I bought the sony a6000 as a backup to my DSLR’s. The camera is so light, and a pleasure to use. Controls make sense and image quality is terrific even at high ISOs. Unfortunately, the 16-50mm is soft at the edges. I’ve shot many test shots, stopping down to f/18 without showing much improvement. The Sony 55-210mm exhibits the same problem. Both lenses exhibit excellent center sharpness, but both are soft at the edges. The image stabilization in both lenses is nothing short of remarkable.

Great camera

I have had the Sony for about 3 weeks and I really like it. I bought Friedman’s instruction book and then realized that I had not even touched the surface of what it will do. Some of the pros and cons depend on what lens you have. I have not invested in good lens yet. I’m sure that when I do I will be even more pleased. Battery life is not great. The weight of it takes some getting use to – very light..

Great camera for the amatuer photographer!

After a lot of research, I decided to purchase the Sony A6000 because it is compact, light-weight, and it takes outstanding photographs. For the size and weight, this camera will be great for me to take on backpacking trips. The battery life can be quite short if your taking a bunch of photos, so I would recommend purchasing at least one (1) extra battery for this camera. I also purchased the Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS Alpha E-mount Prime Lens to accompany this camera and it is fantastic! The picture quality with this combination is outstanding! I highly recommend this camera.

The Alpha 6000 is to be Recommended

Freidman and Warner have written what remains the definitive book about the A6000 and I started reading it about a week before I got my hands on the camera itself. I’m still only about half way through my first read of the book and I have little doubt I’ll read it again and again.

The A6000 has a tremendous number of features and so it is a complicated camera with a steep learning curve. If you like gadgets then this is the camera for you; if you like the simple point-and-shoot, well it can do that too but you might be intimidated by all of the other options being there. I know a lot more about it than I did a month ago but I still have a long way to go.

That being said, the only thing I’ve found so far to complain about regarding the camera is that the battery does not hold up for long. Well, one more gripe about it is that panarama mode seems to be tricky to use. Most times I’ve tried to use that mode the camera tells me I have to pivot faster or (alternatively), it tells me I have to pivot more slowly. I did manage to find that Goldie Lox pivot rate and take one panarama shot that worked, however.

Maybe it’s like riding a bicycle and once I get the timing down I’ll never forget how to do it. I’ve been in the habit of shooting RAW most of the time and the A6000 does allow me to do that – and in fact it apparently supports bracked shooting in RAW though I’ve not yet tried that feature. But if you shoot JPG then the camera will take some automatic HDR shots and those are pretty impressive. Well, those are some thoughts that come to me about the camera. On the whole I’m glad I decided to buy it and I look forward to becoming more at home with all that it has to offer.

Fantastic camera

I have always struggled with indoor and action shots. This camera has virtually eliminated those problem areas for me. The coloring for indoor shots is great and the camera has a bunch of options to adjust for different indoor conditions that actually work. With the 11 fps (which is just a blast to shoot with) I have not really missed a moment with action shots and have also been able to get a bunch of images in shooting bursts that I would have previously missed with older less capable cameras shooting normal movement. The size and cost are also amazing considering the performance of this camera. This should be a no brainier for anyone that likes to take pictures and appreciates a great image.

Perfect camera

This is as amazing as it’s made out to be. Such an incredible camera for being so small. I have a canon g12 as my travel companion but I think the Sony a6000 is far superior. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Lives up to great reviews

I picked the a6000 because I was tired of lugging around a big DSLR, especially since the whole mirror thing seems so old fashioned now. This little guy is a real beast in terms of power. The functions are pro-grade and image quality is really excellent. The focus is off the hook good. The only thing that’s strange about it is that it’s so small, traditionalists don’t take it seriously. That’s there problem though. They’ll learn. THe battery goes pretty quickly. Must buy more.

Good photos but terrible battery life

This could be a 5 star camera, but you only get a few minutes of video or 90 photos. My Canon gats about 1000. You don’t get a battery charger which makes it worse. It takes 5 hours to charge the battery. I’ve ordered a battery charger for the camera, which lets you charge a battery while you are taking photos, otherwise the camera is sidelined while you charge the battery by plugging in the power supply into the camera. It takes 5 hours to charge the battery. I would recommend the camera if you don’t take lots of photos or willing to accept the short battery life.

Sony a6000

I am a mid range photographer and will use this for my personal photo shoots. I have had the Sony for 2 weeks and so far, I am thrilled with it The relief of no heavy weight is great and the clarity of the pictures is very good. I have the 16-50mm lens and see no problem with what it is designed to do. I also got a Sony telephoto lens. The only problem is no instruction booklet but there are you-tube presentations that are very helpful.

Lighten the Load

I was looking for a small camera to carry when I don’t want to carry the heavy Nikons, this camera fit the bill. The fact that there are adapters to use My arsenal of Nikon lenses made it even more likeable. I gave 4 stars as it eats batteries, but I think that is an issue with most mirrorless cameras.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Lightweight, love the features, however…
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