My wife and I were shopping for a slr canon camera but after testing this Sony a6000 mirror less camera we knew we found what we wanted. This camera is fully automatic. You get what you see. No need to adjust the exposure or other settings. Sony’s technology makes it very easy for beginners to use this camera and you get the same quality pictures as an slr camera in a smaller compact unit. Great buy for the money.

Pequea, Calidad, Excelente precio…

Solo tengo cosas buenas para describir esta cmara…Es pequea y la hace muy porttil. Muy resistente. Excelente precio por lo que recibes: un sensor de gran calidad y un auto focus de los mas rpidos…Estoy contentsimo con mi compra…

No level gauge

Definitely clearer and sharper and higher resolution than my NEX6, but there is no level gauge and when one is taking pictures of the ocean (particularly at night), a level gauge saves a lot of post processing. I will probably return this and wait until I can afford the a7 line.

No regrets!

The kit lenses are just so, so. So instead, I bought an FD to Sony adaptor so I can use my collection of legacy lenses. Love the focus peaking feature–makes manual focusing on FD lenses a breeze in stills and videos, Amazing fast burst speed–faster than my Canon 1D III!! Unable to edit ARW raw files on CS5…have to upgrade to CS6 or buy Lightroom.

No headphone jack or microphone jack. You can’t use any third party microphones so you have to buy the Sony microphone for it. Actually the built mic is not too bad unless your subject is too far away or is very windy. I shot a couple hockey games at an arena and they sound pretty good–quite loud I might say, much better than any point-n-shoot camera I’ve ever owned, or a DSLR without an external mic for that matter.

If you attach a good glass to it I can assure you it’ll out perform most APS-C DSLR and without the bulkiness. If you don’t need 4K and don’t want to spend a lot, this is a good buy during the promotion.

Perfect Walkaround Camera

Great alternative for a heavy DSLR when I don’t feel like lugging all the heavy gear out for trips. I still think there’s a considerable difference on image quality, but that might be due to the kit lens.

An great little camera

I’ve had 3 mirrorless Sony cameras. I’ve enjoyed all of them, including the A6000. Some have complained about the 16-50 lens. Some like it. It’s a tiny zoom lens so users shouldn’t expect too much from it. I don’t own that lens but I have a number of auto-focus lenses and older manual focus lenses that I use with inexpensive adaptors. I get excellent results with all of them, as good as I get from my Nikon DSLR. In fact, I rarely use my Nikon now days because the Sony is much lighter and just as as capable.

Fun fast camera

I wanted to try a mirrorless camera, and also wanted to invest in something less heavy than my canon 7d (which i love). i thought about getting something to replace my canon, but i find the sony a good addition rather than replacement. i’ve only scratched the surface on all the features, but from what i can tell, it’s a decent camera worthy of my time and effort to learn how to properly use it. until then, i cannot really claim to know of the possible cons of it (we all know the battery life is intolerable; i hope sony fixes this asap).

Right now i’m loving how light weight it is, how simple and fast it operates, and the way it feels fun to snap pictures. i use it with the Sony 55-210mm and the Sony 50mm f/1.8, both which seem to be decent lenses.

Perfect for travel!

I have found that this camera is perfect in every way, shape and form. I’m a retired teacher that is going to start traveling and needed a small camera other than a point and shoot. I love the grip and that it has a zoom lens. My hands tend to shake a little from old age, but this camera takes a perfect picture every time! It is also small enough to fit in my purse, so will be easy to take along on my trips. I’m so glad that I bought it and highly recommend it!!!

Don’t believe the HYPE. Average Camera at best

The camera is okay but not great despite all these people giving it glowing reviews. These people are novices masquerading as pros or pros being paid by Sony. The camera is great for portraiture and casual shooting only, due to poor battery life and subpar autofocus, which also prevents it from being a a street or sports/action camera. It it capable of great images(high DR), but only for portraits and planned shoots.

The menu system is terrible and really needs to be revamped. No touchscreen, no 4k, no lens makes this camera obsolete. Also, the viewfinder lags and looks like an 80s closed circuit tv quality. The few lens available are not even semi pro level and are really expensive. See Sonys e-mount 70-200 f4!!.

Do your self a favor a buy an Olympus, Fuji or Panasonic. And you have to pay for those few apps available on play memories. Maybe get a DSLR, but do not buy this camera because its subpar. If you just check online, you find massive amounts of A6000s open boxed because of the above mentioned issues.

Great Mirrorless Camera!

Coming from a NEX 5. I was hoping everything would be simple and intuitive, and it was everything I could have hoped for! I was surprised to find everything I would have liked on my NEX 5 was arranged almost exactly as I would have hoped it would be. The eye viewfinder works very well and the camera shutter is faster and quieter than before.

I also love the hot-shoe. Very well built has a few more programmable buttons than my NEX 5, which is definitely a plus, and of course works with my e-mount lenses as expected. Only thing I would request from Sony is a bit more intuitive interface with using an iOS device as a remote, but it does work well enough. Overall great Camera!!!

Absolutely loving this camera!

I’m not a professional. I bought this camera for private home use. This is my new hobby camera. I have an older camera with the E-mount lens and they work perfect on this camera so I only bought the camera body. I love how quickly I can transfer pictures to my iPhone. It takes crisp clear pictures and quickly. There’s no waiting around for it to reset for the next picture.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Compact and high quality
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