Just bought this over the holiday weekend, so I don’t have too much time with it, but all I can say is WOW! I shoot both stills and video and both in similar modes and with similar lenses outperforms my old Canon 60D with ease.The video quality is exquisite and taking photos at ISO3200 shows little to no grain in my opinion.

There are also many crazy technology improvements over other cameras in this body. Facial recognition actually remembers people’s faces, even after they move off camera. Not a lot of documentation in the box, but search for tips online for this camera and you will open up new technological possibilities not capable with higher end DSLRs.I have switched and not sure I will ever go back.

Best in class

The quality of the photos and the array of options rivals the big cameras that are much more expensive. Plus, it is light and easy to carry on long hikes, and it is far less intrusive when one is shooting in the city.I would have like to have seen it constructed with a bit more metal and more weather proofing.It is a pleasure through and through.

Best mirrorless ever

Comprei essa mquina aps ler muitos e muitos reviews, todos positivos. E ela tudo isso que dizem. Mesmo sensor da D7100, no deixa nada a desejar ao modelo da Nikon, com a vantagem de ser mais simples de operar, mais leve e mais barata.

A beast in itself

Though I never owned a SLR/DSRL system, I do a lot of spot photography and this camera, with a 50mm 1.8/f Sony prime is perfect for that. Yet to try wide angle lens for it though. Very light weight when compared to SLRs and gr8 value for money.

OMG Awesome camera!

I’ve always been a Nikon junky from back in the film days. I would never even consider a non-nikon imaging device, but I really wanted an evf for video shooting and a DSLR with an optical view finder wouldn’t cut it. So I bought this a6000 to try out an EVF mirrorless for shooting video and stills.All I can say is… Anyone want a used Nikon?

This thing is so much simpler to use than my d5200. The EVF is a joy to use and without the flopping mirror everything is faster and simpler. The OSS on the 18-200 beats the Nikon 18-200 VR any day of the week. I could go on and on, but to try it is to want it.

All I can say is WOW!

Sold my Nikon D7100 after a bought this Sony a6000. The fast focus and 8 frames per sec. are great for the sports photography I do. The low light performance is exceptional. For the quality of the photos and the amount of settings this camera should be twice the price.

Takes some getting used to the small size and weight when coming from a big DSLR but you learn to love it after carrying it around on an all day shoot.

Still in the learning curve

I carry this as a back-up/second camera. Snapped pictures I would have lost due to changing lens on primary camera. Access to instructions/manuals is torturous. Finally downloaded a manual from a U.K. website. Learning functions/buttons, etc., requires clicking through multiple tabs in camera. Takes some getting used to after knowing my D7100 by heart.

Excellent Camera

I’m a beginner and I love this camera. I’m still learning all the options but the performance so far has been fantastic. I mostly shoot landscape and photos of my family. It’s perfect as it travels well and isn’t intimidating.

Love the camera — the s/w not so much

I love the size and the quality photos of this camera. Along these lines it was exactly what I was looking for. I would like to see a better lens selection, which seems to be one of the issues with Sony. The other issue is the software apps which are tedious and sometimes difficult to set up.

For instance, in order to upgrade one app on the camera, I am being required to upgrade the firmware, but unfortunately it is not compatible with my latest version of Mac OS and I don’t seem to have an alternative. So, I’m stuck not being able to use this smart remote control any longer. It’s very frustrating and the user experience is very poor figuring out the software situation. Sony should stick to cameras, get some help with lenses and avoid software completely — IMHO.

Great Camera

This is a very nice camera. I have had it about a week now. It is light, compact, and efficient. This camera is ideal for travel and adventure photography. The auto focus is quite fast, and accurate. With focus peeking, the manual focus is outstanding. On the same note, I use back-button focus; I have set the AEL button to accomplish this.

The menu is in depth and will take some exploration to understand it completely. I use this body with a Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN. Using a third party lens denies you use of some of the camera’s functions, such as eye-focus. I haven’t done a shutter count for battery life, however, it seems a little weak in this regard.

Expecting this, I bought two additional third party batteries with a battery charger. The camera does not come with an external charger. You have to plug it into a USB cable to charge the battery if you don’t buy an external charger. I am a Canon shooter. I have quite an investment in Canon lenses. I purchased an adaptor for EF lens and it works well. The photo sharpness is outstanding. It is a little odd looking with a Canon 70-200 f2.8 mounted, but the resolution performance is fantastic.

The auto focus with the adapter is slow as has been stated in earlier reviews. However, the manual focus is quick and right on the money.This is quick becoming my favorite camera.4

Fun little camera

I’m having a lot of fun with this little camera. Normally shoot with a Nikon D800E (am a severe pixel peeper) but find I miss a lot of photographs just because I don’t have my camera with me all the time. I wanted something I could take with me everywhere I go.

Tried the Sony RX 100 first, its an awesome camera but just to tiny for my big hands. The a6000 seems like a perfect fit. And I have to say 11fps is a lot of fun. B&H was wonderful to order from, have had great experiences with them.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Beats my latest DSLR!
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