Since I don’t use video I chose the sony a6000 over the a6300. I bought it not sure that I would like it over the Sony rx100, but I do. So now I leave the a7rm2 when I travel or shoot simply to have fun. The optics are amazing even for a pixel peeper like me.

A good travel camera for the price

I was looking for a smaller setup to take on vacation. (My interest is in stereo photography, for which I use a matched pair of cameras. My usual set-up is a pair of 5d miii s, with 24-70 lenses,—WAY too cumbersome for a trip with non-photographers!) The physical size of the a6000s is great, image quality is nice for a crop sensor. I am looking forward to trying the panorama mode in stereo…(anticipating occasional good results with stationary subjects.) In mono, the panorama feature is pretty cool!

I have not yet printed any pics taken with the cameras. Probably the only three criticisms I can offer with my limited hands-on time are.

1. tilt screen seems a bit flimsy….no damage to it, but the brackets holding it to the camera body seem like they will need to be treated pretty gently.

2. Sony menus leave something to be desired. Some options are not available to use in pairs, when both reside in the same menu.

3. HDR mode doesn’t save all three images. Recommended with these reservations lknown.

Great Camera

I am just starting to get into photography as a passive hobby as it is something that I really enjoy during travels with my wife. I wanted a workhorse camera that was still small enough that packing would be easy. After a few weeks of use, this camera really fits the bill. So many great features and fantastic picture quality.

I would reccomend buying an extra battery as you will not get a full day of shooting out of just the one in which it includes. I am loving this camera so far, and cant wait to use it on my trip to Italy in September.

Sony alpha A6000

B&H does excellent business and transactions, fast shipping great product and helpfull friendly staff! Love my new camera it works great for what I use it for. Definitely will buy from B&H again also recommend family and friends to B&H!

Great compact camera

I grew up with DSLRs and got tired of the weight. So I rented this little guy and fell in love! I bought it as soon as I returned the rental. The focus is impressive and you cant beat 11 fps continuous shooting. Great size for holding for long periods of time- even with the 18-200 zoom lense on it. Quality of pictures is very impressive. Very happy with my new camera!

This is one very impresive camera

I have been seriously shooting for over fifty years. In 2008 I was diagnosed with an illness I am still fighting. I haven’t been shooting since my diagnosis. All my equipment was too heavy to carry around. The Sony A6000 has so many advances that make this camera the best in it’s class. The compact weight has given me the ability to get back to shooting. Thanks Sony!

Great camera with many options to customize

This camera is very versatile. It is super light weight and small enough to carry anywhere; but has all the functions of a professional camera. It has great features that I hadn’t seen on other cameras before, like the view hole on the side of the camera instead of the center, so your nose is not on the way.

Also, you can move the screen 180 degrees to have a view of the shot from any angle. It has many interesting functions that allow you to play with photography in a whole new level, like the face recognition setup to keep focus on specific people!

Simply best in class

This is my second A6000. I have bounced between the RX10 series and the A6000s. I currently own the RX10III and a new A6000. With my previous A6000 I used the 28-70 FE lens and was very pleased with the results. This is a much maligned lens but has very good optics…see best lenses for A6000 on I also purchased the Sigma 60mm and was equally pleased.

As everyone says it’s a sharp lens. I never tried the kit lens so this time around I bought the body with the kit lens. This is not a bad lens in decent lighting. The in camera processing makes for good family, vacation and street photography.

However I wanted better low light capabilities so I went for the Sony 50mm F1.8. Yahtzee! Sharp and great in low light. Wanted the OSS which the Sigma 60 did not have and I’m liking it mucho. I like zooms because I am old and lazy but now by using my feet instead of the zoom rocker I can compose my shots with excellent results.

Now the 50 can get tight indoors so I sold my kit lens back to B&H and got the Sigma 19mm for more of a wide angle street application. Yeah it’s a 2.8 but because of the characteristics of the wide angle it acts like a 1.8. For me, an A6000 with the Sony 50mm F1.8 and the Sigma 19mm F2.8 enable this camera to sing lout and clear! I also bought two circular polarizers from Hoya for outdoor applications. My kit is complete and I am more than satisfied. Both lenses are uber sharp and cover 95% of my focal range needs.

When I want some long range outdoor stuff, slow mo and video I put the A6000 away and reach for my RX10III. But don’t think the A6000 is not for video. With that big sensor, now with XAVC and those primes watch out DSLRs! I used my last 6000, with XAVC, to shoot some nighttime scenics for billboard backgrounds for a broadcast show. Yes I wrote broadcast show. It’s no slouch on the video side of things. Yup with my two Sony cams and my lens choices I could not be happier.

The sony A6000 is a fantastic camera!!

The SONY A6000 is an amazingly versatile camera. IQ is excellent and the compact size and weight is a big help when photographing. I have not yet discovered all the powerful systems the camera has but I am starting to climb the learning curve. And the price was excellent and the B & H customer service reps and the B & H purchasing system is the best in the photo business.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Light weight and great IQ
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