The optical zoom lever on the 5100 is the way to go. I bought the second camera body, the alpha 6000 primarily for outdoor use because it has a viewfinder that is essential in bright sunlight, however, I now find out I gave up the digital zoom to get the viewfinder.


I like the slightly textured (rough) finish on the graphite version, compared to the black, silver and white that has the typical smooth finish. The graphite color blends nicely with the silver lens (Rokinon 12 f/2) too.

Great value

Excellent camera with leading edge technology; great pics, easy to use, numerous features, great in low light. In my opinion best value on the market.

I am a profession photographer

A great 24 mp 1 sensor and camera. The battery drains much too quickly (on/off) even though the EVF is turned off, airplane mode is on and the brightness setting are turned to normal manual. I wish Sony would address this issue with a firmware update, but they seem to be unwilling to do so. In the past I have used a 16mp NEX-3n and it did not have the battery draining issue so I know Sony is able to solve the problem.

Great camera for learning photography!

I am an amateur photographer. When I wanted to buy a camera, I wanted a body that produces good images, have manual controls and is compact to carry around. I found the alpha line from sony really compelling, and i chose between 6300 and 6000. I opted for a6000, since it offers most of the features at a lower price.

I was pleasantly surprised at the image quality! It produces stunning images. I got a 30mm Sigma f2.8 prime lens and the shots are absolutely beautiful!. The battery usually lasts for around 300-ish shots (RAW), the viewfinder is extremely helpful while shooting. In short, a great camera for beginners and combine it with a prime lens and you are in for a treat!.

Great Travel Camera with the 18-105mm lens

Great camera with lots of options for nice lenses. Took this on a couple of vacations with just the 18-105 f/4 lens and got great shots. Love the larger sensor than point-n-shoot cameras. Only wish the same thing came in a smaller package.

Great so far and caters to all users

Have only had this for about 2 weeks but so far everything is working well! Pros: For the price, it’s a great deal for a beginner mirrorless camera that has a lot of customization options that I’m sure I’ll get more into as I get more into it – caters to seemingly all skill levels and progress.

Interchangeable lenses – the option is always good to have as emount and mirrorless become more prevalent in the market Small and compact compared to a full-sized DSLR Cons: Nothing so far really. The EVF can probably be better but it’s far from being a deal breaker.


Sony Alpha A6000 – A fine upgrade from my point and shoot
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