I am an amateur in photography and I just love this camera. It is easy to learn and it gives amazing picture quality. I used DSLR before and this one is much lighter than DSLR cameras. It doesn’t give you a neck pain if you walk around with this. I haven’t tried a zoom lens though, that might add some weight to it, but I think still it is manageable. Kit lens is good but its not so impressive. You can take excellent pictures using prime lenses(cheaper ones are available from sigma) instead of kit lens. Picture quality can match with DSLR picture quality, sometimes I feel its better than DSLR picture quality. Sony needs to come up with more and more lenses. You dont have much options when you come to lenses. Auto focus is the best. I didn’t find any issue with that.

Comparatively noise at high ISO is very less too. Wifi and NFC is an add on, I dont know how many of us are really going to use it frequently. I have turned on airplane mode for a better battery life. Touch screen is missing :(, if it was there it would have been much easier to operate. I would love to have a screen on it. Now coming to negatives, battery life is bad and also it is annoying that you need to connect camera to power for charging the battery. I am planning to buy a ac dc charger to charge the battery. Other than these I do not find any other issue with a6000. It is an excellent camera.

No Buyers’ Remorse

I am very pleased with the Sony A6000. There are a few nits. When you want to view a taken picture, the Sony A6000 is not conventional. On most other cameras, you use the zoom control on the camera to zoom in or out the size of the picture to be viewed. Zoom control on the A6000 is on the lens. Thus changing the size of a view is an extra step on the Sony via the menu system.

The SD chip is located very close to the body. Removing the SD chip required delicate handling. With other cameras, it was just a simple push in the chip and it would pop out. With the A6000, the chip is very close to the body and it was a little difficult to extract the chip. I find the view finder is very advantageous when using a high zoom ratio.

The view is steadier and you have a better mental composition image of what you are photographing. Extending your arms to take a photograph is not steady for me. The built in flash was more than adequate. I was able to get evenly lit pictures over fifteen feet away. The primary reason to buy a new camera was shutter lag time on the existing old cameras. The shutter lag time on the Sony A6000 was not noticeable after taking about 500 photos in less than a week. I have no buyers’ remorse.

Almost perfect

If you’re looking for a mirrorless camera you’ve probably already read about the a6000. If you haven’t, go to dpreview.com and read their excellent review. I will just add a couple of things that caused me to give the a6000 4 stars instead of 5. These are things that most users wouldn’t care that much about, so take my criticisms with how many ever grains of salt you deem appropriate. I’m disappointed that Sony didn’t provide a silent shutter option.

The specs say that the camera has an electronic as well as a mechanical shutter, so silent operation ought to be possible, as it is on the Nikon 1 V3. I also hate having to use the multi-function dial to adjust shutter speed when in manual mode because it’s clumsy to use and you’re constantly pushing the thing down too far and getting a bunch of funtions you don’t want. I shoot in manual mode a lot, so to me this is a huge hassle. On a more positive note, the a6000, with its APS-size sensor takes really phenomenal pictures. I typically underexpose everything in order to not lose highlight detail.

Then I just bring the shadows back in Photoshop. With my Nikon 1 V3, this is a bad idea because its small sensor and high pixel count means that shadow detail recovery is severely compromised. Not so with the Sony. You can bring out shadow detail that you couldn’t see with your naked eye. I would highly recommend this camera, with the reservations noted above.

Outstanding upgrade

Recently upgraded from a Pentax K500 (my first DSLR). While that was a great camera, this Sony is incredible. The autofocus is so lightning quick and reliable that I don’t think I’ve taken it off Auto-continuous yet.

Extremely compact and lightweight, yet comfortable to grip, even with large hands. Slight learning curve on the interface and menus, but once you get it it’s pretty simple to find what you’re looking for. Highly recommended!!

Great Compact Camera, Mediocre Software

I like to take my cameras out and bring them wherever I go. This is why I stuck to compact point and shoots, my phone, and my GoPro for so long. I wanted a more control and higher quality pictures than what those cameras could get me. I have experience with older film SLRs and a few Canon DSLRs that my friends would let me borrow from time to time, but with their size and weight along with heavy lenses would make it difficult to carry around all the time. I saw a lot of good reviews of the new mirrorless cameras and Sony’s A6000 was right in my price range.

The thing is just as capable as any comparable DSLR in half the size and weight. It’s focuses fast, takes sharp photos, has all the manual settings you want, and built in WiFi is a big plus. I can fit it in a small bag or my jacket pocket even with a 50mm lens on it. I only carry around a 50mm for portraits, a 30mm for landscapes, a few batteries and filters without a problem. There are a few downsides, however. Bring 1 or 2 spare batteries with you. Small camera means small batteries. Third party batteries are super cheap and work just as well as the original.

Also, a few features that should be built in like a time-lapse mode or remote controls need to be downloaded with a Sony account and most apps cost money. It’s very poorly integrated, but it works. Lens selection is currently tiny compared to Canon and Nikon, but it’s slowly growing and there are adapters. Overall, it’s a great camera that you can bring anywhere with no problem.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Excellent Camera
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