Just bout this camera about three weeks ago. It is exceeding all expectations. It is by no means ‘perfect’ but it is feature rich and versatile. My primary experience is with DLSRs. This camera handles itself quite well without the weight and bulk of a conventional DLSR. You will find it lighter, faster and easy to use.

Sony A6000

THis camera has a very quick processor and takes excellent shots. Easy to use dials make it user friendly. The size at first is daunting as it is really small. Not being tech savy I was at first intimidated by the functions but after a day of shooting I have most everything down pat. The user guide is awful and not helpful at all. That it doesn’t come with a battery charger is absurd. Great travel camera.

Great camera

Love this camera, comparing it with my nikon d7000 it outperforms it in almost every category except in low light. it’s compact & light yet powerful and intuitive this is now my daily camera, I would have give it 5 stars however it has several issues, besides its short battery life the memory card is cumbersome to remove/install because its so close to the battery and the shutter speed is max at 40000 and some of the controls are not usable in certain settings, otherwise this could have been perfect camera!.

Black Friday Purchase

This camera is amazing. Bought on Black Friday. I came from a Cannon XT which is pretty old. Going from that to this was black and white. I bought the 50 mm lens with this body and takes great photos in low light conditions. It’s small and light and worth every penny. The only downside I see is the short battery life. I recommend getting an extra battery if you shoot a lot.

Great having a viewfinder

Nice step-up from the NexF3N. The hot shoe is much preferred over the screw in connection on earlier Sony ILC’s. The viewfinder is excellent. On prior models with no viewfinder, I had too many occasions where the LCD screen was washed out, which meant shooting blind. My only complaint so far is the location of the SD card slot up against the battery compartment cover. Not too bad getting a card in, but tricky to remove.

Terrific Camera!

The Sony A6000 is both lightweight and powerful. I love the 11fps feature with autofocus in-between each shot. Face recognition and tracking are handy as well. Love the 24 megapixels. Can take great indoor shots without flash. There’s a great video by Jason Lanier (pro photographer) on YouTube titled 10 Reasons Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon and started shooting with Sony, which highlights this camera’s strengths. Also, do a google search for an in-depth instructional video by Gary Fong (another pro photographer) called Unleashing The Power Of Your Sony A6000. Step-by-step GREAT!

Somewhat Amazed

This is a marvelous, wonderful and sharp, at least in the center very much so. I’ve read a lot of bashing about the kit 1650 3.55.6 lens, but in the center it is very sharp SOOC. I’m shooting RAW,neutral settings, files and still there is nothing much needed in Lightroom prior to export.

The quality , at least close up, is much closer to what I’ve come to expect from my 5D III.One of my first images was of a small barrel cactus. The image made me want to jump up and down, super sharp center every exposure. When tested on the same cactus with the 7D II AF failed miserably. I discovered my backfocus problems on my new 7D mark II after photographing a local parade. I also did a test on a little barrel cactus I have.

Not exactly a line chart but the Canxx was clearly out of focus using one of my sharpest L’s, tripod mounted, IS off, mirror lock up and ten second delay. Then I shot it again with manual focus and what a difference, the file was much better using my sixty year old eye.I returned a 7D mark II to the local big box store after confirming my suspicions that my new $$plus tax and 4th EOS body had very severe backfocus issues, more than could be corrected with lens micro-adjust.

Having experienced going through the service center three times before success with my 5D Mark III, it finally correctly autofocused, I declined an exchange on the 7D II, even though I have quite a bit of L and Zeiss EF mount glass, thinking that another body was most probably from the same run and might have similar issues.As stated, I’ve only used this for close ups so far, and I’ve grown accustomed to a weightier camera so I wonder about handholding with non OIS e mount lenses.So far, very happy.

Good Little Camera

I was looking for a camera in the 500 to 700 dollar range and this came up as well as a couple of DSLRs. I chose this camera over the others because of its compact size, which makes it easier to take with me (and a camera is only good if you actually take it to different locations for pictures). The camera also has a decent selection of lenses.

Love it – great camera!

I had a Sony Nex-6 and I that was a great camera. That experience gave me the interest to buy the A6000 and it’s a definite upgrade. I shoot with Canon and I used to shoot with Nikon and I have to say that Sony has done a great job with A6000. It’s really the right camera for many people.

The only downfall of this system are the lenses. There’s not that many but thankfully, you can use any lenses where is an available adapter. Due to the type of photography that I really enjoy, this system cannot replace the Canon. But, it stands along side and it’s nice to take something more portable sometimes. Now, I’m thinking about the A7! Great job, Sony, but keep those lenses coming.

A D7100 with a small body…

I use as a Every Day Carry camera Things I like about it: – intelligent modes are a great quick tool for the streets – great image quality for an APS-C sensor – good software built-in – Live view is great – mirrorless – lightweight – focus peaking – FAST 11fps Things that could be better: – 1/4000 max shutter speed – eye sensor on viewfinder could be better configured not to engage when using the tilting screen – tilting screen could be better with more axis movements – autofocus could be quicker Things I don’t like: – Battery life is awful – REC Button for video is very awkward placed – E-mount lenses almost doesn’t exist – not weather sealed, doesn’t even spill proof… – freezes when writing to the SD cards (but still can take pictures) – at the time of this review firmware doesn’t allow for lenses fine tuning, even being a sales statement for the camera (be advised) – Menus are a nightmare be prepared for exploration and experimentation.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Great Little Camera
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