Bought this camera/lens combo after seeing the excellent image quality from a photographer colleague’s Sony a7S II. I’m very impressed with the image quality from the a6000 and it’s functionality (you can program the buttons to perform numerous different functions). It’s compact size makes it extremely portable – this camera has become my carry-everywhere camera.

Normally, I am not a fan of kit lenses but the 16-50 and 55-210 are fairly sharp and produce decent images. I don’t have any experience with other mirrorless camera models, so I can’t say how the Sony alpha a6000 performs against them but I would highly recommend this camera and lens combo.

Great Camera

Great camera. Light weight, easy to use, several shooting modes and 24 megapixels. Like the fact it has exchangeable lens. ISO settings the best on any camera I have. This camera can handle any shooting situation I need. Price is reasonable.


I was given this camera as a gift. I love it. It is very light weight and does everything that i wanted in a camera. I would give it 5 stars, but I do not like the lens cap.

I wish it had something to attach to the camera when not in use. If I don’t have pocket, I have to find a place to put it while using the camera. Thus, I have misplaced it several times.

Great Family camera

Takes really nice pictures fast, which is why we got it. It can capture rapidly moving kids. Our last camera, could not keep up with the kids. The Sony Memories app is a little low budget, and wish they put some time into it.

Sony A6000

I feel that this camera is one of the best mirror less cameras for the money. Even at 2 to 3 times the price, it has features that make it a compelling buy. Inter changeable lenses complete the icing on the cake. Sony did an excellent job.

Fantastic camera for the price!

Possibly the best bang for your buck camera on the market! This little guy can do quite a bit. I have an A7II that I primarily shoot with, and after using this a6000, I am blown away at how good it really is. I highly recommend this for beginners and those who want to travel, as it is both small and light; quite the pleasant surprise coming from the A7II for sure! At less than $700 for the body and two really good kit lenses, you honestly can’t go wrong. I had done quite a bit of research before purchasing this (was looking at the Canon 70D and GH4) and can honestly say I’m thrilled with the purchase.

Great budget solution for 1080p video

Wow. Having used the Nikon D3200 for video work for the past couple of years, I was completely blown away by the difference in quality when I switched to the Sony a6000. The low light performance, bitrate and video quality, the amazing auto-focus, the tilting screen, the compact size… I’m literally blown away. Paired up with a budget lens such as the Sigma 30mm f2.8, this is, in my opinion, the ultimate affordable setup for 1080p video.

Solid all around camera

Bought this camera based off numerous recommendations, being that I am new to photography. I can say so far, that I am not disappointed at all. Considering it is extremely portable and easy to use, I have no complaints whatsoever. There are tons of videos online, some offered by b&h, to learn how to get the most out of this camera, which says that for being such a small camera, it packs a lot of benefits and uses.

Great camera for families, but short for professional uses

Well thought out hardware – improved but still confusing menu system – satisfying performance in both operation and image quality. This makes an overall winner. I bought one myself and recommended one for my friend. This is the first time for me to get a white color camera and I think more camera makers have to open up the color options.

I assigned one custom button to quickly switch between DMF and MF. ISO steps can be configured to jump at 1/2 steps at dial turns. I couldn’t get along with Fujifilm X-T10 because of forced 1/6 step ISO changes (takes a while from 200 to 6400 to turn). Some famous down sides such as view finder resolution (practically it’s hard to tell the focus).

The fantastic AF becomes slow when it’s dark (but still reasonably reliable). And most of all, the battery drains fast. For a 3 hour event shoot out for about 600 shots, you’ll need 3 packs of batteries.

Great color rendition, Great low light capabilities

I’ve been wanting to get this camera for a while. The price drop did it for me. While I haven’t explored everything, I have shot in several very different situations, and I have found the camera to be absolutely on as far as color balance and low light capabilities are concerned. I’m looking forward to shooting for many years with this jewel.

Enjoying this product for almost 2 weeks now, a must buy

Enjoying this product for almost 2 weeks now, a must buy..awesome Mirrorless camera lens with 16-50mm of the best purchases that I ever made in Bhphotovideo website. Thanks for all great deals always.

I would buy this again

Love this product, very easy to use especially for a beginner who is just getting into photography. Its also small and light. I do however find the camera strap to be somewhat uncomfortable after using it for couple of hours.

Great Camera after it’s setup property

I spent 5 hour of being frustrated with this camera because I couldn’t transfer the photos from the camera to the computer. After messing around with it 1/2 the day I figured it out, I had to set it to MTF and then it automatically installed the driver onto my computer and after I formatted the card it let me transfer files. I’m using the A6000 with a Rokinon 135mm f/2.0, A Samyang 12mm F/2.0 and a Rokinon AF 50mm f/1.4.

Great Camera with little Flaws

This is a wonderful camera. According to the majority of websites that I’ve done research on, this camera outshines the 6D and even the 5D Mark III. That was hard to believe so I decided to get it to test it out and boy I wasn’t disappointed.

This camera is perfect for travel, being lightweight and compact enough to carry around with you, which was quite a struggle with a conventional DSLR. I’ll just list out the pros and cons from my experiences PROS: -lightweight/compact -the amazing 11 fps shutter speed -pictures come out amazing -electronic viewfinder (what you see in the viewfinder will be the image that comes out) -Wi-fi photo transfer and NFC support -PRICE CONS: -battery life (makes it almost necessary for you to buy an extra battery if you’re out shooting all day) *I had to buy three* -camera options and tweaking not very easily accessible, too many buttons, I sometimes forget where each setting is -Wish the screen had more tilting functionality This is a great camera to start off with or even use for professional shoots. I would definitely recommend!

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