This camera is small and lightweight which makes it perfect for traveling (it can fit in your pocket). I gave this camera a solid five stars, because in my personal opinion it’s everything it claims to be. I bought this camera not long after it first came out and for the longest time I used the lens kit that came with it and that was it…no external flash or nicer lenses or any other equipment. Just the camera and the 16-50mm lens that came with it.

The Sony a6000 was everything that I needed when I was starting out. The Autofocus is “ok” at best during low light situations, but that never really bothered me simply because I prefer manual focus for those circumstances. I see this camera as a entry-level camera, because it has just enough capabilities to allow you to dip your toes into potentially the pro-level. If you travel a lot and looking for an affordable camera that’s easy to carry with you, I’d recommend this one.

It’s lightweight, takes great videos and pictures, and is just a well rounded camera that would suit most if not all of your needs. My only advice would be to invest in some prime lenses, they will make a world of difference.

Poor quality lens

It was an impressive camera. But the lens is very fragile. The camera was hardly used and one day it could not recognize the 16-50 mm lens. There were a lot discussion in Sony forum about this error code. Most of them are related to the cleanness or some drops. However there was not cleanness or minor drops, it was out of blue that the camera can not recognize the lens. This is purely poor quality or poor design.

Additional accessories included with this kit

With this kit a Sony lens hood is included with the 55-210 MM lens. A Sony eye piece is also included with the camera. When ordering this kit from B & H Photo, ask to be upgraded to the larger Rugged Onyx 45 shoulder bag. The kit does include a smaller Rugged Onyx 25 bag with it.

Suffers from poor auto focus, bloated menus, jpg processing

This much-hyped camera has it’s good points which do not need to be mentioned here. Instead, videographers and phototgraphers should be aware of three things which I felt made this camera sub-par for my use as an interview camera.

1. Extremely poor auto-focusing mechanism. This camera could rarely hold a face in focus if that face was moving in the frame. This is unacceptable for a camera in this price range.

2. The most basic and simple menu items were buried deep within a huge and convoluted menu tree. While I appreciated all of the options, and there are many, It took me two full days of practice to begin to find things such as ISO quickly.

3. While the colors in the jpgs were strong and vibrant… they were TOO strong most of the time making the pictures fun but oversaturated. This was fine when shooting RAW but was problematic when I just wanted to upload or share a quick photo.

4. Sony’s PLAY MEMORIES app for iOS ( for remote photography and sharing) is confusing and clunky at it’s best. There are MANY better cameras in this price range.

What a cool little camera

I bought an a6000 for a trip to Guatemala so I wouldn’t have to take my big DSLR, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I couldn’t be more happy. It has some amazing functions (I mean, who doesn’t want to do panos with the swipe of the arm?), and the menu system was a lot easier to pick up than I expected. Will it be a replacement for my Nikon D810s? No, but I’ve already used it in a business application – and when I just need a banging-around camera, this fits the bill nicely.

Very suitable for what I need!

Pretty simple to use and fun to play around with. I’m no photographer, but it worked well for I needed it for. Brought it along for my travels. Nice and compact. Picture quality is amazing. I like the white one just because it’s different than what most people carry around. I definitely recommend this!

Rebooted my love for photography

I’m by no means a newcomer to digital photography: from the first Canon Rebel all the way to three Samsung mirrorless cameras, my fascination with portrait and close up photography has reached another level: the Sony A6000 and a couple of Sony lenses allow me to capture the world around me and it seems I’m getting a little recognition from my weddings and portrait work (it’s all fun and learning).

The outstanding capabilities of the A6000 and tons of useful features, connectivity and awesome optical quality are stunning and absolutely inspiring. In this review, i won’t go into the technical details, but let it be said that Sony has given photo enthusiasts an affordable platform to grow your own creativity.

I haven’t run into annoying faults or omissions with this camera -apart from the so-so control interface built into the camera, but let’s face it, there are tons of settings and features that had to be represented somehow. Lastly, let me stress that the affordable A6000 a definite departure from point-and-shoot. I am looking at this camera as a study tool with excellent potential.

Great little camera and lens

Use this as a backup for A7M2 and for pole photography using wifi and PlayMemories Smart Remote Control. I can control exposure and power-zoom lens focal length remotely, and it takes up very little space in my kit bag. Should have bought this a long time ago.

Camera developed issues after only four month of use

I had the company that I work for buy two of these cameras since our Nikon D5300’s are 3 years old and well past a 250,000 shutter count. We purchased these around the middle of December 2017 and have been using them daily to take photos of cars at our dealership.

We take about 500+ photos daily. I noticed last week that my camera when I turned it on would immediately lock focus without me even touching the shutter button. When it’s like this I cannot change any settings on the camera but I can still take a photo with what its set on. The shutter button doesn’t feel like it’s loose or stuck and the camera doesn’t seem to be dirty. We only use the cameras indoors. I have tried leaving the camera off without a battery for a couple of a days.

The thing is this isn’t that old and there is already a problem. I emailed Sony about this issue on Tuesday 4/24/2018 and have not heard back from them yet. As of this point I am not looking at purchasing anymore Sony products in the future. I am looking at getting this either fixed when Sony gets back to me or trying to get my money back.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Great for Travel and or Beginners
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