I bought the sony a6000 for an affordable larger sensor camera. The menus take a long time get through, I wish there were more manual controls. The lens is good but not the highest resolving. I plan on purchasing a few primes and one more zoom. For now, though, I like it and enjoy learning the system.

Excellent Mid Level Camera

This was an excellent purchase for me. I have a DSLR already, but it was cumbersome to carry around while hiking. I wanted something lighter weight, that would still take great images. I passed the point and shoot models by, since I wanted raw files and the ability to manually adjust my pictures. My cons are that the beginner lens is low quality & the eye piece is very sensitive, which often shuts off the back display if it perceives that you are looking through it.

I would buy this product again and again

I use this camera for underwater sports like surf kiteboarding, photography with drone, etc. Verry good quality and lightweight. Just need record 4k video. I did’t try in low light yet.

Love this camera

I purchased this camera for my honeymoon to Fiji and New Zealand. The pictures that it took were amazing! Incredibly fast shutter speed, auto focus, and 11 pics per second helped capture the immense beauty of the country! It takes awesome portraits as well!! It’s also very easy to use.


This little Sony a6000 is a beast packed with exciting features not normally found in DSLRs in the price range. While I long considered getting a typical DSLR, the Nikon D5200, I decided for the Sony in the end, and did not regret it.

Using the camera is very easy, wether you’re a casual shooter or a seasoned shutterbug. If you’re the first, the camera makes it really easy to get great shots every single time. If you’re the latter, you have all the manual controls you expect, and they are very easy to manipulate. The control wheel on the top right is a pleasure to use for manual settings. The performance is great.

Autofocus is indeed very fast and does not lag one bit unless you’re in low light. However, it took some test shots to get used to the algorithm, since sometimes it wouldn’t quite focus quite where I expected. There is a DMF (direct manual focus) option which is very cool – it allows you to override focus after the camera has focused electronically. Shooting 11 FPS is awesome, I get about 50 JPEGS or 22 RAWs before the buffer fills up. Advantages (Sony gets a pat in the back for these): -Small & light, but very comfortable to the hands -Fast, responsive, and very good viewfinder.

It’s iffy only in very low light. -Fantastic image quality -You can expand the functionality of the camera with apps. -The wireless feature is actually quite handy -The video looks great and works with all 4 PASM modes and focus modes. -The control wheels for setting exposure are very comfortable. -You get a Sony-only version of Capture One 9, which is really awesome. -The Steadyshot feature is helpful, though it won’t make miracles. -Has a hot shoe -The camera doesn’t mind cold weather (About 20F, -6C), but battery will last less. -You get Capture One 9 (which I already like better than Nikon’s software and Lightroom) -Includes a flash that can be tilted to the top for bounce. That’s awesome! While it’s not very strong, it will save your pictures on many occasions. (Extra points for this one).

Disadvantages: -As with all mirrorless cameras, battery life is not great. If you’re taking a lot of shots, you could exhaust it in a few hours, whereas a DSLR would just glide along. Luckily, spares are cheap – get some. -No external charger included. Mm, come on Sony, USB charging is not fun. -No hot shoe cover. Truly a minor annoyance, but I’m trying to keep my hot shoe clean. -The kit lens (16-50mm) is only OK. Yes, you can get great shots with it, but it’s nowhere near sharp enough to reveal the true beauty and capacity of the sensor.

I will definitely get one of Sony’s prime lenses for the camera. As redeeming features, the lens is really compact, has power zoom and a multipurpose, fly-by-wire ring. Also, keep in mind, you can use almost any other lens you want (A mount, Nikon, Canon)… as long as you get an adapter.

Some are cheap, some not so much, but if you have a collection of good lenses, you can make them work. In general, fantastic camera and definitely a leap forward for mirrorless cameras. I highly recommend it!

I am very impressed with my A6000

B & H Photo is a very go company to do business with. I like their service and how fast they ship your items. This is the first mirrorless camera I have bought and it is taking me some time to get used to it. I like the pictures it takes plus the video pictures. The kit lens that comes with it (16-50mm) is a very good lens for the money. I am not a pro photography but I think the pictures taken with it are very sharp with alot of detail.

The camera bag that comes with the kit is fine for this camera kit but if you add more lenses and other things forget it because it is very small. So as you can see I am very happy with the A6000 and the Sony 16-50mm lens. Have a great day. Gary C.

Versatile all-rounder

With this price tag (body only) and a free accessory kit (extra battery + 32gb fast memory card) this was a no-brainer for a e-mount lens owner. Battle between m43 Olympus M10 mkII was short lived even thou a6000 is few years older. Best friends with Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS (cheap and effective).

Easy controls for manual shooting and the updated Smart Remote app allows you to leave the camera alone and control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exp. comp. settings through your smartphone. Remember to change the picture format to RAW(If applicable) from the in-camera app. Can’t change from smartphone and default is jpeg. No touch screen really haven’t been an issue (touch focus works through smartphone) but wouldn’t mind if it had.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Fun Camera
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