“Fantastic image quality from this camera. Really love the images it produces. The only thing I noticed as a negative….the auto focus, despite being lightning fast in certain circumstances, I found it slower when in an artificially lit room. At a guitar master class, using the kit 16-50, I found it frustrating. Indoors under tungsten light it was very slow and missed a few opportunities. Now, to be fair, it may be much better with other lenses and, it’s fine and very fast outdoors in good light. Beyond this issue, I love the camera. Just worth noting as its a billed, headline feature of this camera.”

Sony Alpha A6000
Sony Alpha A6000

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The Sony Alpha A6000 camera builds upon the success of the Sony NEX-6 and offers the performance and creative options of a full sized DSLR in a stylish, compact body. The Alpha A6000 features a 24.3 megapixel APS-C HD CMOS sensor, Fast Hybrid AF tracking system, powerful BIONZ X image processor, built-in flash, multi-interface shoe, 3.0″ tiltable LCD, and Wi-Fi/NFC functionality.

Key Features – Sony Alpha A6000

24.3 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
BIONZ X image processor
World’s fastest Hybrid AF (0.06 sec) with 129 phase-detection points
Up to 11 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-25,600
Full HD 1080/24/60P movie recording
OLED Viewfinder
3.0″ 921k dot tiltable LCD
Smartphone remote control and sharing via NFC/Wi-Fi
DLSR-style operation
Multi Interface shoe
Built-in flash
4K Still image output by HDMI8 or Wi-Fi for viewing on 4K TVs
Sony E lens mount
Body only version (no lens included)
Compact and Lightweight Mirrorless DSLR
The a6000 is a super-compact mirrorless camera that’s about half the size and weight of a typical DSLR, yet it has the same size APS-C sensor as most DSLRs. The interchangeable lenses and E-mount system make the a6000 more versatile than almost any other camera on the market.

High Resolution 24MP APS-C Sensor

Get incredible detail and gorgeous enlargements thanks to the newly developed 24.3 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. It has higher resolution than most DSLRs and adopts the same gapless on-chip lens structure as the a7R for ultimate image quality and light sensitivity.

Better Images through BIONZ X Processing

The new BIONZ X image processor faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time via extra high-speed processing capabilities delivering true-to-life images – as seen by the naked eye. It enables greater natural detail, richer tonal gradations, lower noise and more realistic images whether you shoot stills or video.

Ultra-fast Response

Capture the perfect moment – the a6000 realises 11 frames per second continuous shooting with AF (Auto Focus) tracking by making the most of the wide-area 179-point phase-detection AF sensor. Even when dealing with a moving subject the a6000’s superb moving-subject tracking performance ensures you get the shot during still or video capture.

Easy and Intuitive Controls

Despite its small size, the a6000 gives you full DSLR control and immediate access to the functions you need to shoot like a pro. Two dials on top and a rear-mounted control wheel allow quick selection of shooting modes and camera settings. In addition to the Fn button, there’s seven customizable buttons, which can be assigned any of 47*4 functions.

Instantly Connect via NFC and Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to control your camera with your compatible smartphone or tablet and the PlayMemories Camera Apps5. Frame your shot on your device’s LCD, snap the shutter, and then transfer the images directly to your mobile device for quick editing and uploading. And with NFC (near field communication) technology, connecting has never been easier. Simply tap the camera to an NFC-enabled device, and you’re ready to shoot and share without wires or hassles.

Stunning Low Light Photos

With 20% higher sensitivity than the NEX-7 due to the newly developed Exmor CMOS sensor and BIONZ X processor, you get stunning detail in in low light from ISO range 100 – 25000. And for an additional burst of light, the a6000 features a pop-up flash and a standard hot shoe for additional flash accessories.

Full HD Output

Capture Full 1920 x 1080 HD uncompressed clean-screen video files with external recording devices via an HDMI connection in 60p and 60i frame rates. Selectable in-camera AVCHD codec frame rates include super-smooth 60p, standard 60i or cinematic 24p, while MP4 codec is also available for smaller files for easier upload to the web.

What You See is What You Get

View every scene in rich detail on the high contrast 1.4M dot Tru-Finder OLED EVF. It delivers 100% frame coverage with an approximately 33° viewing angle for corner-to-corner visibility. Not only that, the viewfinder displays what will appear in your recordings, including the effects of your camera settings so you can fine-tune focus and preview your shots before you take the picture.

