This is our 4th a6000, and replaces one that was damaged in an accident. My wife and I each use one, and have one as a backup. It does everything our DSLRs will do, and does some things even better.

We use them as our all around camera, but where the a6000 really shines is for travel work. It is light, compact, and versatile, but most importantly, it produces excellent images. I am approaching 40,000 photos shot with my a6000 in the 3 years Ive had it, and my wife has taken about the same on her 4 year old camera.

We treat our cameras as tools and they are used in rough conditions. In the last 3 years our camera gear has been carried in our bicycles handlebar bags for a over 8,000 miles while bicycle touring in 9 different countries. Two improvements that could be made are longer battery life and faster start up time when turned on. Neither of these are fatal flaws.

Nice except the charger

I was under the impression I was getting a Sony charger. I was okay with The Watson charger you sent until I started using it. Difficult fitting Sony batteries in it and the batteries lose the charge faster than any I have ever had. Very disappointed in that.

Light weight but long range

A couple of years ago, I bought an A5000, which I like quite a bit. Adding the two-lens A6000 package allowed me to mount a lens on each body to alleviate the hassle of changing lenses. Both bodies and lenses are quite light weight and comfortable to carry around the neck at the same time. The 16-50 mm lens starts out at a wider angle than most mirrorless and DSLR zooms.

The top focal length of 50 mm doesnt really lend itself to portraiture as well as a slightly longer lens, but it does make the lens quite compact. The extended focal length 55-210 remedies that disadvantage without becoming too heavy. I like the 6000s rangefinder option, which the 5000 doesnt have, and both feature tilting backs allowing discrete shooting without the camera covering your face or overhead angles to put you above the crowd.

Great Beginner Camera

I have been thoroughly impressed with the range of this camera. I wanted something lightweight without sacrificing too much capability and this has suited me well. Three photos I have taken thus far are fantastic and I am about to pick up a new lens to further this cameras abilities. Would recommend to anyone starting out photography as a hobby and do not want to break the bank.

Use for time-lapses only

I have two of the best sony cameras the Sony a7R III and the latest a7 III, the reason I bought this one is to do time-lapses which requires a lot of photos in order to create the videos, I dont want to put all those high shutter counts in my other cameras so this one is perfect for 4K video time-lapses.

Perfect camera for my wife!

Im a Nikon guy loving my d5, d4s, and d4…my wife wanted a small camera that took good pics that were easily transferred to her phone. The a6000 is perfect for her. We just went on a trip together and I was blown away by some of the image quality coming from this tiny camera!

Excellent camera

This is the best camera set for a low budget. I added a fast lens (35 mm f/1.8) as well and have it less than $1200. Now I can shoot anything. I also downloaded the time lapse program at $9.90; this is an amazing program.

I just want a Camera to hold

I wanted to have a camera to hold as a walk around the town view the most beautiful moments of my daily path but sometimes carrying a large camera does fit into my daily activities. This Sony is light and also takes wonderful photos that I would recommend sharing with your family and friends at moments in which you can share a light camera and enjoy, The cost is also reasonable. Philadelphia Loves.

Big Problem

I have two a6000’s. I loved those cameras, and now I am afraid of using them. The first one is 2.5 years and the second one is 1.5 years old. After little bit more than one year the first camera start freezing itself. I could take the pictures on current setting but could not change anything or see the taken images.

All keys were unresponsive except the trigger and the on/off. After removing the battery and waiting for some random time the camera would work again and then freeze again, sometimes 10 minutes later, sometimes a month or two later.

The newer camera started behaving the same after using it for one year. Resetting and initializing the camera did not help. Unfortunately I also purchased a7M3. Luckily I kept my Nikon which has been working reliably in the last six years. I love Sony cameras when they work.

Very good camera with lots of features

Very good camera with lots of features, 16-50mm kit lens ok, 55-210mm good lens. The pkg was missing camera body cap and 16-50mm lens rear cap. The included camera bag barely fits camera and zoom lens, may be kit should include a larger bag. so I take away a star for accessories kit.

Outstanding camera

I bought my wife an A6000 when they first came out. I was impressed by the quality of photos it took. My main camera is a Sony A99ii with several lenses that range from 17-400 mm. that I use for RAW landscape photography. I have all of it in a Think Tank roll case that is fairly large.

I wanted a small camera that I could leave in jpeg and treat as as a point and shoot for travels that space was limited and I knew wasn’t going to involve landscapes. I decided to wait until the A6000 body went on sale and bought it when it did. My wife never used the 16-50 lens that came with hers, so I will. Now I have a small camera and lens I can just put in my pocket and still get excellent photos.

Extremely disappointed

Purchased this camera in January 2017. Turned it on last week and screen indicates “camera error, turn off and on again”. After trying everything suggested by other users and Sony the error message still appears. The solution? Send in for diagnostic repair at cost of approximately $300. From my research this appears to be not an uncommon problem.

Extremely disappointed that Sony puts out a product that fails shortly after warranty expires and then expects you to pay an amount that renders the camera worthless. Buyer beware!!

Sony Alpha A6000 – A lot of camera in a small package
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