Having used larger SLRs for years in travel and as an elder amateur looking for good recorded memories, I have tested the a6000 as a replacement system. It is a great camera that offers all the flexibility in shooting that I desire as well as a superb lens and lightweight compactness that is equal to that of my current SLR system. Definitely more suitable to comfortable travel while maintaining the equivalent quality of photographic outcomes also at a much more reasonable cost.

Hunts a lot in Low Light. AF is not always accurate

This camera works really well in good bright light, however, in room light with one LED lamp in the middle of the room, the AF only works about 40% of the time, and 60% hunts and has a hard time focusing. I brought this camera to a club in NYC where they had a Halloween contest. I missed a lot of good shots on the stage because it took a long time for the camera to focus, and a lot of times it couldn’t even focus. I am very very disappointed.


I captured hundreds of stunning Street, Macro and bird photos with Sony A6000. In my previous review I said it is Light Weight Good Camera. After taking pictures for a while, I think it is one of the best mid range Sony mirror less camera .The processor in the camera is amazing technological innovation . I would give six stars if I could.

Cant live without on a daily basis

Ideally the best in class everyday mirrorless camera as of date, interchangeable lens, WIDI, HIRES Video, Compact & light & works with existing off camera NIKON flash. GREAT APS-C camera with 1.5x crop factor, just like Nikon. The only CON=Battery Life, do not expect to shoot all day with this, avg. exposures = 300+

Cant live without on a daily basis

The ideal interchange lens camera for everyday usage, I find myself with this camera everywhere I go, compact light & most of all interchangeable. Development ready via Sony Store. WIDI++, HI-RES VIDEO. Biggest CON: Battery Life, don’t expect to shoot all day with this camera with one battery, recommended to buy an extra battery, if generic Watson NP-FW50.

I love my a6000

This is the first interchangeable lens camera i have ever bought. I did a whole lot of research before deciding on this camera and let me tell you all the positive things youve heard about it are true. The images are nice and sharp as a needle and im soo happy with the video quality Its everything ive ever wanted. I would definitley reccomend this camera to anyone whos looking to buy one.

Great for indoor sports!

Have been searching far and wide for the perfect body and lens combination to capture the indoor volleyball action for my daughter’s Varsity and club teams. After testing large and heavy Canons, I settled in this one. I have zero regrets! I actually have been dabbling with vintage prime manual focus lenses. Using the peaking function of this camera I can ensure that my targets are always in focus. Even as a relative beginner I am getting some great shots.

Great lightweight, compact alternative to DSLR

I have only ad this camera for a little over a week, so I haven’t had a chance to really put it through its paces. However, I have found the controls simple and intuitive, at least for aperture, shutter speed and such. The menus are extensive (after all there are many features). My oterh camera is a Nikon D200, which is great, but too heavy and bulky to have on hand at all times. I am looking forward to trying a manual focus lens…if I could just try one before buying!

An Amazing Camera BUT NO built-in Image Stabilization!

I have hand tremors. I made the mistake of assuming that like ALL prior Sony A-mount cameras, it had IS built in. IT DOESN’T! I have numerous legacy Minolta Maxxam and Sony A-mount lenses, but with the LAEA4 adapter I purchased, the net result is an ungainly look and feel with no significant savings in bulk or weight. Unless I decide to invest in E-mount telephoto lenses, the camera is relegated for wide angle and standard lenses ONLY.

Extreme Value – Great Video

You get more than what you pay for. The Sony Alpha a6000 is simply an awesome camera. When you compare it to other cameras both DSLR and Mirrorless in its class, this camera outshines them all. Stills are sharp and the colors are good. Video is detailed and the noise, like on most all Sony sensors, looks more like grain than digital noise (ala Canon). Video on the a6000 is detailed enough to cut in with the a7s, a7RII, NXCAM, XDCAM, etc. Comparing this camera to other cameras in its class, low light performance is amazing.

Note that I said in its class! Of course it doesn’t compare to full frame cameras or the a7s or a7RII, but compared to other APSC cameras, especially against Canon APSC such as the 70D, the a6000 is far superior. For best results in low light, the maximum usable ISO is 3200. The maximum clean ISO is 2000. However you can get clean results at 3200 and higher if you know what you’re doing and expose for zones. Let me address some of the Cons listed above: Short battery life (56) – I use only Sony brand batteries and I get a full day of video and 2-3 days of photos when shooting casually.

I tested the Watson NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.4V, 1000mAh) and although just 20 mAh less than the Sony, it only lasted a third of the time. So buy quality batteries and you’ll get longer life. Complicated controls (11) – Not sure why people say this. The controls are well laid out and the menus are set up pretty much like any other camera. But there are MORE controls because there are tons more features so maybe that’s the case. Poor in low light (7) – Not at all. If you are a good photographer or skilled videographer, you know the limitations of camera sensors in this class and shoot accordingly.

The a6000 does not perform bad in low light compared to other cameras in its class. It does not perform as well as full frame or more professional use cameras, but for its class it performs exceedingly well in low light. Lag / shutter delay (6) – Not sure what people mean by this. I haven’t had any issues with lag or delay. In fact, the a6000 has the most responsive shutter that I’ve ever shot with and that’s compared to cameras in and out of its class.

So what does this camera have that most cameras in its class do not? I won’t discuss them all, but just suffice it to say that everything in this list is either non-existent in the competitor offerings (e.g. Canon APSC) and/or the feature is simply better. Focus Peaking Zebras EVF 4:2:2 Clean HDMI out XAVC-S Video codec at 50mbs (Version 2.0) NFC Wireless App store etc. Take the reviews here (including mine) with a grain of salt.

How well a camera performs is very subjective. What works great for a pro, can be too complicated for a novice. What makes it great for a novice usually makes it frustrating for a pro. Know your gear and remember to compare cameras within their class. If you’re trying to decide between the a6000 and a Canon APSC, get this one. If you’re trying to decide between the a6000 and an a7SII or a7RII, then get the more advanced one if you have the money.


Sony Alpha A6000 – A functional fit for any
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