I’m definitely an amateur class photographer and I’m still learning how to use all the features this camera offers. Despite that, I can’t believe how easy this camera is to use with it’s auto modes – and I get amazing shots! Great resolution, crisp focus, and really good light balance.

I plan to use this camera for the same purpose as my original (and very old) Sony DSC camera: vacation photos which include everything from museum exhibits to outdoor panoramas, so versatility and ease of use is very important to me. From what I can see so far, it’s going to exceed my expectations (plus, it’s very light and compact!). For me, this camera was fairly expensive, but I believe it was nevertheless a great value given its performance.

Awesome camera

Finally decided to purchase a good camera for myself. I had no idea what type of camera to buy. I didn’t want a huge camera but I wanted one that would take good quality pictures. I ran into a proffesional photographer on vacation and he recommended a mirrorless camera. They don’t break the bank and are a major upgrade from a cell phone. The Sony Alpha a6000 is perfect. I am so happy with it. I would highly recommend it.

Great camera

I’m a beginner photographer and bought this camera to learn photography and for travel. It’s lightweight and functional. My only complaint, like others have stated, is the short battery life. To combat that, I bought an extra Sony battery and wall charger. I also bought the Sony 35mm f/1.8 as the main lens.

Dashed High Hopes

As a professional photographer with a recently fractured right clavicle, I was looking for a light weight camera to take on vacation while my shoulder healed. I’m spoiled and not used to an electronic viewfinder which I found extremely frustrating and almost impossible to focus. For me a camera’s menu should be simple and not overly complicated. The a6000 has too many (and not needed) bells and whistles. I returned the camera.


Had a chance to switch from the sony a5000, that was a good camera, this is a great camera. The burst speed is incredible and I was able to compete with cameras that are 3-5 times the price while shooting sports and paired with a nice lens. Love this camera.

Excellent product!

This is a great product that gives you SLR quality without the SLR bulkiness. I am still getting familiarized with all the features, but I am enjoying all the great pictures I have been able to create with this camera!

Sony A6000 impressions

Recently purchased Sony A6000. Although I have Canon and Nikon Dslr cameras .. I’ve always been intrigued with mirrorless cameras. With a lot of positive reviews on A6000 .. I decided it was time to see what all the mirrorless chatter is about.

Although I’ve only had camera a few weeks .. I really enjoy using it. It takes sharp photos .. fast focusing .. light/small enough to carry around with me. I can easily see me using A6000 more and more .. leaving my Dlsr(s) at home. In my opinion I can take as good or better photos with A6000….

Sony A6000

This is my second Sony camera in the last 4 years. Bought the NEX-5N 4 years ago for a trip to Italy and the compact body and camera features captured great memories. Beat lugging around a large body/lens camera. Just bought the Sony a6000 so I could have a camera while visiting our daughter studying abroad this summer(she will take the NEX-5N).

These cameras are compact, easy point and shoot and with a little practice they have great features that block out colors and do other cool photos. The package deal from bhphotovideo came with camera bag and extra battery which was the best deal around. If you are a novice photographer,don’t want the big body camera ,but want to look like a pro I would highly recommend this camera.

Great right out of the box

User friendly. Bought this right before a trip to Alaska. I was able to capture amazing high quality shots with little time for practice. Looking forward to seeing what this camera is capable of.

Exceptional quality, everyday use and special occasions

I’m a new photographer with a little experience borrowing a Nikon D3000 and Cannon Rebel t4. I’ve always loved the quality of these dslrs but hated how clunky they are. The mirrorless compactness of the a6000 is so so convenient.

I am actually taking it along with me on my day to day. It doesn’t feel like such a commitment to carry it along. And I have the best photos on instagram now! I also use it for my art business, documenting my fine art to transfer to prints. It’s not as crisp as scanning but it works for smaller prints.

Point and shoot camera with balls

While it can be used for quality video and 11 raw photos a second, making it a serious camera, the size and automatic features make it perfect for casual and intuitive family photography, as well as a secondary camera for videography work.

Fantastic and easy to use

The camera is every easy to use, I’m not an expert in photography but so far I haven’t had any trouble using it I’m a early beginner at the best. But with the purchase of the camera I wish I bought the 50mm lens with it. The kit lens is good but it can only get you so far.

So far So Good

Plenty of reviews and recommended gear to be researched online, since this camera came out 2014. More and more lens are being introduced every year, which is a plus. Good for beginner to intermediate level photographers IMO, features are less appealing to a professional from all the reviews I read. Kit lens is less desirable, but if you want a zoom feature its ok. If not, just get body and a prime lens, save a little money.

Good camera to start with

I’m a design student and was tired of snapping photos with my phone when I was out in the field doing research. I also happen to enjoy photography but haven’t took the plunge into multi lens camera systems outside of some of the old analog gear I own. I like how light this camera is. The grip is chunky enough that you feel like you are holding onto something too. It takes great pictures out of the box but manual mode takes a bit of learning if you are not familiar with Sony’s UI. Other that I like the camera.


Sony Alpha A6000 – I love this camera!
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