It is great for a camera in it’s class. It shoots well down to ISO 1600. Can start to look noisy after that, but this is pretty good for a non-full frame camera. The autofocus is great for a mirrorless camera. I would have given it 5 stars if it had weather sealing. I use this as an adventure camera for climbing, mountaineering, and other outdoor sports, and I’m nervous about the exposure to dirt, dust, and sand over time. Overall, very impressed.

Most satisfying digital camera purchase since about 1975!

40 years ago I had a Leica CL with 50 mm and short telephoto. It was a wonderful travel camera. While the 6000a, 35mm f/1.8 and 55-210 mm/f4.5-6.3 (I did not get the 16-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens) are a bit bigger than the Leica kit, it travels so much better than than a DSLR. Has better picture quality and shutter speed than my old DSLR.

It is easy to use out of the box but the menu options are extensive and complicated – I will need to spend time on that, once I find a source to interpret it all. I am glad I got a spare battery because battery life seemed short. I need AF because of sight but the A and S modes give me more control than the two other digital cameras I’ve had.

Great camera!

This is a great camera had is a wonderful tool. The camera replicates the Colours and makes your photos look absolutely amazing. I can not wait until I can try it on my upcoming trips!

This camera is a keeper!

I just shot an indoor event. The light was kind of low, but this camera came through for me. I was very pleased with the excellent results. And, more importantly, so were the folks that I was photographing. The camera is a lightweight and very easy to handle. I’ve taken photos at this same kind of event in the past with my Nikon d800 This little guy exceeded the results from that heavy and very expensive camera.

Affordable beast!

Right out of the box with this kit lens you can get a variety of shots… Ranging from portraits to landscapes with the 16-50mm focal length. With 24.3 mp on an aps-c sensor, this is an affordable beast! This is my first camera purchase, so I’m still learning, but it seems mirrorless is the way to go.

Great Pictures!

I needed a new camera to replace my Canon S3IS. Although I loved the Canon’s super zoom, the pictures were always soft. I purchased this camera with the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 lens and all I can say is, wow! The sharpness, detail, and color is incredible. I love all of the manual features available, but even the full auto modes are really quite good. This is a fabulous camera if image quality is paramount, but you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Brilliant mid-range camera

The a6000 bridges the gap between high-end point-and-shoot and mid-range DSLRs perfectly. In terms of low-light performance, it handily beats a but one or two in either of those categories. And at the current price, now that the a6300 is out, it is an absolute steal of a deal. Loving it, especially combined with the SEL50F18 prime lens!

Ready To Go

I purchased this kit less than a week before I left for my trip to San Francisco, as an on-the-whim purchase. I have a D7000, but I didn’t want to lug it across the country, and I was severely limited in my luggage space because I wanted to get away with not checking in my suitcase.

So I wanted a smaller and lighter alternative that wouldn’t compromise quality, but I wouldn’t feel like I am carrying around a sack of rice as I trudged up and down the ridiculous hills of SF. This combination was pretty much the winner, because the only thing I needed to purchase to have an acceptable going on a trip kit was the screen protector. The bag is small enough to fit in my back pack, but still roomy enough to have my charger in.

The camera itself was smaller than I expected (I have very small hands, but even then felt cramped when I was holding to the grip, because I’m so used to the D7000- which has an amazing grip size and comfort…

But also horrible for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…) I did experience a few difficulties, but I think it had to do with the fact that it was a kit lens and not a specialized one (I am a lover of macro, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the focus working properly), and the preset settings were so numerous that it was almost overwhelming (but I’m playing around with them). I didn’t have time to set up my own thing, so it was nice to have presets that could do a lot of different shots. I could sling it on my shoulder, or fit in my purse or small backpack, which is great.

The view-finder display was pretty digitalized (which, I guess, given that it is a mirror-less, is inevitable; I’ve never owned another mirror-less so I can’t compare). Now that I am back home and can transfer the photographs into my computer. I hope to find that the quality/colors in the photographs would be much different from what I was seeing in the viewfinder, because it was very washed out and pixilated in previews.

I LOVE the ability to move photographs from my camera to my smartphone via just touching them together, because I didn’t have my computer with me, and I could do it instantly to share with my friends.

A great camera

A great all around camera for the enthusiast. It’s light, small and easy to carry. Picture quality is super. This is my second a6000. I thought about the a6300 but had a hard time justifying the additional cost since I don’t shoot video.

Amazing Value

I bought the sony a6000 a couple of weeks ago with the 35mm/f1.8 lens as a starter mirrorless kit. After shooting with it, I have to say that the value this camera provides for $450 is unmatched.

First, what everyone else has said is true- the autofocus capability of this camera is incredible. I have put the camera in burst mode shooting 11 fps of my dog running and later during post-processing found that just about every photo was crystal-clear and perfectly in focus. When choosing a camera, one of the complaints I heard about the a6000 was that the EVF was unclear compared to the a6300. I haven’t used the a6300 and I’m sure it has a better EVF, but what I can say is that the EVF on the a6000 is very good and has caused me no problems. If that’s the only reason that you’d go for the a6300, I don’t think that paying twice the price is worth it.

Now the a6300 does shoot 4K video and so if you are thinking you’ll do a lot of video recording with the camera, that may be something to consider. However, even so, I haven’t shot a ton of video yet, but the little bit I have has been very impressive on the a6000.

Another complaint I often heard about this camera was that the features were overwhelming and that it’s difficult to use. While I do agree that if you are just looking for a camera to snap photos casually with you may find the menus a bit confusing, there are a number of extremely thorough video tutorials available online and if you watch one of those, you’ll be fine.

My single favorite feature of this camera is the manual focusing mode with focus-peaking. If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically you can switch the camera into manual focus mode and when you manually adjust the lens (if it’s a Sony E-mount) the camera will automatically zoom way in so you can finely-tune the focusing on the subject.

Then, with focus-peaking, you will see a colored overlay indicating which parts of the photo are most in-focus. This is a hugely-useful feature if you are taking a picture of a detailed subject. Then, when taking photos of a moving subject, you just switch into autofocus mode, and you’re good to go.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Great Mirrorless Camera
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