It has been amazing for street portraits and action (the 11fps and autofocus is pretty freakin’ awesome). I’ve been using the 35mm f1.8 for a bit and it is pretty spectacular what you can get out of this little camera.

Unless you are doing serious studio work where you need full frame, there isn’t anything this can’t do – and you won’t look like a tool toting around a big DSLR. I shoot a lot of videos and gave it a go recently to see how it would fare on some outdoor short comedy sketches – the video quality is pretty darn decent, autofocus worked great (while filming a group a four actors standing in a circle it only lost focus once) but! apparently it doesn’t like the SoCal heat because it told me a few times that it was too hot and needed to cool down. I’ve never had this happen on a camera before; it was pretty hot but only shot maybe 20-25 min of total footage.

Needless to say, don’t use this on any paid jobs; it won’t go over well if you equipment is overheating after a few minutes. Also, as is the common knock with this cam, the LCD is absolute garbage in anything but a dark room. The EVF is actually pretty awesome despite what others might say. So, LCD = Terrible, EVF = 7/10.

Sony a6000

I’ve had the Sony a6000 for about 2 weeks, before this, I used a NEX-6 for about a year. Big difference will be the menu and I think it’s easier to use. There’s a lot of menu but you’ll mostly use only a few things all the time. I upgraded from NEX-6 to a6000 because of the 24 mg sensor vs 16mg. I like to crop crop out the parts of the picture that don’t tell the story.

This is giving me less grain than the Nex-6 when I crop, but there is still grain in darker areas using iso 3200. But I can manage with Topaz plug-in. I am amazed that I can use Auto iso and that is adjustable, you can change the range of iso you want to shoot at which is really great. But, if you can use a tripod and keep iso low, it helps a lot. Focusing is supposed to be faster but I still see it struggle in low light. Still not as fast as a full size DSLR, but you don’t need to be fast with landscapes.

There are a lot of features I still have to explore. Using a 18-105 G lens and that is a great lens, but better than the 16-50mm kit, but it is bigger. On the street, the kit lens would be less conspicuous. The lens does take some getting use to. The zoom is slower, I need two twists instead of one to get from 18 to 105mm. I’m ready to order an adapter for canon lenses.

Solid Camera and Fun to Shoot With

I purchased this camera to try with the Sony/Zeiss 16-70 mm Lens. Great combo!The camera? I’ve played around with several of the mirrorless brands at this point (Olympus, Lumix, Fuji) looking for a small camera/lens package that is the most similar to shooting with a DSLR.I think I found it with this camera and lens combo. The AF is really quick and can definitely used to shoot action shots; something that was difficult/not possible with other set ups before due to the lack of PDAF and and inability to lock on to moving subjects.

Another thing I like with this camera is when I take a picture it has that sound that’s most similar to shooting with a DSLR.I saw a reviewer somewhere talk about this and for me the process is almost as important as the result.Also, had an NEX 5 and this is so much easier to use. Enough dials and buttons to make changing settings easy.

The old menus were cumbersome and definitely subtracted from the overall experience.Haven’t had this camera long but liking it so far especially with the lens. Great focal range and am fine with a constant f4 app.Am going to Amsterdam soon and can’t wait to try it over there.

Excellent camera

I bought this camera because I want to learn about mirror less cameras. It is easy to use and has the possibility to customize some buttons. If more information about the camera is required, the manual in the box is not of much help. But there is a Help Guide at Sony support web page. I like the quality of pictures taken using RAW.

Great Camera

Takes great pictures. Low light performance is pretty good. Controls and UI are not that intuitive initially, but once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go and appreciate it. WiFi feature is nice and I really like the ability to transfer photos to tablet/phone.

An amazing little camera!

If you’ve played with a mirrorless camera already, especially one of the Sony ones, then nothing here will surprise you. It’s the same as the other Alpha cameras, only everything is 3x better/faster/sharper! While not revolutionary, this is a big evolutionary jump that gets several steps closer to bridging to the gap with consumer-grade DSLR’s, in half the size and at half the price.

Best alternative to a DSLR

Having tried the NEX-5R last year, this update addresses EVERY concern/issue I had and introduces some great features. The AF system is truly exceptional (only rivaled by top tier DSLR’s). The only downfall is the lens selection offered by Sony but should be addressed in time. Video is something even more so amazing on this.

After taking a few sample clips I could have sworn I was watching footage rivaling Discovery channel documentaries. This camera is fast in just about everything it does. It’s reignited my passion for photography and I can’t wait for more trips/vacations to bring it along.

Excellent Travel Camera

Great camera so far. Transitioning from a heavy Canon 7D with lenses to the new light weight Sony A6000 and lenses. Such a difference in weight. Ideal for travel on planes and cruises. Pictures are very sharp. Have the kit lens, the 55-210 mm, and the Sony 35 mm 1.8. Purchased a 2nd battery as the camera eats the Sony battery included.

Sony should have included a wall charger for the camera as it’s awkward to plug into the wall with such a short cord. The manual is pretty useless to learn about the camera. I viewed the Gary Fong video (B&H) on the A6000. Very helpful in setting up the camera. I then added the prime videos that Fong provides for a fee to get my settings right. Looking forward to many good travel pictures.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Love everything about it except…
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