I took this camera on a trip, I am and ex-photographer starting to shoot again. This camera is the perfect for playing, it’s an impressive piece of technology and so easy to use. Sometimes it’s a little too helpful and you have to go on a hunt in order to fix it, it would help a lot if the manual gave actual descriptions.

Nice Camera with 2.0 Firmware Upgrade

I just upgraded to the Sony RX10II from the original and am loving it. My interim camera was/is the A6000. I went online and upgraded to the 2.0 Firmware (European site) not yet available in the U.S. at the time of this writing.

The firmware upgrade allows for XAVC video @ 50mbps and other pluses. I must say with my Sony FE 28-70mm F 3.5-5.6 OSS it puts out superb video and stills. I will get the Sigma 60mm prime to go with it down the line. I still like my original RX10 and the new RX10II the best but for convenience, size and quality the sony A6000 can’t be beat. I can’t find one con to this camera.

Perfect Beginner

Don’t overlook this mini beast. I have had lots of fun with this camera and it is time to upgrade to the sony A7Rii… I started out using this camera just getting into photography… And….. GREAT CHOICE… Everyone i talk to goes right to Canon and Nikon.. and when i mention Sony they have a puzzling look on their face. The A6K is a fast, lite, and very agile like a leopard. perfect for walking around a Zoo or Park.. low light is not the greatest but does work very well for an inexpensive option.

Amazing, Fast Little Shooter

My wife and I run a wedding photography business and we picked this up for its lightweight body and AF speed. It has become a great addition to our kit. We have been very impressed with how light this camera really is compared to our other cameras (A99, A77, A7) and the AF quality just knocks our socks off.

There are a few quirks, buttons are in different locations and there is no Audio input or headphone jack. With the latest firmware update to 2.0 you can now record in X-AVCs which looks amazing but without the audio in, its not as useable as I’d like. Overall, for what it is, it shoots well and meets our photography needs. The video stuff is really wishful thinking when you look at the price of this camera compared to it’s big brothers that have all the features you’d ever want.

Great Travel Camera

Been using this product for about a month now on a motorcycle voyage across America and it has held up very well. I like the fact that it it is small and lightweight compared to my traveling companions DSLR. I’m not trying to be a pro photographer, just wanted a nice camera to take pictures of the cool things I see on my travels and this camera is perfect for that.

Small but powerful

I intend to use it for travel and street photograhy. I like the size,wieght, and the features of this camera. I find that it is very noisey at 50000 iso but with that limitation I will work around it.

Awesome Camera

I love this camera! This was a replacement for my NEX-6 and is a worthy upgrade. It takes fantastic pictures and the new menu system is a huge improvement over the NEX-6. Just a few gripes but nothing I can’t get over considering how much more camera I’m getting with this upgrade. First, the electronic viewfinder has a lower resolution than the NEX-6 but in truth, I can’t even tell the difference.

Second, there is no longer an elecronic level but I’m hoping Sony will add this back via a firmware upgrade. Thirdly, the multishoe cap is no longer included and that’s just annoying that I had to buy one. Nonetheless, it comes with a much thicker shoulder strap that I do appreciate and the new shape while slightly bigger does feel good in my hand and still is one of the smallest mirrorless cameras in its class.I’m not ready to drop $ for an A7 and this for me is the next best thing. I am sure it’ll serve me well for years to come.

My second a6000!

My first a6000 is a chameleon–hardly ever with the same lens. I’ve learned so much about its capabilities, with both modern Sony and legacy lenses, that I feel I’ve become a better photographer. I do nature, street, people, and this 16-50mm lens is just right for most of them.

The OSS is the best among my lenses, perfect for grab shots and waist-level shooting. The fold-out screen is still subtle enough that people don’t know or don’t care what you’re doing. The function button is nearly worth the price of admission alone. The NFC and PlayMemories capabilities further advance an already comprehensive feature set. The single worst thing is the battery life. I rrecognize that processing power takes battery power, but each battery gets 100 or so fewer pics than my Nex-5n.

Fortunately, they change out easily. I also think Sony cheaped out by skipping the external charger, but I understand a price point, too. The E-mount market will probably go completely to full-size sensors, but I plan to give these cameras a workout over the next several years.

Great camera

Amazing camera!!! Super compact, ultra-fast auto focus, bright and clear view finder. For the value, I find it to be the best camera. Its suitable for the laymen but has lots of pro features such as focus peeking, kelvin scale , etc. im really happy with its performance and size! The only downside is the short battery life. So a spare battery is a must in my opinion. Yes, would definitely buy it again!

Nice Focus

Bought this due to the hype of the quick focus. I have a 1 year old son, and taking picture of him is extremely difficult with my Canon DSLR. I so decided to pick up the Sony A6000, and boy, I tell you. GET IT! It worth it if you are looking for something lightweight, quick focus, and 11 fps…I just put the camera up to his face and just snap it with face recognition. And also best for videos as well…auto focus on it is so good. This camera so far has satisfied all my needs…I have hard great things about from Gary Fong as well, but I not have a chance to try it out with a hot shoes flash or with some soft boxes but I know I wouldn’t be disappointed. Great job Sony!


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