I have absolutely adored my Sony a6000, the image quality on this camera astounded me considering the price point. The video footage quality easily surpasses video-only cameras 3 and 4 times the price, it obviously cannot be used as a work horse video camera, but short clip making was wonderful.

Thankfully, video is not what I need it for, I work in quiet, low-light event photography which is why I landed on this camera. It performed beautifully for 2 years, and now I own a brick. It is now marginally better than taking a cell phone camera to a job. If you do a quick Google search for Sony a6000 unresponsive you will find boards of Sony owners asking what to do about their suddenly unresponsive cameras (these complaints range from 5 months to 2 years of onset) I am unable to change aperture, shutter speed, and ISO–manual mode is fully dysfunctional.

The shutter release still works and it indeed still captures images, but I have absolutely no use for a camera I cannot manually adjust. This camera is ok if you do not depend on its longevity or expect for the issue to be acknowledged and corrected.

Disapointed. Almost dead battery upon delivery

The Sony A6000 needs no introduction since it??s been on the market for a while and it’s gain the praise from everyone who’s been lucky enough to get their hands on one. In a nutshell, it does what their competitors of even a higher price struggle with. And that is after 3 years on the market.

Now for the bad part. When I received the camera, I noticed that the battery was out of the box completely depleted. That’s HIGHLY UNUSUAL for a li-ion battery. Normally, manufacturers provide their batteries half way charged to ensure that they stay in good shape for months before it reaches its final user. That was not the case and I feared the worse. Bad enough, when I charged the battery and attempted to operate the camera, I found that the level of charge goes down quite fast.

Like from 100% to 80% after taking 5 night pictures and idling the camera (with screen saver mode enabled). The battery drains so fast that on my last vacation (the first ones with the A6000) I wouldn’t want to take it with me to avoid having to carry a dead weight after shooting les than 30 pictures. In comparison, we’ve got a 7-year old Canon 70D at home that continues to be a dependable go-to camera.

Although it??s more bulky, it’s worth the extra effort. With the A6000, spending too much time preparing the settings for the picture will cost you 5% of the battery. If this is really how the A6000 it??s meant to be, then I don’t understand all the good reviews on the internet. I reject to believe so, and I will contact B&H to try to adress the issue with the short battery life. I will keep this review updated. As of now, no, I wouldn’t recommend this camera to a friend.

Great value and small size

I bought this to supplement my full frame Nikon setup for the times when I don’t want to carry a large rig. It works great for that. Light, good high ISO performance, a respectable EVF, and solid AF speeds. You really can’t beat it for value. I’ve paired it with a Sigma 30 1.4 and they make for a very capable light rig. It doesn’t match my FF Nikon+50 1.4G for image quality but it really isn’t that far behind and is much more portable.

Nice, useful camera

It is a nice camera body. I like that it has a viewfinder. Unfortunately I returned it for an a5100, which does not have a viewfinder, though it is nice that it is lighter and even smaller than the a6000. I would recommend the a6000, and am considering getting one for my daughter, who finds my a5100 frustrating without a viewfinder. I like that it has a big sensor (APSC).

Buy it! Great images for the price, or even twice the price

This is one sweet little camera. It produces nice photographs with snappy resolution even with the kit lens. I’m a geologist and use the camera in the field because of small size, light weight, and quality photographs. My only caution is DO NOT DROP IT. I dropped my first less than a meter. It landed on soil with pine needles. Oops, a total loss. Replaced it immediately with my current A6000. Keep the in a case with the strap around your neck when in use.

Great for video using the gimbal

I purchased this camera for it’s XAVC-S video capabilities utilizing the 60p @ 50mb for my gimbal. The colors and image pairs well with my main camera the Sony FS5, I also have an a6300 but the 1080 60p from that camera is horrible. Anyways the a6000 shoots great video and takes beautiful photos too. At that price point it is a good buy.

Excellent Camera!

This is my first camera. I chose this Sony a6000, because my father, a professional photographer, recommended it. I could not be happier with this purchase and this camera. I have gotten enough good shots, I mean shots exceeding my artistic expectations and hopes for expression, that I am thoroughly hooked on this camera specifically and photography in general.

After a week, I bought the telephoto lens, and now I’m considering buying the macro lens. It’s easy to transfer the photos to my phone. I’m looking forward to getting some archival quality prints of my favorites. This camera exceeded my expectations in every way!

Great camera…mirrorless or otherwise

Bought this for my daugter for a graduation gift. She had been shooting an older dslr I gave to her and really wanted to try mirorless. Since she has shown such a passion for photography (and many pictures better than mine) we bought it.

Best choice we made! She loves it and shoots even more now, with even better results. Sharp, great color, and quick focus. The EVF isn’t as sharp as the a6300 or 6500, but it sure is cheaper, and gets you what you need to frame good pictures if you don’t want to compose on the back screen.

Excellent value for the price

Great little camera! Just getting back into photography after years of depending on my iPhone. Amazing clarity in detail, flexibility in features, and ease of use. I’m actually enjoying photography again!

Great Addition!

So far this is a fantastic camera. I have two Sony A-Mount bodies and a lot of Sony and Minolta lenses. I purchased a used LA-EA 2 adapter and the camera works perfectly with all my lenses. I also have a few Leica R lenses that I use with a Metabones adapter. They work effortlessly with the focus peaking. I bought this to use on vacations and when I wanted a smaller camera to carry but it will also work as a second body for seddings!


Sony Alpha A6000 – Amazing until it fails
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