I just got this camera because I wanted something smaller & lighter. Not only does this fit the bill, but it takes BEAUTIFUL pictures. The focus is super fast and right out of the box, I got some awesome pictures. I didn’t get either kit lens but opted for the 18-105/f4 and so far, this lens is great.

Stunning quality in a pocket size camera

This is definitely the best interchangeable lens camera at this price tag. I use sony a99 as my work camera and I use to have the nex6 as my travel camera. But this one is great , 24.3 mp with great Image quality, at low iso the IQ is almost the same as my a99. with the converter to a mount I use my lenses to test IQ and it is hard to see a difference.

Just when you start to compare it in detail in photoshop , you can see a minimum difference. It is fast. You can work connected ( tether capacities with CaptureOne ) and it is faster than A99 sending the big raw plus jpg with the same size files to computer. Great menu. As the alpha line , (not nex menu ). i just had a problem with the hotshoe. My trigger radios doesn’t work. so I use a converter to plug them. finally works, but it is something that by now Don’t understand.

A Professionally Capable Compact Camera

I have been taking photos by DSLR camera only before. This Sony A6000 set is my first Mirrorless Camera, I bought it mainly for fast point-and-shoot on the run accommodating my big and heavy Nikon DSLRs (two full frame and one APS-C) and Lens (f/2.8 or f/4). So I can pull it out and take photos at any time quickly.

On my previous trips to oversea countries, in many cases at streets or popular sight-seeing places, my family members or friends often recommended me not to take out my expensive gears due to the safety concerns there. So I missed a lot of opportunities to take good memorable shots.

Furthermore, it was quite challeng for me to carry a very heavy camera backpack with two camera bodies and several Lens inside on a long walk or hiking trail. And I often hesitated to put the heavy bag up and down to take out my DSLR camera just for a few snaps shot on the run. So I was looking for a light and compact professionally capable and upgradable Interchangeable Lens camera system to accommodate my needs.

And Sony A6000 meets my requirements perfectly. Advantages:

1. 24Mps APS-C Sensor at 1.5X crop factor, comparing to other system which has 2X or 2.7X crop-factor. Due to I only have this camera for a week and just started with those two basic kit Lens, I can’t comment on its image quality. I assume it has the similar 24Mps APS-C sensor size and image quality with Nikon D7100. But so far, its image quality is acceptable to me taken from those kit Lens.

2. Very fast focusing and tracking capability (Phase Detection:179 Contrast Detection:25) Hybrid-Focusing System with 11 fps high speed continous shots. Many comparable Mirrorless Camera at this price range do not have the fast Phase Detection Focusing System.

3. A lot of DSLR-like menu setup and control features. So I can do many control like a DSLR. Yet it can be functional like a simple point-and-shoot camera for everybody to use.


1. Very short battery-life even I turned on Aviation Mode and disabled AF Tracking and auto review function. Those two Sony-brand batteries came with the kit only last for 150200 shots per charge instead of its spec said 300 shots. And it is as expensive as a Nikon battery which last good for 700800 shots. Very disappointed. I need to buy one or two more backup batteries.

2. Very tiny and flat video recording button located at body edge. It is very hard for me to start and end recording without shaking the camera.

3. Toy-like 16-50mm Retractable Lens. It will retracted in when camera got into sleep mode, so I have to keep the sensor and screen on for 2-5 minutes between shots. This maybe the key factor why the battery drained so fast. But its power zoom features is very smooth and good for video.

A most desirable camera at a very affordable price

For $, I could not pass up the deal. Tiny and light, but extremely capable 24.3mp mirrorless camera with fast hybrid AF and 179 phase detect points for accurate autofocus, it is a dream camera for a 75 year old avid photographer. Although it has the same DxO sensor rating as my Nex-7, Sony E mount lenses get bumped up a notch in DxO rating when used on the A6000.

Together with the $ Hasselblad re-branded E 18-200 lens, it was the deal of the year.I was an avid Nikon user until Sony came out with the Nex-7. I bought it for its size and weight. Coupled with the silver 18-200 lens and the 10-18 F/4 zoom, it became my constant companion while wandering on the streets of Europe and Asia.When the A6000 was released, I bought one because of its autofocus capabilities.

Unfortunately it was stolen in Naples with the 18-200 lens attached while I was on my way to visit Pompeii. As a replacement for the loss, I bought the Sony A7II kit and the FE 70-200 F/4 G OSS lens. When they announced the $ deal, I bought my second A6000, because it matches closely the menu structure of the A7II, unlike that of the Nex-7. I miss the built-in level and the higher EVF resolution of the Nex-7, but the faster autofocus easily compensates for it. I have since sold my Nikon gear; but I miss the long life of Nikon batteries.I highly recommend this camera.

Nifty little camera

I decided to get a mirrorless when I finally got sick of lugging around my full frame dSLR and multiple lenses on day trips to the city or the occasional day/night out when I would inevitably leave my real camera behind. I haven’t used it extensively yet, but from what I see I really like the camera. It has everything I wanted in a mirrorless and for the cheapest price on the market, and being a Sony I didn’t fear any scam.

The picture quality is great, even at high ISO, and the continuous frame capture is so lighting fast I had to switch it to single mode or I’d unwittingly end up with thousands of images every time I went on a shoot. It’s nice to know what the camera is capable of though, for when you need to capture action shots, but the shutter is really quite sensitive.

The LCD tilts up and down enough for virtually any occasion, except perhaps some very odd/wild angles. For those occasions it’ll still be better than a fixed screen. The viewfinder performs great and is very clear, even though it starts lagging when you start stopping down, but I guess that’s natural given that it’s showing you what the lens would see at the time the shutter is triggered rather than what dSLRs do. The wifi was easy to set up and works as expected. I’ve tried connecting the phone (iPhone) to the camera to control it remotely and that worked as well.

Finally, I like the option of downloading apps to the camera to try out additional options. The only issue I’ve had so far is that the size is so compact that sometimes a button is pressed without meaning to, so it takes getting used to. Overall, I really like the camera. It’s incredibly small and light and performs great, at least so far (I still have to get through the HUGE online manual and do more manual shooting), and it makes me want to shoot more often, which is exactly what I got it for.


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