There’s been many raving reviews already so I’ll keep it short. Basically, you get a lot for the money! Nicely designed camera, nice fit in hand as long as your hands aren’t HUGE, good EVF, easy to control after initial setup, fast AF, and great image quality. Its been called the best bang-for-the-buck in the mirrorless segment and I have to agree. Personally the only thing I wish it had is a touchscreen for selecting focus point. It was really handy on my Sony 5R.

Small and light with loads of features

I will be using this on travel trips and for impromptu shots. It is fully loaded with many automatic and manual settings. Unfortunately Sony has chosen not to provide a user manual with the product, however a PDF version can be downloaded from Sony’s European site.

Great camera

I really like the fast autofocus and focus tracking. They work really well. It is so light compared to my DSLR. The color is acurate and rich. The frame speed is excellent and the resolution is great. So far the included lens seems fine. It is really packed with features and the WiFi works as described. I like that it becomes a hot-spot for my tablet to download pictures, and it offers some apps for some interesting things like Motion. It is really doing fine in low light.

Perfect mirrorless system combo for me!

I bought this after years of point & shoots – I did a portrait project at work with a co-worker’s canon sl1 with a great sigma prime and was hooked. I chose the a6000 for a number of reasons: great specs (sensor size, continuous drive, image/video quality) size/weight/build quality (am I comfortable carrying it? am I deathly afraid of a little ding to the body?) ease of use (do i love using it? was it easy to pick up, find settings, get shooting?) room to grow (am i going to want a better/different body in six months?) the lens selection for e-mount isn’t super robust, but there are a number of prime lenses that appealed to me, and I like that there are many vintage lenses that will adapt to e-mount.

I ended up with the Sony 50mm/1.8 OSS and I’ve been happily shooting ever since (this particular deal from B&H made the purchase very easy for me). I don’t think the smaller collection of lenses is real negative for the system as there is almost certainly a lens available to suit anyone’s needs/wants, and a whole range of adapters. There are a lot of features which I haven’t dug into yet, but I love shooting with the a6000 and so far I’ve been filling my external drive with great images, indoors and outdoors. Like any new system there are new menus and control layouts to learn, but this has not been a hindrance as things tend to make sense.

The video specs met my requirements and so far the quality is what I’d expect from the lens/body combo I’m using. There is no included in put for external recorders which may be a grumble for some but does not effect my use cases for video with the a6000. It’s a light body so a tripod or steadicam-style grip can be very helpful. the 50m lens does make for a unique focal length (effectively 75mm, a bit zoomed), but takes nothing but gorgeous photos. for the price it would be very very hard to beat, even if the length takes some getting used to. I’ve gotten so many pictures that are real wow shots, up close and at a great distance (clearly picking out objects with manual focus is easy).

The lack of a dedicated switch to flip from auto to manual focus is a design quirk, but setting up the function buttons on the body is a fine workaround, and over time this has not been a huge hindrance. auto-focus is very fast and extremely quiet (i’ve only heard the lens working away in extraordinarily quiet conditions). this is also a bigger lens, so it’s not quite pocketable, but all in all the a6000+50mm is quite portable and easy to use on the move.

Sony gets my vote for its innovation

This is the perfect every-day walk-around camera for semi professional or enthusiast like me. Over all it fit the role I wanted it for. My set-up is Sony A6000 f4/ 16-70 Zeiss Lens 998.00 cost moore than camera. This lens very sharp, it takes much better pictures compared to kit lens. I used side by side Canon 6D $dollars camera with prime 24-105 lens, Sony has the edge. Canon lost its bang. I do not want to carry heavy camera when I travel. Sony gets my vote for its innovations. Thank you B@H FOR YOUR PERSONAL PERFORMANCE AND HELP.

Incredible camera, fast, light , sharp

Purchased this camera to use with my Sony A77 when I don’t want to carry the extra weight. I have a feeling that this may well replace the A77 permanently. I am using it with the 18-105 Gglass lense which make it bulkier but still lighter than the A77. I do a lot of street photography and have found that its supper fast focus really helps grab those shots that normally I would miss. Battery life is not near as good as the A77, but not bad, Plan to buy two batteries

Enjoying the camera despite minor quirks

After upgrading from a point-and-shoot camera there’s no comparison. I’ll admit that I’m still learning the controls, but the menu layout is really helpful in finding the right settings. The picture quality is really nice and the camera is just the right weight.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that it’s a bit uncomfortable to hold. Like others have stated, the camera grip is a bit too small. Battery life could have been better, but at least it’s not too expensive to purchase a spare or two. Wish it had a touch screen, but I find myself using the viewfinder most of the time when I’m outdoors anyway. Overall I’m very happy with the camera and I’m glad I purchased it.

Great Camera!

Used for travel: compact, versatile, great photos. This camera can take great pictures anytime anywhere and it is small enough so you won’t look like an aggressive photo tourist in any case. Great design with sure grip, good controls, and solid build. Comes with everything you need to head out on your trips and walks and take great pix. Menus very easy to navigate and learn. Great value.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Great camera value!
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