I almost could not believe the amazing quality of a neutral RAW file, even in low light. Quite impressive, after years of eschewing C size sensors all I can say is I am delighted. Bought it with the kit lens but using the Sony/Zeiss 24 1.8 prime.

Even at 2x the price of the body this lens is worth every dollar. Fast and very accurate AF that has the sensor nearly entirely covered. My first camera with an EV,I really like being able to review through this, much clearer than any rear screen. Appears to handle high ISO extremely well.

Pretty good but not perfect

Used as a miscellaneous camera (hiking and family events). I’m not too thrilled with the power zoom kit lens but sharpness is comparable to a Canon kit lens. Lack of an external mic jack could be an issue. Be sure to get a separate battery charger since included charger uses the camera and is very slow.

Not happy with this camera at all

There is a lot of things I did not like about this camera. First I was surprised at how many good reviews this camera has gotten. I imagine the sensor is what’s the best about it. Unfortunately the rest of the camera doesn’t fit the bill. I was totally shocked it doesn’t come with a charger, no raw software included. Felt really cheap in build quality. I also did not like the EVF, still think a OVF works best for my needs.

The lens felt like something left over from a cheap point & shoot. Cheap plastic viewfinder sun piece falls off if you just look at it. Slight shutter lag when compared to a good DSLR. I was so disappointed after seeing such positive reviews online and on Youtube. Three people who I have followed closely and thought their reviews were right on. In this case they are way off the mark.

Great camera for the price

I bought the sony A6000 for my parents as a gift, but I ended up buying one because I found it is a very good substitution for my DSLR. I like the fast shutter speed and good ISO range. One downside is the complexity of the menu. There are too many options.Overall, I am impressed with the performance from such a light and compact body.

Love it so Far

I had heard great reviews about this camera especially the video quality….and so far this camera is living up to all the great reviews. It’s easy to use, compact but acts like a DSLR, a great lens, and I really like the WiFi so I can download my photos to my computer without having a cord or card reader! I got this camera for underwater use but haven’t been able to take it underwater yet….need to get the housing. Super excited to see that is camera does underwater.

Great ILC camera, BUT major shortcomings

Very good for spare vacation camera. Not as versatile as an SLR. Very limited lens availability, both from Sony and independents.Light weight, used with kit lens and the Sony E 55mm to 210mm zoom you have a reasonable amount of coverage Using the hot shoe adapter, you can use a Sony/Minolta flash, if you have one.I shot stage lit photos at a jazz concert using both lenses and was amazed by the results with the 55-210 at 6400 ISO set on intelligent auto.Virtually no noise!!


One of the main reasons I bought this model was the hype on how fast the AF was with the kit lens, etc. I had a Fuji X-E1 prior to this & was disappointed in how many indoor fast grandson shots I missed with it. I find the a6000 is a disappointment too, particularly in a what I consider a room which is moderately lit (not dark, not dim, not bright). I’m getting the same AF hunting, albeit a little faster than my X-E1, but as much as a couple of seconds of farting around before it locks on. Outdoors almost any camera’s AF is good, however this being Sony’s state of the art APS-C camera I am really disappointed with indoor incandescent results.

A little powerhouse!

Using around the house now, but hopefully will use professionally in the near future after familiarizing myself with vast menu. Build is metal and solid, AF is fast and accurate. First experience with a MILC. Liking the difference, especially the EVF and the ability to view what finished image will look like before pushing the shutter.

Manual in box is shamefully inadequate for the potential of product. Still lots to learn. Feel confident product will do the work expected of it once I’m educated to its potential. Use in full auto or with a multitude of menu settings. Great Fn options as well.

Very good camera

Camera is very responsive and the function buttons are easy to customize. I wish it would include an instruction manual because I had to look online to figure out how to use the features that make it the great camera that it really is. The continuous tracking auto focus works very well and I am very pleased wih the quality of the photographs. One must adjust the settings correctly in order to take full advantage of all of its features. I highly recommend it.

Powerful Mirrorless Camera

After comparing all affordable non-dslr camera based on internet reviewed site/video, i finally chose sony a6000. it was a gambling decision because i never tried this camera by myself before. nevertheless, i can say i didn’t make bad choice. A6000 performance exceed its price. this camera is so handy travelling and landscape.

Therefore i usually left my bulky dslr.+APS-C sensor, and of course interchangeable lensfast focus and have 179 focus point11 fps shoot (don’t worry of missing important moments)NFC and Wifi ConnectivitySupported by in camera downloadable application-short battery life, you must consider additional batteryin-body battery charging (for unit sold in USA), – inconvenientflash is not automatically pop up and flared in dark conditioncomplicated menuvideo recording button is small and i think it is misplacedOverall, i like this camera. i would give 5 stars if it has better battery life.

Underrated camera

I use this camera for indoor shots and despite mirrorless cameras having a reputation for being decent at best in low light, it does a pretty good job! Besides it’s lightweight body, the 16-50mm kit lens is a good starter until you can buy some more glass. Lots of features like customizable menus, photo retouch, and an extremely fast autofocus. The only downsides: a short battery life and a long charge time. (Watson makes a good battery for $20.)

Sony Alpha A6000 – Amazing, get one!
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