I love this camera. I was looking for a smaller camera to replace my Canon 5D Mark III for vacations and general walk-around. I’ve been a Canon shooter for over 15 years but I feel (at the moment) they just don’t have anything worth owning in the mirrorless (I’ve owned and sold my EOS M). I started reading reviews of Sony mirrorless cams and saw the stats of this camera so I had to give it a shot.

This camera is great, fast and accurate (auto focusing is incredible). So very happy with my choice. I ended up buying it with the Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS (I only wish it was a constant of f/2.8 to get a bit more light) and the kit lens but I rarely take off the Zeiss.

Amazing Camera for the price

This camera is fantastic, especially for the price point. I have been using an A7 since January, and then bought this as a second body. The camera preforms in a very similar fashion to the a7, with a much faster motor which allows you take photos at 11fps. I would recommend this over an A7 for anyone who shoots sports, or is interested in having a very high quality compact camera.

The only reason in my opinion to get the a7 over the sony a6000 is for the full frame sensor and the enhanced DRO functions. Outside of those features i can hardly tell the difference at times. Also as an added bonus, the In camera applications work amazing!!!! I really love the startrail and time-lapse applications. Buy this camera!

Best Mirror-less Camera on the Market!

I’ve had the camera for several weeks now and I absolutely love it. Of course, making the jump from a compact underwater camera to a mirror-less interchangeable camera will be a big jump. But the camera’s ability to shoot 11fps with continuous auto-focusing is great. Can’t say enough how happy I am. I have the kit lens, so far so good. Best not to use in low light. I recommend buying the Zeiss 24mm, f.1.8 to accompany your a6000.

Expensive, yes but you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be thankful you forked out the cash. Great wide distance for landscape, but can also get up-close to your subject for some great portrait and street photography!

When weight and size matter

For our first adventure outside of point and shoot, this has been a stellar performer in most respects. Seeing several sites doing image quality comparisons, I agree that this provides quite a high level of IQ. We have noticed the softness of the AF system during the high speed continuous burst modes.

Attempting to capture pileated woodpeckers in flight in dimmer forest environments with the kit 70-210mm maxed out at f5.6 left many unusable images. The lens selection is expensive and limited, but adapters can be used to adapt nikon, canon, or alpha mount sony lenses. Also, I’ve had a lot of fun finding old, manual focus canon, nikon, minolta, or other legacy lenses and using relatively inexpensive adapters to bring a different look to our images. Battery life is mediocre at best. The EVF works quite well for framing shots.

Buttons are a bit cumbersome at first, but for the person with no dslr experience, learning how to get around on the camera is a relatively quick process. I don’t know how this would stack up against a full frame, mid level dslr, but I can tell you the size and weight of a dslr is prohibitive when it comes to our back country, backpacking adventures; and this camera has given us everything we need to play with portrait, landscape, artistic, and some action photography with the ability to manipulate aperture, iso, and shutter speeds. As a light, adaptable, and powerful compact system camera . . . I can’t imagine it getting much better than this.

Nice Camera

I bought this camera as a light weight alternative to my D800. It works well and is easy to carry around. It focuses fast and the photos have come out very well. I take most of my photos in RAW and on Manual and I’m pleased with the general outcome.

The cons would be you’d better have a pocket full of batteries? Another thing to get used to is the short delay while the photo is written to the memory card. Also there is a lot of distortion with the 16-50mm lens so that should be taken into account when taking the photo.

The distortion is easily fixed in post processing. The pros: It focuses fast and I like some of the features of the camera. Sometimes it is nice to set the quality to JPG and use one of the Scenes and let the camera do the work.

Great compact w/ pro potential!

Camera is a secondary to a primary Canon DSLR system. Upgraded from NEX 5T and addition of viewfinder alone makes all the difference. Camera has potential to be a game changer to the shooter growing tired of their bulky DSLR. The A6000 responds well with color and focus—much more like what you’d expect out of a pro level camera. It’s fast and not too awkward on the interface. Noise at high ISO is noticeable but not too annoying.

Body feels good in your hand and the controls are better than past layouts record button actually feels ok. Performance and size make this camera a great everywhere camera, with commercial capabilities, at a fraction of the weight of your DSLR and at half the price.

Meets/Exceeds All Expectations

I hate dragging my 7D and Canon gear on family outings and vacations. I experimented with a couple similarly priced m43 cameras. They always failed with action. I took the family to Disney and left the m43 at home and took the 7D because I didn’t want to miss anything due to the camera. When the A6000 was announced, I had REALLY high hopes.

Whether it is actually the world’s fastest autofocus or not does not matter. This thing performs and does not disappoint. I have absolutely no hesitation leaving my 7D at home – at least for anything that doesn’t require a big white telephoto that you simply can’t get for this camera. This autofocus, buffer, and sensor in a package this small for this price is absolutely amazing.


Sony Alpha A6000 – I love this camera
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