I use the Sony A6000 for family photos,videos fo musical performances and fan photos of the Washington Nationals. I am still getting used to the EVF. I miss the speed and sharpness of my Canon 7D Mk II. It is a trade-off for all of the other great features. Noteworthy are the great E-Series Tessar lenses.

Great Camera, Super Value

I use this with sigma 30mm art. Fantastic combination. If you’re a beginner this camera will make you love photography. As kinda advanced enthusiast I am amazed of the performance. Minimal Lightroom adjustments. Contrast, colors for jepg are excellent. RAW rocks. The only frustration is that Sony limits Sigma lenses to use wide area AF points all across the sensor. Come on Sony! and don’t forget to buy extra batteries.

Sweet mother of…

This camera is the best! Fast autofocus, versatility and a sweet processor is the selling point of this camera. If you want a camera for all purpose this is your rig! IT’s no wonder why many pros are switching to this camera. If you’re into HDR…buy! If you’re a beginner..buy. If you are in need or just want a great camera..BUY!

Leaves much to be desired

I have had this camera for a little over a month (switched from nikon d5100). I wanted to use it for a little while so i can assess it objectively. i want to list all it’s wonderful features, but i am stuck on Four huge issues that really overshadow positives.

1. it can’t focus to save it’s life in areas with low lighting. it takes such awful pixelated images, that you feel like you have been thrown back to 1999. So you think, ok low lighting, lets pull out the flash. Well, this is even worse…

2. If using flash, all your images will come out washed out. for example if you take a picture of someone face, they’ll be pale as ghosts, and will be missing features, a nose and lips for example. It almost feels like the sensor can not interpret the bright light from a flash correctly. which begs the question of then why even have flash?

3. even if the lighting is ok, while the shutter speed is fast, you can’t get to use it’s speed because the lens keeps going in and out of focus on the object being shot.

4. When taking multiple images takes forever to write them to the card. Unfortunately, i prematurely sold my dslr, and now stuck with this useless gadget. Hugely disappointed.

Just What I Needed Moving Up from PnS

Great camera with lots of options and settings. I’ve always stretched my phone cameras and Sony point-n-shoot to the max so it’s great to have something that allows me so much more flexibility and room to grow without the bulk. It is bigger than a phone or PnS but still very manageable for hiking and carrying around.

Still getting used to the PZ kit lens, I think if I would do it over I would spend a little extra and get a wide-angle prime but the 55-210 lens is unreal. NFC is outstanding and only adds maybe 2 min to your shoot-crop-text/share process. Whenever I can, I now shoot with the a6000 and NFC it to my phone and completely forgo the cell camera all together. Battery life is average but I wouldn’t consider it a reason not to buy this camera.

Great camera, annoying usability bug

This is a fantastic camera that has fast autofocus, a sensor that makes great images, and a very clear electronic viewfinder that is the closest I have seen to a real optical viewfinder (I also shoot film with a Leica rangefinder). But it has a terrible usability bug that hits specially hard those that prefer to use this great EVF: the sensor that detects whether you are looking through the viewfinder resets the timer that makes the camera go to power save mode. The problem is that this sensor is also tripped by your body when you are carrying the camera in a strap, so the camera stays on and on, with the EVF consuming power (and it consumes more power than the LCD).

This translates into dismal battery life (a couple hours from full charge, even if you aren’t shooting much), unless you make turning the camera off everytime you are not actively shooting into an habit, as I did. This also means that you do not want the kit with the power zoom lens, as the power zoom has slower startup time and forgets the focal length it was when you turned it off. My recommendation is to do as I did: get the body, a good prime lens and, if you want a zoom, but a black SEL1855 (the non-power zoom version) off eBay. And turn the camera off frequently. Or buy several extra batteries to last you through the day…

Great Camera

I was concerned about corner softness with kit lens and when looking at raw pics with sony raw convertor was disappointed. However when using lightroom using lens profile correction the corners seemed to sharpen up considerably and looked good with a judicious bit of sharpening. I would have no reservations about using this kit lens for landscapes with high frequency detail. Zooming to 18 mm from 16 seemed to make a noticeable difference too. Battery life seems better when wireless is in airplane mode.

Amazing pictures

I just got this camera, and I love it! It’s so nice and small compared to my dslr. The images are great. It’s a little slow in low light with the kit lens, but I used my friends prime lens, and that helped at the dark aquarium exhibits.

Instructions & manual worthless

The camera appears to be a good camera but the manual is next to worthless. It shouldn’t even be called an instruction manual, it’s just a small pamphlet that tells you the name of the buttons on the camera but very little about what they do, nothing about how to format the memory card. I own a video production business and I am not unfamiliar with how to format memory cards I read this manual Cover to cover and found nothing about formatting the memory card, Example of how the manual is written to delete a picture Press the trash button then press okay, that’s it that will delete one picture, nothing about how to delete more than one picture at a time. I tried the Internet and tried to find a PDF manual all I found was a lot of complaints from other users about the manual and several third party people selling videos about how to use this camera.

Worst documentation of any product I have ever purchased in 35 years of running a video production studio. When you first go to Google and look for PDFs it looks promising but most of them lead no where. Only PDF that I can find was an exact clone of the small useless pamphlet they sent with it. My advice buy a camera that has good instructional support. I sent this one back.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Flexible, high-quality camera for a reas
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