Extremely happy with this little camera. We’d had an old Cybershot for years but decided to go a little smaller. So happy we did. Love the option for the viewfinder in particular because of how much I shoot outdoors.

Nice to have that option to get a better picture of what I’m shooting. The LCD works fine even in full sun but squinting sometimes gets old and hard to compose the shot. The ONLY two things I’d change after having it two weeks is that I don’t like how many buttons have to be pushed in order to switch to manual focus and the lens cap came with no retainer strap so into a pocket it typically goes = see pocket lint going back on the lens next time you snap it on.

No biggie, I’ll come up with some means to attach a small strap for it. The focus setting can’t be changed but it’s not a real big one. Auto focus works very well thus far, there’s just been a few shots where I wanted a better depth of field where I wanted the background out of focus and the subject up front in focus.

The auto focus will detect features in the background and try and get that in focus. To trick it, you have to go manual which works fine, just a little slow to get there in navigating through the settings. Otherwise, great camera.

Just What I Needed But Didn’t Even Know

I got this so I could take more pictures outside of work. It’s too hard to carry around my dSLR and I was tired of taking poor quality photos with my phone. I ended up taking this to one of my jobs just to test out (I shoot cars) and I love it! I don’t have to lug the dSLR gear out every time now. Very excited.

Very NICE Camera!

I bought this for my mother who didnt need a big dslr. But who wanted a nice camera thats smaller and easy to use amd this was it she LOVES it. She likes that she can get differsnt lenses for it the future but that it is small. The lcd screen on the back is awesome and the digital eye port is nice aswell. We also noticed the battery charges very fast and last a good while. When taking photos it captures quickly and focus is very fast. Over all great camera for the travel as her and my father go on cruises alot.

Outstanding Service & Product

I’m an amateur and take pictures for a Veterans’ Home. Yhe first camera I ordered did not have a viewfinder (my mistake). I exchanged it for the Sony a6000 and am very pleased with the product. I’m also very pleased in the way B&H handled the exchange. They made everything very easy and were able to help me choose the right camera for my use.

Amazing Camera

I use the A6000 for personal photography. I have taken a few pictures that are printed on aluminum and acrylic and hanging on my wall next to professional photographers and you can’t tell the difference! Love the ease of use once you figure out where everything is in the menus. Wifi works great and the transfer to phone/tablet is an awesome feature for the social media crowd.

Outstanding Bang for The Buck

I am not a professional photographer but this camera is very easy to use with its presets. The camera allows for you to capture your shots quickly and affords you the time to play with shutter speeds, aperture and ISO quickly and easily. Love Love Love this camera.

Great little camera

Myself: Photography is a hobby and by no means a professional photographer but love to capture life as much as possible. Summary: Great camera for travel and all purpose photography. I have a Canon 70D and a few lenses. Wanted to a small form factor during my short trips. Bought a 35 mm lens with the camera instead of the stock lens options being sold at costco and other stores. 35 mm gives me a good wide angle view you can use it for portraits as well but you will have to take good care of the distance between the subject and your cam. Lens came with a hood. Pros: 1. Nice form factor 2. Easy to hold 3. Good manual options 4. Swivel screen 5. Good picture quality Cons: 1. Not fast for sports photography or taking pictures of moving kids 2. Menu options will take time getting used to if you havent used a sony before 3. No touch screen LCD.

HUGE DEAL in such a little package!

I do a lot of hiking and while I did have a Canon DSLR before, I found it way too heavy and bulky to take along on top of a day pack in the woods. I sold it in exchange for a GoPro and while it was a lot more convenient in size, I did not find it as use friendly and took up too much time to turn on, set up the right settings, connect to my app on my phone and bring out all the right accessories.

So I recently read up on forums for recommended hiking cameras and learned about mirrorless cameras. I settled on the Sony a6000 and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I couldn’t believe the quality and functionality in such a small package. I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone for any situation (hikers, vacationers, travelers or even just a first time camera).

Great Camera!

I enjoy photography. I’ve always been a Canon fan. I decided to try Sony out and purchased the A6000. It does not disappoint. I’m not the most advanced photographer but know enough to take decent pictures and I am blown away by the easy settings, the quality of pictures, and overall the size of the camera compared to my Canon DSLR. I recommend this camera and B&H always has the best bundles for an amazing price.


I’ve used the camera for travel, art, portraiture and product photography. It is so compact and light weight for a camera with so many features. I wish I could use longer lenses for capturing panoramas that are automatically stitched with this camera. The auto-stitch feature is really quite good but wide angle lenses will still create some distortion. If I don’t move at a consistent speed, too slow or too fast, it won’t capture the pano.

A bit picky there. Oftentimes I find myself going to individual captures and stitching in PS. While the image quality is very nice and the auto focus really fast, I find that in video mode it doesn’t want to track my subjects sufficiently. Lens selections have been quite limited until recently. The Sony lenses fall short of the quality I desire but they are quite reasonable.

The Zeiss lenses are beautiful but quite pricey. Pay for what you get. While doing some night photography recently I found I could see absolutely nothing through the viewfinder or LCD other than noise. Processing of those images was very slow, almost as long as the exposures. The camera consumes batteries like a teenager consumes PB&J sandwiches. I used to eat 3 after a full dinner. So buy plenty of backup batteries unless you have access to power for charging.

Charging: I suggest you buy the Watson battery charger. The charger that came with my camera required I plug the camera into the charger. Hard to photograph that way. One advantage to the camera is that there are many videos online about the camera, it’s setup and usage.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Outstanding little camera
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