I bought this camera with the kit lens at B&H after months of reading reviews and handling several other cameras. I don’t regret my choice. The Sony A6000 is a great camera: it is small yet handles very well (indeed its shutter noise is both pleasing and evidence of high design and manufacturing quality).

Focusing is very fast except in very dark environments. The EVF is very good and very gratifying in low light. picture quality is very good as is video. I didn’t have any problem with battery life. I nevertheless have two gripes: the exposure compensation kept changing on me, even though I wasn’t aware of what I did to cause that. Finally, the workings of the wireless file transfer remain a mystery to me. I also used some Leica legacy lenses with a Novoflex with very good results and found manual focusing very easy after a day or so of practice. In all, a great camera.

Excellent camera!!

I am a hobbyest photographer and have been looking for a compact system camera for a while now. Finally, I decided to pull the trigger and get the A6000. The auto focus is nothing short of amazing, image quality is excellent and it is overall just a wonderful little camera. A perfect blend of convenience and quality.

Definitely the Alpha camera on the block

I had been using a Cannon SLR for a number of years but found I was using my iPhone more often for pictures than my camera. A good friend recommended the a6000 so since we were going on a trip I decided to do so with a new camera. It has lived up to all expectations, ease of use, quality of output, technically challenging if one wants to be, and great support videos from B&H’s library. Im in Europe for one more week, but the first week using the camera has been fantastic.

Wish I had gotten this sooner

I’m a photographer/editor doing more shooting. Sold most of my Canon/Nikon stuff (except a couple favorite lenses) and got this after sooooo many people raving about it online. XAVC-S looks great with the v2 firmware update. Kit lens looks surprisingly good, and killer deal for the 55-210. Don’t wait. Get it and get to work. There will always be something newer, but I’m a total Sony fan now.

Stong tool, weak sound

Like many things in life, what is important is in the details. Sony has once again produced a great product. The Alpha a6000 produces crisp edges to main focal points. The grab focus feature allows you keep the focus on specific moving objects or persons while filming.

However, the quality of built in mic is easily superseded by most built in mics on smart phones. When filming, you get two sound recordings. First is the flat sharp echo tone of the what you are recording, then that is overlapped with the sound of the internal moving parts of the camera. I am guessing it is the motor that adjusts the auto focus. Yes you could put the camera to manual focus, but if your subject is moving, that will complicate things.

Also, you can not plug in a standard mic to the camera. There is no port for that. You have to record on a separate system all together. Even if you want to play around with amateur filming, you will have to remove the audio. The recorded sound is that bad. I am sure engineers at Sony already knew this. What is so sad is that someone at Sony decided to almost make the sound feature obsolete. Too bad. Sony has a great name and blunders like this move people in another direction.

Great camera!

I was choosing between the A6000 and X-T10. My main purpose of buying a camera was for family pictures and capturing the moments of my kid growing up. It was definitely a tough decision as I like the controls of the X-T10 and the JPEG output. However it really came down to ergonomics.

For the A6000, my wife and I could take photos with one hand. Also she felt the Sony was easier for her to use. So that ultimately was the defining factor. You can’t go wrong with either, but the A6000 has been a great camera and we are very happy with the RAW files, which we edit in LR.

Amazing little Thing

This is an amazing camera. It’s just the right size for street / travel photography, lightweight, built well, feels great in the hands. Operates fast and without any hiccups and issues. Image Quality is best for a crop sensor. Image is really clean with ISO up to 1600 (Zero Noise Reduction), Dynamic Range and Shadow recovery is great.

Jpegs are very good. AF is very fast and accurate. Shutter is nice and not too loud. EVF isn’t sharp enough but it’s great for the price and it virtually has no lag. It really helps with sunny days. Video is great, especially with the new firmware update that supports XAVC up to 50 mb/s.

No more focus and recompose

Originally bought for walk around camera for casual shooting, but love it so much I almost shoot with A6000 exclusively now. Coming from Canon 6D (11 AF points), the A6000 is heavenly when focusing. No more focus and recompose on every shot. Granted it is a few milli-second slower on auto focus vs DSLR, doesnt matter much to me as I don’t shoot sports or fast moving subjects often.

And I dont use tripod when I don’t have to anymore, this is so light, I can hand hold all day and not having sore arms. I shoot alot of portraits, when paired with 50 1.8 (75mm equivalent on 35mm), I can’t really tell much difference between my Canon 6D fullframe and the A6000 even when pixel peeping. Another plus is the viewfinder and hotshoe for external flash makes this highly versatile for such a small camera. High ISO performance not the best, but it is to be expected from a crop frame.

The few things I missed from my fullframe DSLR is the speed I can change Aperture,Shutter,ISO on the fly with multiple wheels and custom buttons, something most small compact cameras are lacking. And ofcourse the lens selections are very limited for the Sony E Mount, FE Mounts are even more limited. Dont expect to find any native lens for super telephoto or wide angle, tilt shift lenses, you just have to settle for metabones or similar which slow your AF way WAY down. But overall the A6000 is very impressive for the price.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Great camera with only minor issues
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