Love this Camera. I recently moved from my A77 to this smaller system and all I can say is, glad I did. So small and compact with the capacity to get amazing shots. Best feature I like is the ability to charge from USB. USB charging makes camping and long day hikes a breeze to use and recharge.

Optical Steady Shot great for my weak hands!

I was looking for a new camera to replace my 2004 G6 and figured that DSLR was the way to go until I happened upon some great reviews about the Sony a6000. Here’s what caught my attention:

1) The quality of the photos

2) The smaller size of the camera

3) The price

4) Optical Steady Shot I have gotten some excellent photos from my G6 over the course of 11 years, but I knew a modern camera could take me to another level. And as I am able to hang onto a camera for a long time, I wanted a replacement that would give me many years to come. I mentioned my weak hands in the headline (which is a recent development brought on by ALS symptoms), so I decided that smaller is better for me. And I have to say even with weak hands, I am still able to grip this camera with my weaker right hand. For me, even a less expensive camera like this one is still a lot of money, but compared to the DSLRs I was looking at, I found it reasonable enough to give it a try. I am so glad I did, as I am getting far superior photos to anything I got before.

Because of the lower price, I was able to purchase an extra lens (Sony 55-210), and that also makes it easier for me to reach places that I can no longer get to because of my symptoms. I love the Optical Steady Shot lenses, and I need it even more than ever because my hands fatigue easily. This feature has saved many of my photos that had been getting blurrier on my older camera.

My daughter went with me on my last shoot, and she also commented as to how she had difficulty holding a camera steady. So, OSS is a huge feature for me. For many years, my digital camera has inspired me to take tens of thousands of photos, and it kept me going for a long time, but with all my difficulties I was beginning to lose the thrill of photography. This Sony a6000 has more than rekindled my love of finding new and interesting ways to see and photograph the world.

My only complaint at this time comes from a little quirk where the screen will sometimes blank out for a moment when rapidly changing my angle of perspective on a subject. I will keep my eye on it, but I’m thinking it might be attributed to the software or the OSS in resetting its view. All in all, I love this camera and do not regret the purchase in the least. Jim.

Great camera for just about everything!

I am in no way a photography expert, and my expirience is limited to doing it as a hobby. I wanted to get a camera that would take a really great picture without being too big to take anywhere, like most DSLRs. I was amazed by how quick the autofocus is and how good of quality pictures it takes. I have a younger brother who is in the marching band, and I was able to get some great pictures of him in action on the field (with the Sony 55mm to 200mm zoom lense). I took a video of my cat as well, because he’s crazy, and the quality is fantastic. 1080p and 60FPS. My only beef with it would be the menus are slightly confusing at first, but do grow on you.

Big bang from a little package

I bought the a6000 as a hiking, travel camera. It has fulfilled that need, and more. I find that I am relying on it as my primary camera rather than a backup. It is fast-focusing, shoots high resolutions photos, and is easy to use. All-in-all, a great little package.

Really good travel camera

Bought the camera for my wife. I also bought the 55-210 f4.5-6.3 lens. We are very pleased. She is especially pleased with the white camera. In fact, it is probably over kill for an amature’s travel camera but we like the size and feel and the results have been outstanding. She has bought some small accessories such as screen protectors. If it had a touch screen, I would have given it 5 stars. I put a Nikon to Sony lens adapter on one of my old (1971) Nikor lenses. It took good pictures But won’t come off of the lens! I sent it in for repair.

Great fast camera

I purchased this camera on a Wednesday to use as a back up camera for a wedding on Saturday. This camera is easy to use and the menus didn’t take long to understand. I was impressed with the jpeg files coming out of this camera, very vibrant colors. I used the Sony 18-105 and the Sony 50mm 1.8. I enjoyed the autofocus speed and accuracy of this camera and it missed focus only a few times.

Amazing Camera !!

This camera offers everything that i was looking for in a budget camera as a College student. I am on budget but yet i wanted a camera that will do what i want it to, for example this camera shots GREAT video yet the pictures is GREAT too. i don’t really worry about getting any other camera now.

Lastly any lens will work on it (with the correct adapter) it’s does not have problems with other lenses, but i had this problem that happened to me the other day which is really rare but whenever i move the camera real fast it will start to lag while shooting video, maybe because of my sense choice.

Great little camera

I bought this camera as a lightweight complement to my Canon 5DS R. I also bought the Zeiss 16-70mm lens to go with it. I did resolution tests, and of course it’s not as sharp as the 5DS R, but still great for such a small, lightweight combination.

Surprisingly, the color aliasing is much worse than the 5DS R. This all goes away when processed. I shoot RAW and process all my pictures in Lightroom. Navigating the menus and controls was more intuitive than I expected, coming from a completely different camera.

The auto-eye detector on the viewfinder works well, switching between the back display and EVF quickly (but not instantly) when you put the camera to your eye. Two things I was disappointed with: It takes strong fingers to remove the SD card, which is located in tight proximity to the battery. The battery door does not have a spring-close mechanism like Canon DSLRs have. This isn’t a big deal, but gives the battery door a cheaper feel to an otherwise nice-feeling camera.

The electronic viewfinder, of course does not look anything like the optical viewfinder on a DSLR, nor should you expect it to. It is low resolution and aliases like crazy. Lastly, there is a software bug in this camera that has existed in at least one predecessor. I have seen the bug described on the web for other Sony cameras, but here it is: When shooting raw, the camera can get in to a state where every 10 pictures cannot be zoomed in when in review mode. The pictures are fine – they can be brought in to Lightroom, processed, etc.

They just can’t be zoomed on the camera. I have tried to tie this bug to different memory cards, different timings (10-sec, instant, etc.) and found no correlation. The rest of the pictures can be zoomed in to check out. I hope Sony fixes this bug in a future software release. At first I thought it was my memory card (which was formatted on the camera), as I switched to another card and didn’t see the problem. I switched back to the first card and after hundreds of pictures could still not duplicate the bug again…it’s one of those hard-to-find-hard-to-fix software bugs is my guess.

This camera does not come with a charger. You can only charge in the camera until you buy the aftermarket charger. I recommend this accessory. The camera is fairly customizable, and I’ve customized to behave a little like my Canon, so switching back and forth is more natural. I can quickly move the focus spot, adjust EV, change ISO, aperture and 10-second timer with just a couple of button presses. I give the camera a solid thumbs up. If Sony put in a better viewfinder, included a charger, had a classier battery latch, and fixed their software bug, I’d shout BUY THIS CAMERA.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Exceptional Camera!
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