Happy with the kit. Takes great photos. great to travel with.

So far, very pleased!

I bought this to start the transition from heavy DSLR gear to a more manageable weight. The kit lens is actually pretty exceptional for what it is. However, using high end Nikon lenses with an adapter produces high quality images when shot in RAW. I suspect if you only shoot JPEG you will be very happy with the kit lens. If you intend to shoot RAW you will likely want some better glass. Somewhat of a learning curve involved in getting to know the camera but once you understand it the menu is fairly easy to navigate.

Great image quality, but menus seem non-intuitive

I am pleased with the image quality so far. I bought it to use as a compact travel camera that has dslr image quality. I have Canon dslrs, including full frame models, but they are a bit bulky for general site visits and day hikes. The Sony mechanical build quality is not up to my expectations nor are the Sony menu interfaces what I am used to. But again, I purchased it mainly for the size and the image quality, which seem to meet my hopes so far.

Great camera package

Excellent camera kit and I got it at a super price from B&H. Each lens is tack sharp and make super enlargements if you need them. Features are great, and there is an icon of a red camera that is on of the smart program exposure dial settings that works better than any program exposure mode that I have ever used. It will even correct imperfections in the lenses ,like distortions that are in all lenses.

The camera is super light, and the kit lenses are light for there focal length and super sharp hand held because they have built in image stablizers called OSS. The 16 to 55 lens is extremely light and compact and does not have or need a lens shade. The lens although not as strong as the Sony Zeis full frame lens eqivalent to it , it competes well with it in image quality, (sometimes better in test reviews).

The batteries are small, so they deplete their charge sooner. The good news is that you can charge the batteries by a cable from the a6000 camera to a usb port or use the usb adapter plugin for an electrical outlet. I would suggest that you buy one or two more batteries and the Sony battery charger for an outlet plug.

The camera can shoot 11 frames per second and shoots 180 degree panneramas and stitches them together. Its easy to use has many custom features like the a77m2 only lighter. It is also 24 mp and can do 1 hr of video. It is mirrorless. Excellent camera.

Excellent Choice For A mirrorless Digital Camera

I was looking for a mirrorless digital camera to replace some heavy and outdated Nikon gear and I wanted to keep the price under $1000. So after reading all the reviews on several forums and elsewhere I decided the Sony A6000 with a16-50mm and a 55-210mm lens would fit the bill perfectly.

I have not been disappointed. It took some searching and a lot of reading to figure out the menus on this camera and the owner’s manual is not a lot of help. Once I had figured out how I wanted it configured I love it. I love it so much I bought another one. I now have several excellent Sony lenses for them and they have performed beautifully. I have had no problems with them and have been more than satisfied with their size, weight, performance, sharpness, and color rendition.

For someone who doesn’t want to carry around 50 lbs of photo gear but requires a first-rate camera that provides excellent performance check out the Sony A6000. You may just like it.

Different AC adaptor than indicated

One thing that really confuses me is that it was indicated an AC Adapter AC-UB10 is included. But when I receive the package, I got an AC-UUD12 adapter and its output voltage seems to be higher than the camera’s maximum voltage.

Really nice little camera

Just got it Friday and took it our for a spin yesterday–used it in auto mode and love the colors of the pictures–also read that turn on the airplane mode to save battery power and also turn off prefocusing in menus my battery did last when I did this–now will go to other setting like S and A to see how they work that is the settings I use most in my other cameras.

Great camera for beginners!

This is a great camera that takes quality photos automatically. The only downside is that it struggles in low light, this can be combatted using manual or SCN.

Big Performance in a Small Package

I purchased this Sony a6000 with the 16-50mm lens as a travel replacement for my full frame Nikon. I was looking for something lighter in my carry-on luggage for air travel. I was also tired of lugging that big full frame camera and gear on vacations, especially to Europe, I had done a lot of research on mirrorless cameras and this one always came to the top of the list based on price and functionality.

I was not expecting too much for the price point but was very pleased with its features and performance. I have shot about 200 photos so far and even with the kit lens (16-50mm) the photos are sharp and color is great. I know there are some reviews during my research that were not complimentary of this kit lens but I found it to give very good with solid performance.

The camera is light weight for carrying and came with a case (see review on Ruggard case). It has a sturdy feel and fits my grip very well and the function buttons are very conveniently located so you can make setting adjustments quickly on the go. This camera has almost all the same functions as my full frame camera and I love the quick focusing and 11fps shooting capability. I also like the capablity to use my old Minolta, Canon, and Nikon lens with adapters. I also purchased a step-up ring so I could use my old filters (UV, Polarizer, etc) from years ago (I’m not saying how long ago but you can see the Minolta reference and figure it out).

The only negative so far is the camera (I think all Sony cameras) eats batteries like crazy but just purchase extra batteries and you will be more than happy with this camera’s performance. Its an excellent camera and will be tested more thoroughly on my next vacation. I would highly recommend this product.


Sony Alpha A6000 is a great camera for the price
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