If you have a Sony Camera, you will love this one it does everything. If you are undecided, watch Gary Fong’s video sony a6000 on B & H. If you have owned any kind of Sony product you know it does not come with a manual, there is a .pdf manual at the support site.

Great Sensor, ok batter life

First thing first, this camera has a great sensor. It can take amazing pictures if you have the right lenses. Also, the viewfinder is good for what you pay for. Build quality is typical Sony. However, the control layout of this camera is not that great. It should have one more dial on the grid for better manual controls. In addition, the battery life of this camera sucks. You will lost a lot of battery by just sitting your camera on the desk. Anyways, I love this camera even though it has some shortcoming.

Small and Excellent Camera

I bought this camera for video and snap shots. I am not a cellphone photographer. I need a real camera. This one delivers excellent images with the Sigma 30mm f2.8 lens. That is the only lens I bought for it because Sony doesn’t seem to have good, inexpensive lenses.

The three Sigma lenses built for the E mount are all very good and reasonably priced, if not fully functional with the AF system. No worries. Just keep your subject in the middle portion of the frame and images will be very sharp with excellent color and range.

Best miror less for 2014

I have a couple nikon, and was looking to buy a mirror less camera for daily use. After research and talking with some photographer I decided to have this little giant, and I’m not regret at all. This is the best mirror less in the market. Love this camera, super fast and sharp pictures. My combined lens is Sony 35 f1.8 and really happy with them.

It’s what I hoped for!

This camera is everything I hoped for. I use Canon cameras and lenses for work, but I wanted something personally with just as much capability, but wasn’t nearly as big. This is perfect. I recommend getting the a6000 with the kit lens, and also looking at getting a few other lenses that suit your needs. If you’re looking for a great camera at half the cost of a bigger DSLR, you found it. I’ve seen complaints about the battery only shooting about 400 photos – my battery has shot around 1000 before it died. So, not sure what that’s about!

Great camera

The camera is great. Don’t take my word for it. Read almost any of the professional reviews. It’s light weight, sturdy, and has both a viewfinder and a tiltable rear LCD screen. I find the Function (Fn) button on the rear of the camera particularly useful. Here you can program up to 12 commonly used menu options and view them all (and change their settings) by simply pressing this one button. I also like that you can opt to disable the LCD screen, use only the viewfinder, and thereby save on battery life – which is pretty limited.

Overheats, LCD flaky, focus soft

While I enjoy the form factor and the feature set, I would only trust it to take pictures of indoor pets. Every time I take it to the river to take pictures of the sunset the LCD screen blanks out when the camera is turned sideways, aka portrait orientation. Right before the screen blanks out there’s lines that run through the screen reminiscent of a TV losing reception.

Even when I turn off the EVF and have the LCD on 100% of the time it still goes blank in portrait mode when used outside.Occasionally the unit will lock up and a message will display prompting to turn off and then back on to reset the camera. Turning the camera off does nothing and the message stays on the screen.

When this happens I have to take the battery out to unfreeze the camera. It appears that it is overheating, however, the outside temperature was only in the 70’s here in Florida this time of year.I thought about purchasing a fixed prime lens to see how good the picture quality can be over just the kit lens. I tried the Sony 35 and 50 at a local store and snapped away using the automatic and the aperture priority modes.

When I got home and looked at the pictures it seemed that focus was slightly off, except on one photo with someone posing, perfectly still, 5 feet away.I called Sony support and explained what has been happening when I take the camera outside, near the river. They said light can reflect up off the water and bounce around inside the camera, causing problems.

Apparently the sensor can be confused by this light and it either shuts down or if the light is coming in a portrait orientation the LCD will shut off. Hopefully I can find a buyer for this camera, I’ll have a caveat that it can’t be used outside near bodies of water or turned in a portrait orientation.The reason I bought this camera is because of the positive reviews, I’m not sure where to turn other than to sell it.

Great Camera

The a6000 is a great fairly compact camera that gives you great quality photos. The focus is good, but it does hunt focus some in low light. The kit lens is pretty good as well and helps keep the camera light and compact. I look forward to using the camera more over the holidays.

Poder y comodidad es posible!

Me encanta el concepto de las cmaras sin espejo, son pequeas y ponderosas. Esta es mi segunda mirrorless. Antes tena la Nex-5T que no era para nada mala, sin embargo la falta del visor y del hotshoe para flash me llev a cambiarla. Tengo ya poco ms de un mes con mi nueva A6000 y me parece fantstica.

La calidad de la imagen es perfecta. Incluso en JPG logras excelentes fotos sin tener que trabajar luego archivos en RAW. (Ojo, si deseas la mayor calidad posible entonces dispara en RAW) El autofoco es ultra rpido! (Se vanagloria de poseer el ms veloz del mercado)La A6000 tiene un men inmenso, lleno de opciones y posibilidades. Recomiendo buscar videos en la internet para aprender a sacarle el mximo potencial posible. Aun estoy estudindola pero estoy muy contento con mi compra. Tengo adems los lentes 16-55MM, 55-210MM, Macro 30MM, y mi favorito el 50MM F/1,8 Prime. La recomiendo totalmente.

Sony Alpha A6000 – One of Sony’s best kept secrets
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