I Love my SONY A6000 graphite. It was a christmas gift I ask for. My photograhy friend has one and so i got to use his for a few weeks. I knew i had to have one. It’s an awesome camera. I just use it for stills outdoors. I’m not into movies.

Great Camera! – Would NOT buy from B&H – Poor Customer Serv

Great camera so far but our experience with B&H ordering the camera have made the experience less than desirable. The initial order was wrong. In trying to fix the order the second order was also wrong. They got the address wrong and part of the accessories were missing.

Finally customer service said a credit would be applied as a way of making up for the poor service. A week later not seeing the credit I reached out only to be told that they would not be providing the credit. Use to really respect B&H but now they have a shady team working for them. Buyer beware! Find another vendor to order this camera from and save yourself hours on the phone with customer service.

This camera is the best for a low budget

When I first saw this camera, price, and specs I was absolutely blown away with what this camera is capable of shooting. I got the camera about 2 months ago and already got about 4,000 photos. So far this camera has done all good for me, now your turn! Hope you guys love this camera as much as I do and keep on shooting!

Just what I needed

I use this camera on my Vixen Polarie. I needed a camera in this size range and with the connections and abilities to use with the Polarie, which is a device to keep the camera on target when tracking astronomical subjects.

The best Camera for quick starter

This Camera, is very easy users, has many modes for you can take a photo quickly. Also has a manual mode for a use more professional. I am beginner in this world, but for the momento, I love the Camera for its desing and functionalities.

Great camera for parents

Sony A6000 is a great camera for a family with a newborn/child. I am new to the mirrorless camera system, and did a lot of research, and this was my final choice due to its size, price and performance. These features stood out the most for my situation:

1) 11 fps continuous shooting – you won’t miss any sudden movement of the object (in my case, a baby).

2) 179 AF points – never lose focus of a moving object.

3) Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity – save time by not dealing with the USB cord. Go to Sony’s A6000 product page and you’ll find good user resources such as 4D FOCUS Camera Settings Guide etc. Customer service related: I phoned in to order this item. BH customer rep did not input my phone number correctly and I couldn’t add my order to my online BH account afterwards. In the end, there was no way to fix my phone number other than returning and reordering the same item. What a shame (-1 star for this).

Very nice camera

I asked the B&H sales associate for suggestions for a good camera that takes detailed picture, in my price range, He said the SONY a6000 wouldn’t disappoint, I wasn’t.

Amazing for the price

Since this is my first digital interchangeable lens camera, I did a lot of research before I made the decision to buy. So far I’m very happy with this camera. I love the compact size of the body and all the features it offers. The auto focus is really fast as advertised and the built in wifi capability makes it great for remote shooting and uploading directly to a smart phone or even Facebook.

Great buy, totally happy

I’m using this body with an older Leica 35mm Summilux which is 52.5mm equivalent with the cameras 1.5 crop factor. The result are fantastic. Lens and body are perfectly proportioned for each other. I also use with legacy Minolta 24mm, 28mm and 50mm lenses.

Great Camera

Great camera and so much to test out, lots of fun so far. Very lightweight and packed with features. The apps like time lapse and Sky HDR are great and easy to use. Remote zoom via WIFI is amazing. Most low light photos come out fine. Very happy.

Great Camera, Great Value

About 15 years ago I had a Nikon SLR that I barely used. I was not interested in all the time and commitments it took to carry, configure, shoot, and develop. For 15 years I have shot all my photos with (sub $200) point and shoot digital cameras and phones (with varying prices). The A6000 is an easy camera to carry. It’s not going to fit in your pocket like a phone or some point and shoots, but it is small enough to throw in about any bag (or purse), or just carry in hand.

With this A6000 I am able to get far superior control when I want it, or let the camera try to do the work when I don’t feel like it (or when it’s just not that important). Shooting with the A6000 is incredibly rewarding. The speed at which it shoots and focuses (when not in manual mode) is absolutely astounding. The A6000 obviously has all the benefits of being digital, and none of the caviots of film.

My only real cons about this camera come from my intent to shoot more video. I record audio separate from video normally, but you almost have to with the A6000. The camera has no audio line inputs (though you can purchase some so not a big deal), and no way to turn off automatic gain control AGC (which is a unacceptable).

Grate camera

For all of us who is in amateur or professional photography it is all about a great shot. I have my Sony a6000 for a few weeks, and can say that this elegant, small but great, camera has all that it takes to make that grate shot.

Excellent travel camera!

I took this camera with me on my honeymoon. Love it! It takes great shots on auto and isn’t too heavy to carry around all day. Can’t wait to look at the photos on screen.

This camera is GREAT!

WOW!!! took me a while to buy this camera but it was worth the wait! I had been using the NEX-3, the A6000 is leaps ahead. have not been able to put it down.

Wow you can’t take a bad photo with this!

I am not a photographer at all, this camera was recommended to me by a professional photographer and I have not been disappointed. I took this camera to Antarctica on a National Geographic cruise and even the resident Nat Geo photographer was impressed with this camera and kept playing with it.

By the end of the 10 day trip I felt totally comfortable with almost all features on this camera and was snapping away. The 210mm lense was perfect for getting up close pictures of whales, seals and penguins, esp in action mode.


Sony Alpha A6000 – I absolutely love love love it
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