I have owned mostly canon brand cameras in my lifetime. My favorites were the old styled A-1 and AE-1P. My new A6000 handles a lot like those bodies and it is my favorite attribute. It’s smaller body allows me to carry it nearly everywhere I go so when I get inspiration, I have my camera ready. I chose the white body because I liked it.

Life is too short to be judged by those who judge color of camera body over quality of pictures. You will have so much fun with the Sony A6000! In less than 2 weeks, I have taken over 900 photos! I do not run a professional business for weddings or a portrait studio but minored in studio art and have a lifetime passion for photography.

This camera and its capabilities are amazing and there are several youtube videos out there to help you become acquainted to it. If you do not like to take pictures using anything but the automatic mode, this camera will be more than you need but it is easy enough to learn some new techniques with its on-camera tips. I bought the camera in a bundle with the both kit lens and the zoom lens.

There is room to upgrade but it is not necessary unless you are leaning towards the professional side and simply prefer other lenses. I ordered two memory cards but no extra batteries until I handled the camera to see what my interests would do to the life of the battery. I recently ordered a wall charger and two-battery bundle as I wore the battery out pretty fast and do not care for having to plug the camera in to charge the battery. I shoot in Raw but the jpg option works fine if that is your preference.

If you are like me and cannot afford the A7 models right now, then this is a great pick! Check out examples of what this camera can do on the sony A6000 photography public group on FB.

Great Camera

The Sony A6000 is awesome! So many features. Buying this camera is like setting off on an adventure. You don’t know where it is going to take you. I have taken some great pics and not so great pics. The learning curve is steep. I am an amateur at best, but I live discovering new things and learning. You will learn a lot taking pics with this camera.

Awesome Beginner Camera

My wife and I purchased this camera for an upcoming trip to Europe. We are tired of our phone cameras and the inconsistent quality we get capturing important moments with them (eg low light). We are novice (not even amateur) level photographers. Here are a few things we love about this camera in no particular order: . great price; . easy to use auto focus; . shoots 11 frames per second action shots; . very customization to our own needs; . features we could only find on much more $$ cameras; . tons of tutorials online; . easy to menus; . enough obvious features to grow with; . light and easy to carry; . lots of accessories available; . outstanding image quality with the included lens; All in all we are excited to grow and learn with this camera and are already producing shots much better than we ever could with our phones.

First mirror less, kit lens, early experiences

After sitting on the fence for years, I finally made the plunge and bought a sony a6000. The sheer size difference between it and my Canon 5d mk 3, and 7d mk 2 is staggering. Arriving on an event shoot, I immediately realized there was very little room for me to maneuver, or wield my usual arsenal. with 5d on my shoulder, I began shooting the event with the sony, changing lens as needed Due to the layout, it often meant shooting above the crowd, with the tilt screen, he 5d would have killed me.

Yeah I know, kit lens… the shoot went flawlessly, with a very happy client, who also realized I’d be hard pressed to get shots. Two subsequent shoot, reminded me I needed better glass, but there is nothing wrong with the a6000, it preformed as well as can be expected, using kit glass. Stay within the performance range of the kit glass and acceptable quality is just a click away. No, it does not outshoot my 5d mk 3, but I believe it can keep up and surpass my 7d mk2. Bear in mind, if you go this route, fast glass will be almost as big as any other brand.

Focus lock was a problem, but that may be part of my learning curve with this body. Battery life is limited, so I was really glad we purchased a spare with the kit. Two batteries managed about 800 shoots this weekend. On camera charging can be a real pain, get a charger, and did I mention barteries…

Excellent Value

It is hard to believe the amount of technology packed into this tiny body. I have used this with the Sony 70-200mm f4, Zeiss Loxia 2/35 and 2/50. All the lenses worked well with this body. The primary reason I bought this was to pair it with my a7r for when I wanted to shoot sports photos. It has handled this task very well. I do not understand why people make as much of a big deal about the battery life. While it is not as good as your typical DSLR it’s not that bad.

Great travel camera

I use this camera for traveling and replaced my canon 60D. Image quality and portability definitely is definitely better. Combine it with a 35mm f1.8 lens and you have one of the best street photo combo! One downside is I have to carry some extra batteries, but the 3rd party manufactured batt is so cheap I didn’t really care too much.

Great Camera!!

Getting back into digital photography has brought me to this camera and I love what this product can do!! There are so many features on this camera that you can practice with and learn a lot! What made me get this camera over a Nikon or Cannon is that I can get much more camera for the same amount of money.

This camera by far out does an entry level and mid level Canon or Nikon and that really caught my attention. There are also several professionals out there that are getting fantastic results using this camera and cameras like it. You cannot go wrong in buying this camera! It does everything!!

Great Camera for Price and Size

This camera has been a nice transition from my Nikon entry level DSLR. It takes great photos, provides enough manual control, and is small enough to easily carry around. The menu functions are good once you get the hang of them, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the digital viewfinder. Although, that shouldn’t really be a criticism. The autofocus and manual focus controls are good and quick. Overall this is a great camera with excellent photo quality due to the large sensor.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Compact and worth every penny
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