I was ready to step-up from my Sony RX100 but found it difficult to decide. I’ve been happy with Sony but could not make the leap to my dream A7S because of it’s high price that would still come with compromises. Is there one camera to rule them all? Well, my primary purpose is shots of my kid along with some vacation landscape etc. so it must be quick (get just the right moment) and it must be rich/sharp.

The Sony a6000 meets all my expectations. I can’t even count the number of times I pressed the shutter on my RX100 and nothing happened, as it struggled to focus. And, although it could capture sharp pictures, the versatility of exchanging lenses along with even higher picture quality has me so happy with my a6000 shooting experience.

Purchased the Zeiss SEL24F18Z as my do everything lens, and the Sony SEL1018 for those grand landscapes and unique interior shots. Both have lived up to their selling points. I set the a6000 menu with almost all of the Gary Fong suggestions and it hits 90% of my shots on intel-auto. So easy! So good. The only problem is that sometimes the EVF can take over the LCD if it’s fooled by your arm or shoulder strap comes within 6 inches (it assumes it is your head coming to look) and so you have a moment of wait until it realizes your intention and returns to the LCD viewpoint.

I also changed the LCD to sunlight because as I found with my previous sony the screen just can’t handle day time without appearing clouded over. I can shoot for a couple hours, many, many photos but do recommend a backup battery if you’ll be out all day. It’s been a few weeks so I’ve adapted to the size but compared to my easy handling and pocketable RX100 it was a bit shocking. Putting my kid in the car seat, for example, with it slung over my shoulder, or trying to climb with him on playground equipment is a challenge. But the shots I am getting are so wonderful that I am willing to adapt. Especially for the price, I couldn’t have made a better choice.


When I first decided to buy a mirrorless camera I was zeroing in on one of Sony’s full frame A7 models. In researching that model, I learned more about the a6000 and the amazing reviews convinced me to make the purchase. The reviews sounded a bit too good to be true. When I received the camera, the camera was so small and light that I still felt a bit insecure about my purchase. I kept thinking ‘what’s the catch?’. I’ve had the a6000 for a few weeks now and I used it quite a bit. I can happily report that I no longer feel insecure.

There is no catch. It’s fantastic and I simply love it. Paired with a good lens, the photo quality is amazing. The portability is extraordinary, compared to my older bulky DSLR and lenses, so I find myself taking the camera (and lenses!) with me way more often than in the past. TL;DR.. I could not be more satisfied with Sony’s a6000.

Love this Camera!

I am a professional photographer who wanted a smaller camera to carry around for personal family and travel photographs without having to lug around my D700. Since I already invested in a pro Nikon, I didn’t feel I needed top of the line, and this camera was exactly what I was looking for at a great price point. Perfectly portable.

Excellent Camera!!

This is my first DSRL like camera. I researched both DSLR and mirrorless cameras and opted for the Sony A6000. I could not be happier with my purchase. The camera is small and compact. It weighs very little and fits perfectly in my hands. It is perfect for everyday and travel photography. This is a camera I can grow and learn with. Below are 2 pictures from my first day.

One very nice camera

This is a camera that needs to be set up right so take your time and learn what setting you need and what you don’t. The autofocus of this camera is probably the best autofocus of any mirrorless camera, if you have it set up right. The picture quality is unbelievable again if you set it up right. As for ISO anything above 3200 starts to get noisy but I have used it all the way to iso6400 with out to much problem. With PP in lightroom. Battery life is a little short. But not bad for a mirrorless camera.

Great piece of equipment!

I’ve been thrilled with this camera body so far. I’ve been using a pretty ancient DSLR for years now, and had always assumed that my next camera would be another DSLR, but came to realize that the smaller size and weight of a mirrorless platform would probably make it more likely that I’d actually take my equipment with me (rather than leaving it at home due to weight / bulk and missing many shooting opportunities).

That has definitely been the case so far. This camera has all of the features that were included in my DSLR, plus quite a few more. I’ve also been very pleased with the quality of photos that it’s produced, as well. Solid build, customizable, works flawlessly so far.

As Described

The a6000 lives up to its reviews. It has features that some experienced SLR/DSLR users may miss, such as ease of use when switching between center focus and full-sensor autofocus. Automatic autofocus works great–manual focus with flexible spot selection is amazing. In tests continuous autofocus and high speed drive has locked to birds in flight. The electronic viewfinder works well for me, even with glasses on.

Lack of a touch screen does not detract from the a6000 value. The main complaint in reviews, that the screen can’t be used to select a focus point, is not an issue for the user willing to spend time learning how the focus modes work. The Photo Creativity Mode Defocus setting, while maybe not interesting to professionals, works great. Tip: Disable wifi to save battery. The wifi apps are annoying to set up but seem to work.

Great Camera!

The Sony A6000 takes great pictures. The menus are decent and fairly easy to navigate. Video recording is sharp and clean and the anti shake feature works great. Auto focus is very fast and 11 frames per second is incredible. B&H training hosted by Gary on YouTube is outstanding! Thank you for that. Even with holiday rush, shipping was on time and as promised.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Fast focus and wonderful picture quality
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