I wanted a lighter weight camera for travel abroad which takes sharp photos and is versatile. I am very happy with my purchase. The only drawback is that Sony has a poor information booklet. I relied on a video from You Tube which described how to use the camera. I like the idea of not having a huge camera around my neck as I toured. The smaller camera puts people at ease and is unobtrusive. So far, the photos have been very good and will get better as I learn how to use more of the functions available.


I did a lot of research on the camera and I’m glad I did. I was looking for a qualty travel size camera with a viewfinder, larger sensor, metal body and a cool appearance. I’m an artist and need the amera for a variety of things, from copy work to personal artistic shots. I loved the full frame Sony’s but upon review, it was overkill for my needs and this camera seems to have everything the much more expensive Sonys do with a considearable diffrence in price. It’s cool, I’m happy. One small problem, it is hard to extract the SD card. Not enough room to grab it.

Great so far

My first mirrorless camera and I haven’t been disappointed. Great in low light. I purchased this camera to take on trips and photograph family events, rather than lug around my heavy DSLR. The only downfall I’ve found is it’s hard for me to remove the memory card (and I don’t have large hands). Buy an extra battery or 2 as it does go through them. I plan on purchasing an external battery charger as well so I don’t have to rely on charging the battery in the camera.

Exceptional Camera and Lens

The Sony A6000 and supplied lends stand out as an exceptional mirrors system. It complements my heavy DSLR and produces surprising results.Look at the lens performance in dpreviews.com when you compare this lens to other popular cameras–DSLR and EVF mirrorless.

Best Mirrorless Camera for the Money

Where to start? The a6000 is a tiny wonder, and should be priced at $1,000 for what you get. There really is nothing that it cannot do. Do yourself a favor and go on YouTube and type in Sony a6000 reviews. Gary Fong is the first place I’d go, but also check out what Sports Illustrated photographer Patrick Murphy Racey, who has used the Sony a6000 to shoot college football, has to say–he sold his Nikon gear and switched to Sony.

The image quality from it’s 24MP sensor is staggeringly good, even up to ISO 3200, the camera is lightning fast and a joy to use. You may like it so much that you’ll leave your DSLR at home…I’ve sold mine. The shutter sound too is wonderful and to me and sounds very similar to an old film Leica camera (M6)–it’s quiet and pleasant to the ear. There is so much more to be said but the bottom line is…BUY IT!

Excellent Pro Point & Shoot

I am a professional photographer who uses both Canon and Nikon cameras and bodies, but wanted a camera that I could toss into my jacket pocket because we try to have a camera on us at all times. The Canon G series used to fill this need, however after seeing the Sony a6000, I decided to switch. I have no regrets. The camera with the 16mm-50mm lens is sufficient for most of my needs, and I can always add a zoom either via Sony of with the use of an adaptor ring.

Another reviewer mentioned turning off all of the Sony software and that is also my experience if I want spectacular photos from this camera. This camera has loads of advanced features, and is small/lightweight, has great video with many ports to attach a mic and small monitor/tablet to view liveshots, and is wireless. While mine needed a firmware update that should have been as easy as loading the file to a card and then to the camera, it requires going through a computer and is somewhat cumbersome compared to Nikon.

The apps that are offered are somewhat difficult to see on a small LCD, so I don’t use them. Picture transfer via wireless is somewhat slow and it’s far easier to just take the card out, pop it in a reader at the computer and upload to the cloud, or take it into a phone/tablet via a card reader/USB and edit from there. One camera can not be all things to a photog, but this one does come close and the feature set at this price-point is mindblowingly great. If you are looking for the solid feel of a pro camera with a battery grip, you won’t find that here, but the camera itself is quite solid, and there is a grip available as well as many accessories like a cover for the flash hotshoe (mine didn’t come with one and I had to order it).

I find myself playing around with this camera far more than my pro models, and getting great results, however I have not tried the speedlight. Gary Fong has many good tutorials on his website that inform the user as to the full potential of this and other Sony models that are worth looking at. I’m pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this camera to a pro. Pick up an extra battery or two and a wall charger!!

Oh Yes! You will be glad too!

Bought this camera for shooting sports and I am not disappointed at all. It picks up my subjects and follows them across the court. The tracking with the 50mm and the 20mm are consistent in several of the gyms I have had to work in. Using the the auto ISO allows me to capture what I need. Shooting in RAW and then tuning in Aperture gets it done! I also like the size and the rapid fire capability. I do not miss what I am photographing. Wish it held two cards.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Excellent small camera
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