I really wanted a camera that would give me high res and sharp focus images without having to carry a large camera around. The Sony a6000 is larger than a point and shoot, but the quality of the images is so far superior that it does just what I want it to do. A bit of a learning curve because of all the features, the auto setting does a great job while I am learning the manual settings.

Good camera with a reasonable price

Purchased the kit for $$. the silver one has the best looking. it is much lighter than my Canon 6D. If i travel with my drone, i would carry this mirrorless camera instead of 6D. good price for the quality – much much cheaper than Leica mirrorless.

State Of The Art Wonder Camera!!!

The Sony Alpha A6000 gives you more than you deserve to have for the price that you pay! It’s a gateway into a new and better kind of photography thanks to it’s ultra high tech design and features. If you desire to really be satisfied by something, then I recommend that you give this camera a serious consideration; you sure will not regret it!

A miracle device if you have children

This camera has replaced my Canon 6d. I use it almost anywhere I go now. I used to have so much trouble taking photos of my 3 year old. I was kind of reluctant to ditch the full frame and move on to APC, but I am quite happy with the result. The auto focus on this camera is a beast for its class. This gotta be the most versatile camera I have ever owned. The battery life seems not to be an issue when you turn off its wireless connectivity functions. I was able to do a full day with a single charge.

Mixed blessing

I am by no stretch a skilled photographer but I do spend a lot of time trying. Bought this camera to use for travelling instead of my Canon 70D. I have just scratched the surface but here is my experience so far with the camera & 16-70 lens; * Lots of menu options require research & experimentation to understand * Picture quality of still subjects with adequate lighting is very good * Picture quality in dim light is not so good, high ISO is very noisy * Picture quality in good light of moving subjects is spotty.

Even when I find the right setting, the number of shots with adequate sharpness is low * The fast shoooting rate helps to insure that at least some of the shots are good * Battery life is not great, buy extra batteries & a dual charger to go with this camera * The flash is a joke & I have experienced shot lag when using the flash. I am considering a speedlite type external flash I plan to take this camera on a couple of trips in the near future, hopefully it will be worth the investment.


Very please with this camera. First used to shoot rugby tournament. With the Sony E Mount full frame 70-200 zoom the results were excellent. Fast autofocus. Shot at Iso 400 with little or no noise. The menus are quite similar to the A7R which I also have which makes switching back and forth easy.

Enjoy my new camera

I was looking for a camera that would be light but yet do everthing I need and found the Sony a6000. Haven’t used it a lot yet, but am looking forward to learning more. So far a great buy.

Customizable Champion

Look, you need to play with the settings. With the out of the box features in play, it’s just not that impressive, but as soon as you learn where the features are in this camera it’s incredible power comes out. The autofocusing is creepily intelligent, even registering specific faces (hugely useful in event photography, or if traveling to tourist destinations with family) for long term tracking. Being primarily a film photographer, I expected to hate the digital viewfinder, but the more I use it the more I realize how incredibly useful it is to have all that information in my eyepiece.

The burst mode is insane, the custom white balance astoundingly simple and accurate to use- generally speaking, anyone with the patience and know how necessary to set this beautiful camera up properly will have a tremendously powerful workhorse in hand. As for lenses, because it’s mirrorless it’s really just a matter of finding the appropriate adapter ring to use virtually any glass you have on hand. The least painful switch I could imagine in the current market.

Nice lite camera

I have a Nikon D800 but it’s getting too heavy to carry around. I wanted something I was likely to take with me everyday. The Sony A6000 had what I wanted. It’s lite, great sensor and has a viewfinder. The kit lens is OK. But I went and bought the Sigme 30mm Art lens and that is so much better I have yet to take it off the camera. If they had included a cap to the hotshoe and a charger for the battery I would give it 5 stars.

I love the speed for shooting sports!

I upgraded from the a58 and this camera is way faster when shooting sports. I was holding out for the 7II, but decided, based on price, to give the a6000 a chance. I will need to upgrade my glass collection either way. The only complaint is the battery. I am sure the reason it uses the battery so quickly is because of that speed I love. I carry an extra to football games and I always have to change it at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Excellent camera

Have used the camera for about a month, and delighted with the quality of photos. Much faster than my NEX 5N, but needed more time to explore all the features. Linking the camera to my iMac proved quite atrial, USB link never worked, and the Sony web support no help at all.

However the wi-fi link worked despite the poor Sony instructions! Also, had to upgrade the camera software for both body and lens. The camera can also use extra apps (some at extra cost) but logging onto the website through the camera proved to be rather fiddly. So overall – excellent camera with a much improved menu system, but some way to go with Sony’s support system.

Fantastic Camera

Really great camera for the novice like me. Excellent menus, much better than the NEX3N that I owned. Very easy to use, and I like it that I am able to use an external flash. Also B&H customer service has been fantastic. Will definitely continue to do business with them.

Marvelous camera, battery life shocking

Briefly, this is the most capable camera I’ve ever owned and I’m leaving a Canon 5DII system. The weight enables me to take it anywhere, the Zeiss 16-70 lens is sharp and responsive for my needs. I was aware of a battery life issue prior to buying but I was surprised how short a life each charge has. I got a spare battery and one just died last night so B&H will get another order.

Sony I dont know if I’m doing something wrong, or if Canon is just so far ahead on batteries, but if not, this aspect of the camera is a design flaw. I urgently await the redesign and give it a friend recommendation with the proviso to delay purchase until Sony solves this problem.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Big camera in a small body
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