I bought this camera kit as a companion to my canon 7D. For light travel, it is awesome, although I need to test with additional lens combinations, to see it matches up to the 7D with a 24-105, or 70-200 2.8. The battery life is similar to other mirror less cameras which is considerably less than a typical DSLR, although with the cost and weight of the camera, just carry a few additional batteries. This is a mirror less, so i rated for mirror less camera’s. Although I am not ready to give up my Canon 7D, this camera will definitely accompany me on my business trips, instead of my canon, especially when traveling lite.

Great online store, great camera!

I always have great experience purchasing in B&H. Awesome product at really low price. Performance, customization, image quality, fast AF, perfect size and weight are all super remarkable at a low price. My process flow changed. JPGs are reliable results, fast AF, options are great. Shooting is easy in M mode, just set your options right results are great. Set 3 memory settings and no need to waste time thinking of settings needed when shooting. Just set then shoot. shoot and shoot.

Packs way more power for the price

I bought this camera for my wife as a Christmas present. Finding that it’s a really nice mirror less camera and with a Nikon to Sony adapter I can join some really great lenses to the body to get great looking shots. Well let me tell you the I can’t be happier! The Nikkor 50 and 28 that I have combined with it are great!

The camera is light and I can get low angle shots with the flip up monitor with ease. I like the programmable buttons and the focus assist is also great.The low light ISO settings a nothing short of amazing with the price on the camera, there just isn’t anything else like this on the market. I give it a 5/5.

Sony A6000 a great camera

I bought this to replace a Canon EOS M, a nice camera with a slow autofocus. I have become a confirmed mirrorless camera user, as I think these are fast approaching the sophistication of DSLR’s. Sony advertises the A6000 as having the fastest autofocus, and it is very fast. I can get good shots of active kittens with this camera. The built-in flash is a nice touch as well. Controls are well-placed and I like the extra wheel. Picture quality is good (I shoot raw, so I can adjust where necessary). I do miss having a touchscreen, but that’s about it for cons.

Great Value!!!

You get a lot for what you pay here. First, 24M pix on a ASPC sensor is aswesom. Secondly the size of this camera is just a notch above the size of a point and shoot. Third, the tilt screen is an upgrade over my DSLR cameras (Nikon). Forth, I’m now wishing my other cameras had an EVF! You don’t know what your missing until you get a camera with one. Fifth would be the speed. This camera shoots 11 frames per second.

That phenomenal speed out of this small camera. Sixth would be the firmware. This camera has face recognition among other great features. Lastly would be the price. I got this camera for under $500. If Nikon makes this same camera your paying over a grand easy. This little camera has me rethinking my choice in DSLRs…

A6000 + 16-50mm lens

I am REALLY happy with this camera. The controls are intuitive and the ease of use is remarkable. Coming from a Nikon background, I thought that I would have a lot of difficulty learning the new system. However, within a couple of sessions, I was shooting in Aperture priority as i normally do with my DSLR.

Of course there is a lot more to learn, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the shooting experience with this little camera. It’s a small thing, but I love the satisfying shutter click of this camera. It’s not as quite as some cameras, but it doesn’t bother me in the least. As for the lens, I have no complaints. I don’t really go for the pixel-peeping, obsessive reviewing of lenses. In low light (indoors) and a wide variety of outdoor situations, the lens did very well, delivering crisp pictures. Good camera!

Perfect Camera

This camera was recommended by a friend and a professional photographer We are going to take a month trip to Europe and this camera will be ideal. Right now I am learning all of its benefits. Great size and it makes great photos. It takes some effort to use all its options but that is not a negative. The price and capabilities are perfect for us.

Not a photo greek

I am we’ll pass my time with technology, but I want the latest version of the now generation. I picked the Sony A6000 because it allows me to add additional features as they come available. Mirrorless is the future and the size and weight will make all the difference in my travels. I wish that I had gotten an additional lens to complete my package.

Great Camera

The camera is affordable, the lenses are OK, and I think it can not be beat at this price range. If you want to record videos, maybe you will need to get an external mic, because the internal mic of the a6000 is not that good. But if you are just recording only family videos, then you will be fine. I gave this product 5 stars because it is incredible for its price. Pro features in an amateur price range. Thank you, Sony!

A Great Camera!

My sony a6000 replaced a Nikon d40 kit. What a step up! What I notice most is low light performance. I can take quite good pictures inside without a flash. I have paired the camera body with the Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens, so I can’t comment o the kit lens. I am still learning how to use the wireless to post pictures directly online, but hope to be doing that soon. I love this camera!

Sony Alpha a6000 great buy for me

For years I’ve been carrying a small digital point and shoot camera on my overseas trips, principally because I didn’t want the bulk and weight of a large professional grade camera. A recent trip to Mach Picchu convinced me that I just had to have a better camera, and the Sony mirrorless a6000 fit the bill perfectly. It’s size is inconsequentially larger than the camera I’ve been carrying, but the quality of its pictures is a quantum leap ahead. This was a great buy for me.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Just plain great
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