I gave this to my husband for a second camera body so he did not have to change lenses as often. He loves it. He has spent days playing with the features. He can do more artsy stuff than with his old camera body. It is solid and compact.

Great Camera

Had problems with the first and second camera that I had bought. Niether would read or format the SD cards. Received the third camera and It works perfectly. Great photos and Video is very very nice. B and H handled all of the returns of the 2 cameras. Wouldn’t buy from anyone else. I will still give the camera 5 stars even with the problems that I had with the first 2.


There are many things about this camera that caused gut wrenching disappointment in me when I first started taking pictures with it. I am writing this review to let you know it is a GREAT CAMERA, once you get past the handicap. The handicap Sony software engineers have loaded it with picture fiddling software, that causes unfortunate outcomes like fine mud smear background effect, lack of precision in pictures and unreal colour. If you are experiencing difficulty loving your new sony alpha a6000, stop using the auto and auto plus settings.

Put it on P, and go through all the menus and turn off any Sony ingenuity you don’t actively and knowingly want. After I did that I got STUNNING PICTURES, and could see the value in the extra megapixels. The camera itself is a great camera. Even the heavily compromised design of the kit 16-50mm lens can give excellent pictures.Don’t give up, and you will love the pictures you get.Other thoughts it isn’t physically small, like youtube reviews had me thinking. Its eye viewfinder is good enough quality to be enjoyable to use.

Lens adapters fitted well, and I have used three manual film camera lenses on it with good results a Nikon 50mm prime, a Sigma PK mount zoom, and a Canon zoom/ macro. Battery life: turn the LCD onto bright sunlight mode all the time, and buy a spare battery what good is specified battery life if it is measured with the camera in an unusable state?I hope you buy one and get as much fun out of it as I am getting out of mine.

Great lightweight camera

I am not a professional but like to take photos and want them to be reasonably good. This camera is light weight and thus easy for me, an older person, to carry. And so I am more likely to do so.

Although they, too, are lightweight, It takes better pictures than a cell phone or tablet and has the ability to manually adjust all parameters. It can take rapid pictures, panoramic pictures and automatically adjusted pictures. The only negative is that the battery life is not as good as my Canon 7D. But it has not been an issue yet.

Best value in mirrorless today

Great image quality. (Better than my Canon 70D or 100D/SL1.)Great auto-focus speed. (A bit faster than 70D, especially in live view, and WAY faster than SL1.)Small and light, but NOT TOO small and light. (Easier to carry than 70D and even the very compact SL1. But, still easy to grip and hold.)I have only used it in Fine JPEG mode, not Raw. So, I can’t comment on Raw quality.

But, JPEG’s are crystal clear, and enjoy Sony’s built-in lens correction, so no distortion or CA with the 3 Sony lenses I am using.The included 16-50 PZ lens produces images as good as the majority of kit lenses you would find on entry-mid level SLR or mirrorless cameras. But, is much smaller. You should have no problem bringing to concerts with this lens, as it looks more like a P&S than an SLR quality camera.The menu system is apparently a big improvement over previous NEX models.

But, I am a long-time Canon and Lumix user, both of which have slightly better menus than the a6000. I am a little annoyed at Sony’s penny-pinching, which drops it a star. They do not include an external charger, so you need to charge the battery in the camera, unless you spring for a charger. (I purchased an aftermarket one along with two spare batteries for around $ bucks elsewhere.)They also do not include a body cap, rear lens cap, or hot shoe cover, which would have cost them maybe a $.

The included mini-manual pamphlet is useless. But, you can find the much better Help Guide, if you search Sony’s Europe site. I’ve seen three version online – two in PDF and one HTML.Finally, the lenses available natively for the E-mount system are far fewer than what is offered for M43 or Fuji X.

But, you can use lots of legacy glass from other system with an adapter, albeit losing most auto focus and/or aperture capability.Despite the complaints listed above, the image quality, focusing, low-light perfromance, etc, just make it the best value in mirrorless right now.I am quite pleased.

Good alternative to Crop-sensor DSLRs

So far so good. Have a Nikon D5200 (beginner DSLR) and my girlfriend purchased this camera to keep up with our landscape photography since it’s so small and incredibly light. Pro’s:

1. Incredibly light compared to even a crop-sensor DSLR

2. I merged the pictures with my Nikon D5200 on my laptop and can’t tell the pictures apart

3. Takes incredible night-time photos. ISO and night time photos are better than my Nikon. 4. super fast autofocus

5.Sharp LCDCons: 1. Not sure yet. We’ve taken a few thousand photos with this camera. I suppose the con is that if you attach a 16-100mm lens to get some zoom capability you might have an awkward feeling camera b/c the lens will protrude so much. But my initial reaction to this was wow, it’s incredibly light and small and the pictures are of similar quality to my massive DSLR. Maybe mirror less is going to eventually replace traditional DSLRs.

Excellent as advertised

This camera is so light and compact compared to my DSLR that I now pick it up first. It takes great photos, but I would like a greater lens selection.Also, Sony provides essentially no documentation with the camera. Since it is a complex device it takes some time to become familiar with the may functions.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Nice camera body
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