For $, I could not pass up the deal. Tiny and light, but extremely capable 24.3mp mirrorless camera with fast hybrid AF and 179 phase detect points for accurate autofocus, it is a dream camera for a 75 year old avid photographer. Although it has the same DxO sensor rating as my Nex-7, Sony E mount lenses get bumped up a notch in DxO rating when used on the sony A6000.

Together with the $ Hasselblad re-branded E 18-200 lens, it was the deal of the year.I was an avid Nikon user until Sony came out with the Nex-7. I bought it for its size and weight. Coupled with the silver 18-200 lens and the 10-18 F/4 zoom, it became my constant companion while wandering on the streets of Europe and Asia.When the A6000 was released, I bought one because of its autofocus capabilities. Unfortunately it was stolen in Naples with the 18-200 lens attached while I was on my way to visit Pompeii.

As a replacement for the loss, I bought the Sony A7II kit and the FE 70-200 F/4 G OSS lens. When they announced the $ deal, I bought my second A6000, because it matches closely the menu structure of the A7II, unlike that of the Nex-7. I miss the built-in level and the higher EVF resolution of the Nex-7, but the faster autofocus easily compensates for it. I have since sold my Nikon gear; but I miss the long life of Nikon batteries.I highly recommend this camera.

Awesome sauce

Great powerful camera. Such a small device with good weight and amazing features especially compared to standard DSLR’s. Very comparable to other high end DSLR if not better. Don’t let the mirror less feature fool you into thinking low quality images. Great new technology in my opinion. Only drawback in my situation; you can’t simultaneously take bracketed photos with a timer. It has to be taken manually holding the button down throughout the shots. For those who do HDR imaging, I recommend you also purchase a cable release to counteract it.


Great camera, I have the NEX 6 and the menu is much improved. My biggest concern was loosing photo quality at higher ISO due to more megapixels but I can’t see a difference. A6000 might actually be better up to ISO 800.

Great Camera

I’ve always had a good eye for photos but always was too cheap to buy a nice camera. I decided that I was going to finally get one and after a lot of research, decided to go with the Sony a6000. I’ve only had it about two weeks and still a lot to learn but loving the quality photos so far.

The online seminar by Gary Fong that B&H put on was a big help with learning the camera too! I had been checking all of the competitors prices for the camera for a few weeks and found B&H to have the best deal and was able to get the 55-210 Sony lens for $ as part of a package when I bought the body only (as well as free extra battery, charger and case). Using a Sigma 30mm as a prime lense. I’m very happy with it so far…

It’s a beast!

This is a great camera. I don’t like to lug my 5DM3 around for more casual/family shoots so this camera is perfect. Very easy learning curve. Friendly menus and customizable buttons. Super fun to use! Make to to get an extra battery though as the battery life is rather short compared to DSLRs.

Amazing Camera

This is my second Sony mirrorless camera and I am a big fan. The camera is very easy to use. The ability to swap lenses makes it ideal for many different uses and I have yet to find any negative issues while using the Aplha6000.

Budget Friendly Big Value

I’m a novice photographer just getting started but my NYC fashion photographer friend said this would be a great start. It is great just on its own as auto mode. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it in detail but I love it. Great size in the hand. Lots of E mount lenses to choose from. Great low light camera. No negatives other than the instruction manual doesn’t give detail.

Great lightweight, compact alternative to DSLR

I have used this camera for a couple of months now. I really like the ease of using manual overrides, something I never gained facility with using my Nikon D200. When starting up the a6000 is a little slow, but once it’s powered up it is quick. The battery life is surprisingly short, compared with other digital cameras I’ve had. I tried switching of Wi-Fi and it still burns up the batteries pretty quikly. I just make sure to have a fully-charged spare at all times.

Very Impressive

When I first got into photography, my first cameras were the ultra zoom Sony Cyber Shots. They were great cameras with the manual controls that I wanted without the bulk of being a DSLR. But as my hobby got more serious, I went the Canon DSLR route.

After several years of lugging around the large camera with a battery grip and several large and heavy lenses, I decided I wanted something smaller and light weight but with the full functionality and interchangeable lenses of a DSLR. Given my past history with Sony, I heavily researched the Sony A6000 and decided this this was the camera that fit the bill.

I’ve only had the camera for a couple of weeks and find it to be quite impressive. It has everything that my Canon DSLRs have and then some. I do a lot of action, land/sea scape and candid photography that require a fast burst mode and the 11 FPS can’t be beat. The one thing that I have noticed is that the camera is power hungry and it quickly eats up a battery charge.

There are a few settings that help preserve battery life like keeping it in Airplane mode so it’s not constantly searching for a Wi-Fi signal and turning off continuous auto focus so that the camera isn’t focusing in between shots. I decided to buy the body only and pair it with the Sony E-Mount 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens.

This gives me the versatility of shooting wide or extremely zoomed in which perfectly fits my photographic style. I was a bit concerned that a Sony lens would not match the the sharpness of my Canon L lenses and so far I have no complaints. If you’re looking for a fully functional DSLR that is compact and lightweight, this camera is for you.

Sony Alpha A6000 – A most desirable camera at a very affordable price
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