This is one very fine camera. Images are outstanding and auto-focus is the fastest of any mirrorless camera I have ever used. Very near DSLR speed. This is my carry everywhere camera. Love the viewfinder!

Great pictures, light-weight, good value

This camera is a great! I chose this one instead of the Sony A6500 because I don’t seriously shoot video and image stabilization is not worth the extra money for me. I purchased my A6000 with the Sigma 19mm art lens and Sony 50mm OSS, and wow I’m very happy I did not spend the extra $2000 on A6500 and one Zeiss lens. Maybe I’ll upgrade in a year but for now this will be my go-to digital.

Best Camera

I am still learning to use this camera, but it is the best I have ever had. I would like to get more lenses, but the 16-50mm works fine for the camera hobbyist. I especially like the panorama option because I love taking landscape photos but can not yet afford a super wide angle lens. The camera is super fast at focusing and tracking your subjects, and takes beautifully sharp, bright photos. It has so many features and options, I would suggest watching videos and workshops so you don’t miss anything.

Excellent camera, if a little complicated

I upgraded to this from higher end point-and-shoots, so I had a bit of a learning curve. But so far this camera is outstanding. The 16-50 lens has a decent zoom on it, the 55-210 has an excellent zoom but the tradeoff of course is that it starts at 55.

Both are OSS, which is nice to have. I have since bought the 20mm prime as well. With the 16-50 or the 20, this camera can easily fit into a pocket of cargo pants/shorts or a jacket. The menu system is somewhat insane, but you get used to it. You can quickly change the most relevant settings from function buttons on the camera face, so once you get the camera set up they way you want, you really don’t need to go into the obtuse menus much.

Even sending to your phone over wifi works using face buttons. As for the photos, I originally got thrown off by the depth of field sensitivity on this thing. If I took a picture of something reasonably close up (say, 2′) by default I would get a tight depth of field with a blurred background. This means that it’s really easy to compose artistic shots, but sometimes I don’t want that. I’m finding myself in the habit of taking pictures in auto mode just to see what the camera decides to do, and then switching to f/8 to make sure I get the whole shot in focus.

Eventually I’ll become more educated and leave auto behind, but it’s interesting to see what settings it chooses in different environments. All told, I’m glad I got this camera, I’ll probably pick up a few more lenses in the future.

Switched from DSLR to mirrorless and loving it!

I recently decided to get rid of my DSLR and switch over to mirrorless photography. Reason being…the size! As a backpacking enthusiast, a camera’s size and weight are most important to me. After lots of research, I found that the sony a6000 provides a small and lightweight body without compromising image quality.

I bought the body without the kit lens, and additionally bought the Sony 35mm 1.8 lens to go along with it. I’ve used it for landscape photography as well as action shots and portraits, and I’m truly satisfied. Two cons about this camera: one is the battery life, which isn’t great. Definitely need a few spare batteries.

Another one is the wow factor. If using for photographing events such as weddings or private parties, I feel that DSLRs look like they fit the part more than a small mirrorless camera. To the layperson, size often equates to quality and professionalism. However, for my purposes (camping and travel), I could not be happier. 4/5 stars overall because of the battery life.

I would recommend as a travel camera

This camera is used for travel only and as such is a good and convenient tool to shoot street and landscape pictures. Very handy, easy to operate, plenty of useful functions.

I would recommend this as a travel camera

I use it only as I travel. It is a good and reliable camera, handy, convenient to use, plenty of functions, but most importantly it is small and can be put in the pocket (almost). Warning (and 1 star off): battery has a very short charge.

Impressive camera – excellent value!

I bought this camera for my wife who already owns a Sony NX5 and a Sony DSLR. The Alpha 6000 is now her go to camera for just about everything she photographs. All the features of a new DSLR camera but half the weight and size.

Blazing fast focus never misses and works with all of her older E lenses and DSLR lenses with the Sony adapter. I elected to get her the gorgeous silver and black finish body that is reminiscent of neo-modern rangefinder camera in the mirrorless package and the fit and finish is excellent. Unlike the Nex 5 the Alpha 6000 incorporates an electronic viewfinder into it’s light and compact body that is bright and sharp and a welcome addition over the older Nex 5. Current pricing of the Alpha 6000 is very good for such a feature laden camera and although the newer Alpha 6300 and 6500 may have additional features in more robust packaging you would be hard pressed to find the same value for money!

As expected B&H service was excellent and delivery was faster than I anticipated, even with the need to clear customs into Canada.

I would recommend to anyone

Excellent camera. Love the portability of it and the dual lens kit. Great deal when low-mid $700s. This is a perfect complement to those who have a full-frame DSLR as a second shooter.

IT Is as good as many ALR

This my 2ed a6000 my first one when for a swim, this camera work as well as my Big SLR I use it when I take pic for my use not a client . I love the vied finder you see what the a6000 takes.

Fantastic Camera

I had this camera converted to full spectrum. I can’t say enough good things about it! The compact size makes it easy to carry around. It’s also less obtrusive than my DSLR, making it easier to get candid shots. The menus are intuitive and the controls are, for the most part, laid out well enough given the small size of the camera. The only things I don’t like are the shorter battery life and the fact that I frequently accidentally turn the mode dial when I mean to change the aperture.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Best mirrorless camera I have ever used!
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