I am an amateur photographer and wanted a camera that I could easily use and grow into as I develop my skills. Out of the box the camera was easy to use, the intelligent auto mode is quite impressive. I currently shoot mostly family photos so I also purchased the sony 30 mm f1.8 prime lens.

The kit lens works okay but for nice portraits I prefer the f1.8 lens. I really like the customization that is available with the camera and the autofocus does such a great job, only need minor adjustments occasionally.

The camera weight is so light compared to a lot of DSLRs that you can easily carry the camera in your bag all day. I have very small hands and this camera is easy to handle. Overall I would purchase this camera again and would recommend to any photographer.

Awesome camera!

I decided to trade in my Nikon D5200 for something more compact and portable that still has all the capabilities, bells and features as my Nikon. This is where Sony A6000 came into the picture. While I loved my Nikon, I absolutely adore my Sony. The quality of the camera is awesome and it’s hard to believe that it can produce shots that it does in such a small package. Highly recommended camera and vendor.

I wouldn’t not buy this lens again and again

A great mirrorless camera. It may be a couple years old at the time of this review, but for $400-500, you really cannot go wrong. It’s portable and has ridiculously good IQ with its 24mp sensor. For the budding photographer, this is THE body to get.

Love the Sony A6000

Great camera, exceeds expectations. My only complaint is the lack of a good owners manual printed or on-line that comes with the camera. Big learning curve, at least for me. The manual is very basic.

Nice kit

I’m not a professional photographer. Not even close to an amateur photographer. I only take pictures of my family on special events. I bought this camera to replace my Canon 40D with 17-55(2.8). So far it has blown away my Canon in picture quality.

I need to learn to control the autofocus better because I am struggling to get my slow moving objects properly focused. But when I do so, the pictures are gold. The menu system is overwhelming.. but probably because I’m an old dog.. I look forward to exploring the features and taking better pictures.

Mostly Happy

Appreciate the light weight, image stabilization, and zoom lens available for this. Do not appreciate that multiple exposures and special effects are jpg files only.

Unfortunately it didn’t work

I was very excited about this purchase because I have been using Phottix wireless flash triggers for about two years and this would fit in perfectly and allow me to use TTL. Unfortunately, I had to return this product because the flash did not work in odin transmitter mode. I am giving it three stars because I have used this companies products and never had a problem so I figure that the problem was an aberration.

A lot for a little

I am a life long Nikon user (almost three decades) and was looking for a small camera to carry with me all the time and It came down to the Nikon d5300 and the Sony a6000. Even though I would be able to use all my Nikon lens with the d5300 that camera felt like a brick and ergonomics matters when carrying and using a camera.

The a6000 felt better in the hand and I could see myself carrying this thing with me all the time without much thought. There are things I dislike about the camera like the menu system and it’s not exactly a good looking machine but it’s gonna replace an old Canon point and shoot that is even uglier so who cares. For what I paid for this camera (discounted during the holiday season) I don’t think I could of purchased anything better.

The Sony Alpha exceed my expectation

It is a huge up grade in camera functions over my broken Canon PowerShot G11 but it is about the same weight and about 3/4 inch larger in depth. Continuous shooting at 11fps in raw with different focus area is outstanding. The video quality is outstanding. Below are a couple of test I did in the first week, one continuous shooting and the video shoot edited to 5 minutes.

Perfect Camera for Beginners

The a6000 is very user friendly, easy to learn, and takes great pictures. The preset modes make it easy to take a shot for any occasion at a moments notice. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and quickly take out for a quick picture.

I would buy this product and recommend it to anyone

I use this camera mostly for outdoors landscape photos. I am not a professional but an enthusiast. My friend is a professional and uses the same model and raves about his work with it. Particularly for the price, you won’t do better.

Great camera

The camera is fantastic. Takes great photos that are crystal clear. The 16-50mm also is a very good lenses. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Excellent product for the price

The product for its price. Good quality of the photo and video you can get for fewer 1k USD. Consider buying 2 lenses as it will be even better value for money. The way camera storing video files is quite weird (all in one file, QuickTime required on Mac to view).

Perfecr customer support!

Sony A6000 is great camera for those who wants to get into photography universe as newbie. The atendent that supported me explained and gave me all the understanding to purchase the best camera that fits to my profile.

Would buy again

Light and easy to use after watching some of the You Tube tutorials. Take the time to customize the function menu. It really saves time looking for specific functions that are commonly used. Wish the shutter was a little less noisy.

Awesome and easy to use. Remarkable pictures

I bought this for my teenage daughter, but was shocked at how great a camera this is. It’s really user-friendly and has great features. I couldn’t believe how great the pictures were without even added filters, etc.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Excellent camera, auto setting does a great job
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