PlayMemories Camera Apps

Personalize your camera by adding new features of your choice with PlayMemories Camera Apps. Find apps to fit your shooting style from portraits, detailed close-ups, sports, time lapse, motion shot and much more. Use apps that shoot, share and save photos using Wi-Fi that make it easy to control and view your camera from smartphone, and post photos directly to Facebook or backup images to the cloud without connecting to a computer5.

Cover Every Shooting Angle

Snap shots high over crowds or down low to capture a pet’s eye view with the tiltable 3.0″ (921k dots) Xtra Fine LCD Display that boasts a range of movement of approximately up 90° and down 45°. Easily scroll through menus and preview life thanks to WhiteMagic technology that dramatically increases visibility in bright daylight. The large display delivers brilliant-quality still images and movies while enabling easy focusing operation.

DSLR-like Focusing Speed

Enhanced Fast Hybrid auto focus combines speedy phase-detection AF with highly accurate contrast-detection AF, which has been accelerated through a new Spatial Object Detection algorithm, to achieve among the fastest autofocusing performance of any full-frame camera. First, phase-detection AF with 179 densely placed phase-detection AF points swiftly and efficiently moves the lens to bring the subject nearly into focus. Then contrast-detection AF with wide AF coverage fine-tunes the focusing in the blink of an eye.

Review Sony Alpha A6000

Great camera for the price

I use the camera for product photography and have no complaints so far. The screen being tiltable is great and the size and weight is also a bonus. Only thing that stands out as a neucance so far is the battery life but this is a common issue with mirrorless cameras, and buying an extra few batteries with a charger wasn’t expensive.

Excellent performance and value for money

This is an impressive camera which looks too small to have all the features that are packed into it. You need to learn the best way to set it up for what you want to do, because there are so many choices, but once that’s done you’ll be very impressed with the results. The APS-C sensor in this camera has more pixels than my full-frame camera, which results in photos that are hard to tell apart.

It is also easy to fit non Emount lenses via a simple adapter. So I can use all my old Minolta lenses as well as my Canon lenses. The Minolta lenses are easiest to use as they are wholly manual – focus and aperture. I set the aperture I want, set the camera to aperture priority, and use focus peaking or zone focusing, depending on the lens. All in all a great little camera that only has one real fault for me – the position of the SD card slot. I’m going to drop one one day, and lose it!

Incredible camera

Without doubt the best camera I have ever owned (and I have had a few.) Last one was a Canon 7d – the A6000 trumps it in EVERY department – apart from having no audio jack. Just took hundreds of shots of the kids in the paddling pool. Crazy bright sunshine, water splashing all over, fast kids – would be difficult to capture them?? Stick the A6000 on scene mode – on sports setting, keep the ISO on auto and the frames per second on max. Register your kids faces using ‘face detect’. Then SHOOT. Incredible. I kid you not. Focusing is crazy fast. Out of about 300-400 shots 99.5% are PIN SHARP – and I mean pin sharp. Shooting with the 60mm SIGMA f2.8 – incredible lens for the price. Sell your bulky SRL and buy one of these combos. Enough said.

Great sensor, full features and compact

A terrific little camera that is a lot of fun to use and returns exceptional image quality with a good lens. Apart from high resolution, the sensor has excellent dynamic range, resulting in RAW images that can take a lot of post-processing without degradation. Viewfinder and LCD are both very good, with fast refresh times, minimal blocking of shadow details and are easily good enough for critical focusing, especially with the facilities for magnified live views.

Positioning of the viewfinder is perfect, so much better than a central location. Sadly, the LCD does not swivel as well as tilt, limiting some shooting options. The CLM-V55 monitor can help here and has a superb LCD but is somewhat bulky. The controls are open to much customisation so you can get it handling the way that you need. Control disposition is reasonably good and the feel is fine. This is a compact device so some concessions have to be made. The adoption of the Alpha interface on this body was a major trigger for my purchase and it works well enough to make critical controls accessible quickly. Once some time had been spent exploring the options, I appreciated the degree of control that can be achieved.

Construction is light and stiff and feels up to handling lenses such as the FE 70-200 F4 G with ease. Grip is deep enough and the texture is right. I find the angular, boxy design less comfortable than my R1 or F828 but it is very small and light, so I can live with it. Given the features, the sensor quality and the price, there is very little reason not to get this camera. Images are first class and I have found the shooting experience both enjoyable and productive. Zeiss Touit lenses are a perfect complement to this camera and the full-frame FE lenses are a great way to expand the tool kit with some future-proofing in mind.

Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera – Fantastic image quality!
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